What To Write In Subject Line When Emailing Resume For Freshers?

In this digital world, email is your first line of contact for networking, job search, and other business communications. With over 89 million emails sent on daily basis in business world, it is even harder than ever to get your email read.

Best subject line for resume

Employers receive hundreds of emails every day. Hence, a subject line can mean a difference between an email which gets noticed and read and the one which goes direct to trash, without even opening it by the HR managers. Along with communicating what you expect and who you are, your email is also a marketing tool which helps you to stand out and show off your qualification.

Your subject line should be professional, clear, and concise, to ensure that your emails are read.

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Why Do You Need a Subject Line?

Along with your name and email address, the subject line is another important thing your employer will notice in their mailbox.  Since email can contain advertisements, irrelevant information, and even virus and spyware, people are often reluctant to check all of the emails in their inbox. The choose emails mainly by looking at the sender’s email and subject line.

If you skip the subject section, your email is more likely to be deleted or discarded as spam.  According to the studies, 33% of the decisions on whether to open an email or not are based on subject lines. When you send your resume through email, it is more likely that your recipient doesn’t know your name. So, a subject line is the only way to get your resume noticed and make a solid first impression.

When there is a tough competition for just one opening, it’s time to stand out of hundreds of resumes being sent every day. Sending your resume through email to a hiring manager or company is the most effective option to make way to an interview.

Be sure to do it right as it is the very first contact you will make with your potential employer. When companies receiving thousands of resumes on email, here’s how to write the attractive subject lines along with some best examples.

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How to Write Subject Line which Works?

The Most Important thing => Be Professional

It goes without saying that both your email address and the subject line should look professional. Avoid casual phrases or words like “What’s Up?”, “Hey”, “Cheers” etc. in your subject line. Instead, it should be polite yet professional.

In addition, your email address should also look professional. Email addresses like,, etc. are the major turn-offs to hiring managers.

Mention why you are contacting them

Your subject line should be interesting and relevant to get your email noticed. Add keywords regarding your purpose to write the email to make it relevant.

For example, if you are writing an email for job search, mention which post you are applying for, along with your name, in the subject line.

If you have a reference from someone, include their name in your subject line. It is quite very difficult to get noticed by email. Consider subject line as your opportunity to get noticed and make recipient want to get more details about you.

Job Title

If you are sending email for recruitment, add job title in your subject line. This way, the employer may get an insight on what job position you are applying for. A hiring manager may have to fill multiple positions. So, it will be convenient to them to get the glance of the job position you have applied for.

If they have applied an automated filter on their email, it will be helpful to them to find your email by mentioning job title. With having right subject line, your application can get placed in the right folder that can be seen on time. You can also add your name. If you have reference, mention “referred by” and their name.

Keep it Simple and Short

The more specific your subject line, the easier will it be to categorize your email faster for the recipient and respond well. You should be as concise as possible. Lengthy subject lines are also a major turn-off as they could lose important information you want to provide.

They may check your email on their mobile devices where only 25 to 30 characters are displayed. When reading on computer, there is much more space to see the subject. First few words should be straight to the point. Leave extra details like your experience and credentials at the end.


After writing your email, don’t forget to proofread it and its subject line before sending it. Subject line can make lasting impression. So, be sure that you have written subject line which is free of errors and clear.

Subject Line Examples to Grab Recruiter’s Attention

  • Subject Line Examples for Sales & Marketing Jobs

  1. “Your Name” – Job Inquiry for the Post of Marketing Director
  2. Application for Managing Director Position – 10 Years Experience
  3. Application for District Sales Manager – Referred by “First Name” “Last Name”
  4. Research Assistant Seeking New Opportunity
  5. Interview Request – XYZ Pvt. Ltd. Employee
  6. Experienced Sales Executive Seeking Opportunities
  7. Hard Working, Highly Motivated, Experienced Candidate wants to Get Hired!!
  8. Job Application – Marketing Executive, Job ID #1234 – Your Name, City
  9. Marketing Manager Resume – Your Name
  10. Following Up on the Interview – Your Name
  • Subject Line Examples for Jobs in IT Sector

