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McDonalds Job Interview Questions and Answers

McDonalds is the largest fast food chain in the world, with the staff of up to 1.8 million part-time, seasonal, and full time workers. The company operates up to 34000 franchisee, corporate-owned and affiliate locations across the world. Being the fast food giant, McDonald’s hires new candidates constantly for both professional and entry-level positions. Interested candidates should first prepare to crack the job interview.

McDonalds Interview Questions and Answers

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Tips to Answer McDonalds Interview Questions

Consider the Formats

McDonalds have different interview formats for different locations and in different categories like regional managers, store managers and district managers. The most common yet oldest format covers 1-on-1 Q&A interview with individual applicant.  When it comes to fill several positions, they may conduct group interview sessions. Almost every restaurant prefers personal interview but some chains may also prefer phone interview to set up in-person meeting. Despite the interview format, it is important for applicants to prepare for the interview to gain confidence and crack the interview.

Interview Questions Asked By McDonalds

Despite the size of McDonald’s brand, the company maintains effective yet simple policies for customer service. Interviewers are looking for candidates who can meet their company standards. Generally McDonald’s corporate interview questions include communication skills, personal details, good judgment and accountability. Managers and interviewers may ask why you want to work for them, how you can handle peer pressure, and how to have good relations with customers and fellow workers.

Duration of Interview

The time length of McDonald’s interview process varies according to different factors, such as qualities and skills of candidate and number of applicants. The process usually lasts around 1 day or even 2 weeks.

Cracking Interview is Just the Beginning

As applicant, you have to note that cracking interview is not the key to get hired. A lot of branches may need you to undergo training programs, skill assessments, background screenings, drug tests, and probationary periods.

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Basic McDonald’s Interview Questions

Preparing for interview questions asked by McDonalds needs some dedication. If you are scared of the fact that you might miss your rugby practice session on Saturday, this job is not for you. McDonald’s internship interview questions need proper research. You have to investigate the development, training and career progression offered by McDonald’s to know the best answers to McDonalds interview questions. Keep in mind that retail sector is full of competition.

Most of the candidates are very ambitious and McDonald’s welcome them. But you have to temper that ambition with realism. If you get placement on 20-week training program and work as assistant manager, it is not possible for you to run your own restaurant by 6 months. To start your research in your path and what’s needed to work for McDonald’s, be sure to read the details on employer hub. Not doing homework is the worst mistake you would ever do to prepare for basic McDonald’s interview 

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McDonalds Interview Questions for Crew Member

How Would You Respect to Other Staff?

It is very important to maintain important personal relationships. Learn to respect their abilities, efforts, quirks and opinions to ensure success and pleasure in your life. Here’s how to show respect to others –

  • Sincerity
  • Gratitude
  • Compliments
  • Respect
  • Assistance

What is Hospitality According to You?

It is the quality of treating and receiving strangers or guests in a friendly, warm and generous manner. Be in business setting or in the street, I don’t believe anyone would not be happy with hospitality. Fulfilling the needs of guests, greeting our guests in a friendly way, keeping the things running smoothly, and giving quality services are the important parts of hospitality.

If a Customer Goes Upset, How would You Handle?

In this field, holding a disappointed customer is your daily bread. This way, interviewer will find out how smart you are in this situation. Here, you have to serve your customer well to make an angry customer happy. The way how you manage interaction with them can help you resolve the problem or the company may lose the customer. How you treat your customer as important to make angry customer happy.

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Here interviewers expect you to consider this job more than just a source of income. They ask this question to find out whether you are serious about this job or just to spend time and make money.  Show what research you have done about the company before interview and how serious you are to your job. Know the basics of the brand. Consider the well-crafted reputation of the company.

For Example – It will be an honor to serve at such a reputable and highly acclaimed brand like yours. When I was gathering info about your brand, I found McDonalds is the best platform to improve my skills and contribute to the company’s growth.

Can You Provide Friendly and Quick Service?

As a crew member, you are expected to be friendly to your customers, but according to protocols. You should have basic data entry and computer skills. To provide friendly and quick service, it is very important trait.

Tell me when you’ll be Available

When, what days and hours you can serve. You need to be honest enough on your availability and add any time limits, if any. All interviewer wants is straightforward, honest answer from the candidate.

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McDonald’s Interview Questions for Restaurant Manager

What You Expect from this Job?

They may also ask why you want to work here or why you are interested in this position. Be sure to frame an answer that can explain why you are there and who you are. They may like the fact that you have done research about the company. Your answer includes how you will benefit the organization and what you can contribute. Just be specific to your job role and mention the aspects of position or company that attract you.

Tell Me about Yourself

Here you will have to tell everything about your experience and your abilities in customer service. You have to tell how would you meet customer’s needs and solve their problem with good service and product knowledge. You should have positive attitude and enough information for customer service. Be sure to consider aspects like layout, accessibility and hygiene.

What’s more important to you – Efficiency or Creativity?

Both qualities are important for a candidate at their places. So, it’s up to you how to manage both. You should have a strategy to clarify what you want to prioritize and what’s more important for the situation given to meet the goals of company.

For Example – I think maintaining balance between both qualities is important. But efficiency is more important. You can have amazing creativity but if you are not efficient, it causes the waste of resources.

Tell Me about Your Availability

They may ask if you are ready to work as a manager during night shifts and weekends. Are you ready for the effects of your working shifts on your social and personal life and commitments? Keep in mind that recruiters want honest and clear cut answer.

How Long Can You Work in this Company?

Usually, interviewers ask this question to those applicants who switch their jobs in every 4 to 6 months. They may not like to hire you if they think you might leave after few months. Recruitment process cost a lot of money, time and efforts in the company. So, companies are looking to hire those who want to stay for a year or two. So, it is recommend clearing that you are here to serve for a long time. Plans do change. But you have to be honest on what may be expected from you.