  1. Job Application: Ravi Verma, Software Engineer
  2. Job Inquiry from Ankit Trivedi, Award-Winning Application Developer
  3. Application for IT Analyst – Rahul Sharma
  4. Referred by Atul Agnihotri – Dilip Patel
  5. Associate Developer with 10 Years of Experience
  6. Atul Tiwari Following Up on Help Desk Specialist position
  7. Recommended by Mr. R.D. Sharma, CEO Spark Technologies, for the post of IT Support Manager
  8. Java Developer, Post No. XYZ/1234, 5 Years of Experience
  9. Rituraj Verma, Network Architect interested in Job Posting # IA1234
  10. Raj Sharma – Application for Programmer Analyst, 5 Years of Experience
  • Subject Line Examples for Jobs in Banking

  1. Job Application – Rahul Verma, Bank Manager, Job ID 1234
  2. Resume – Ravi Sharma, Loan Clerk
  3. Referral from R.D. Verma – Rahul Verma, Bank Manager Position candidate
  4. Applying for Loan Processor
  5. Attention: CV for Investment Banker
  6. With Reference to Mr. S.D. Kapoor, CEO Sunshine Industries – Applying for Bank Manager position
  7. Saw Your Job Opening for Accounts Representative
  8. Employee Referral from Ricky Peters: Candidate for Investment Sales Manager
  9. John Smith Following up on the Post of Clerk
  10. Funds Transfer Clerk – Job Application
  • Subject Line Examples for Accounting Jobs

  1. Ashok Tripathi – Job Application for Accounting Clerk
  2. Referral from Rohit Malhotra – Application for Accounts Manager
  3. Auditor, Posting No. 135433/ABCD, 5 years of experience
  4. Job Application for Chief Accounting Officer, 10 years of experience
  5. Payroll Manager Resume – Rahul Sharma
  6. Job Application from Award Winning Senior Auditor
  7. Application for Information Technology Auditor
  8. K. Sharma – Job Inquiry for the Post of Financial Analyst
  9. Hard Working, Experienced Audit Supervisor ready to Get Hired!!
  10. Application for Accounting Supervisor Position
  • Subject Line Examples for Jobs in Retail Industry

  1. Job Application for Assistant Store Manager Position
  2. Job Inquiry – Vijay Kumar, Automotive Sales Manager, 3 Yrs Exp
  3. Resume for the Post of Automotive Product Specialist
  4. Dedicated Area Manager Looking for a Job in Your Organization!
  5. Sales Consultant CV – Ravi Patel
  6. Job Inquiry for Retail Sales Representative – Post No. 123456
  7. Referral from D.K. Sharma – Rahul Khanna, for the Post of Stock Clerk
  8. Applying for Warehouse Manager position, 5 yrs. Exp
  9. Retail Sales Consultant Looking for a New Opportunity in Your Organization!
  10. Job Inquiry from a Full-Time, Dedicated Retail Management Trainee

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Once you are clear that your subject line and all other details in resume is properly submitted, you may await an interview call. Here, you may want a different interview time other than scheduled by the organisation due to some genuine reasons. For that, you need to know how to ask for different interview time. Then, you can move further.

Wrapping Up

For job seekers, getting response from their potential employers is one of the major challenges. Recruiters should first read your emails to respond to you in a sensible way. With that in mind, you should follow the above tips and consider the subject line examples to improve the chances of your emails getting read.

When it comes to reach out to your potential employer and to submit your resume, subject line plays a very vital role. You should cut to the point to grab their attention without annoying them. Leaving your subject lines blank or using promotion-type lines or fancy words can get your email deleted or moved to trash.  Your email subject line shouldn’t be more than 50 characters long. Make sure to keep the first few words clear.

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.