For Example – Actually, I have been looking for a lucrative job like this. In fact, I was waiting for it. So, I would serve you as long as you need me.

Where Would You Want to Be after 5 Years?

This way, interviewer is interested to know about your aspirations and career goals and how that position would work on your plan. They are interested on your career goals as they are looking for someone who is proactive, passionate, motivated, and want to work hard and stick around once hired. You have to showcase your interest on the job position as a great step for you. Show that you are motivated for this opportunity. Preparing for it is a nice exercise to find out what you love doing, what is sensible for you, and what you like to do after five years.

What’s the Growth Rate of the Company?

 The recruiters may want to know how much you know about the company. Have you’d done your research or looking for just another company. Research on McDonald’s as much as you can.

For Example – McDonald’s is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the world. Over the past couple of years, the company is witnessing around 2.19% of annual growth rate.

McDonald’s Interview Questions for Cashier

Why Do You Want the Cashier Position Here?

It’s like they are asking why you want to work in McDonalds. First of all, you have to take it as an advantage to tell something about your qualifications and professional skills. Be sure that you are sincere about your job and motivated to work when hired.

For example – I am really surprised to see the significant growth of McDonalds. It is one of the leading retail companies in the world and it has healthy and challenging working environment. So, I want to work as a cashier to be the part of it.

What Difficulties and Challenges You Expect in this Position?

Challenges are known to be the important word used by a lot of employers and interviewers. Seeking for challenges proves that you are interested and motivated. So, you have to show your intentions to become an enthusiastic and motivated staff member. You have to answer the question in an upbeat and positive way to position your enthusiasm that interviewer wants in you. You can answer this question as per the challenges based in job roles. If you meet these challenges, it would be the achievements for your job profile.

Do You Have Past Experience in Service Industry?

Here you have to tell if you have worked in a restaurant or any retail organization in service industry. You have to tell have worked in this industry to the interviewer. Tell all the bad and good things happened when you were serving in this industry related to you.

McDonald’s Interview Questions for Customer Care Assistant

Please Explain Your Responsibilities

Answer – I am responsible to take orders and ensure that they actually reach the customer. First they will order, I will check the screen where I see what they ordered. I will personally check if they got the meal.  I will make sure we do it in orderly way.

Please Explain Your Day as a Full Time Employee

Here you will clock in when you get in there. They will record all this on their PC. Then you will have a cash register and you count the money. You usually ensure that they are tracking the money you are going to make or if someone would steal money. As customers come, you can have screen of series of menu items. You have to click them and make the order and they will get cash out and you have to wait for a while where food will appear. There are some people who may be working. You have to present it well and hand it to the customer and check out.

Tell Me about Your Experience in Customer Service

You should have positive attitude, enough information and good service or product knowledge to solve customer’s issues and to meet their needs.  Interviewer wants this ability in a candidate. They may want to know your experience as the first impression should be positive for the customer. You have to consider various aspects like layout, accessibility, hygiene and offer to help.

For Example – I have experience in offering customer service and staying courteous, along with difficult ones. According to me, providing great customer support should cover positive rapport and ensuring to fulfill these needs and suggesting the ideal alternative.

What You Love Doing in Your Empty Time? 

Here, you have to tell what you do outside of work. They may not necessarily want answers related to the job position. You should give personal info that reflects your passion and creativity. Volunteer work or hobbies may do the job well. Some of the common hobbies employers like in you are carpentry, sports, DIY projects and gardening.

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McDonald’s Interview Questions for Trainee Business Manager

What Interview Questions Does McDonalds Ask?

  1. Tell Me about Yourself
  2. Tell Us Everything You Know about McDonalds
  3. Why Should We Hire You?
  4. What are the Products we have Just Launched in the Market?
  5. What’s Your Philosophy towards Work?
  6. Do you have any suggestion to improve customer experience?
  7. Please tell us something about competitors’ products or services. Do they provide better or worse than us?

How to Answer McDonalds Interview Questions?

All the applicants are required to answer few of the situational and common behavioral questions that are intended to check the reactions of candidates to different hypothetical situations when they are hired. The interviewers at McDonalds prefer the candidates who can work in any shifts, sometimes late night ones. For managerial candidates, job interviews are likely to focus more on skills and work responsibilities in past experiences.

At all levels, candidates have to take important steps in advance to ensure success in the interview, you have to review job requirements and description before interview and prepare for few common questions related to working at McDonalds. Arrive at the venue early and greet the recruiters with friendly handshake. Maintain eye contact to show your interest on the job and stay well enthusiastic in the interview session.

What to Wear To a McDonalds Interview?

In most of the cases, McDonalds don’t give a thought to attire of job seekers. But applicants may wear semi-casual formal apparel to the interview if they want to appear professional and confident. For McDonald’s interview, the casual cum formal wear includes trousers or pants, collared or button-down t-shirts for men, and good tops and classy skirts for women. McDonalds have least formal settings to conduct interviews as they are quick service restaurants. So, dress up a little to leave an impression on interviewers before they even start the interview.

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Why Do You Want To Work Here?

McDonalds is one of the fastest growing quick service restaurants in the world and it has been one of the best places to hangout and to eat, for me since childhood. I have a strong feeling that I can make a great contribution to McDonalds as an employee and gain valuable experience.

Tell Me Something about Yourself?

Here, you will have to tell about your past experience, your qualification and what you have got with your previous job. You have to explain what you expect and how long you have planned to serve this company.

Hope these interview tips for McDonald’s helped you. All the best for the interview!

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.