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Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

Flight attendants or cabin crew are the staff on business and commercial flights responsible to ensure safety and comfort of the passengers. If you are pursuing the job as flight attendant in a reputed airline, you have to prepare some of the frequently asked questions in cabin crew interview.

How to Answer Cabin Crew Interview Questions?

The selection panel asking cabin crew interview questions in Hindi are very experienced to choose the right candidates for the job. So, it is very important to prepare for this stage. If you succeed in passing the stages, you have done really well. Here are the tips to answer cabin crew interview questions for IndiGo Airlines.

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Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers


You have to do proper research for the airline you want to join and role you are going to apply for. Here are the frequently asked questions in cabin crew interview.

  • What do you know about cabin crew?
  • Why are you applying for cabin crew and why you are joining our airline?
  • What do you know about this particular airline?
  • What do you know about challenges in airline?
  • What are your personal attributes and qualities?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you like working in team or alone?
  • How would you treat your fellow team members?

Researching the Airline

Obviously no airline needs you to know every detail about the company before working for them. But you should know some facts. This way, you can show to the panel that you have done your research. You have to demonstrate your deep interest in the job and you have done your homework. You should visit their site and write the facts about the policies, what aircraft they use, their flight timings, routes, their future prospects, aspirations and achievements.

You can get most of these details on their official website, including customer relations and the type of services they provide, board members and role of flight attendant. Here is a checklist to cover each major topic about the company –

  • What’s the mission and vision of the company?
  • What are their flight routes?
  • Do they have future plans for growth or expansion?
  • Who are the major competitors of the airline?
  • What services and products they offer?
  • What is the customer care policy of airline?
  • How long they’ve been operating?

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Cabin Crew Interview Common Questions

Let’s take a look at the cabin crew interview common questions to get started on the preparation. When it comes to personal interview, there are some questions repeated from the form. If that’s the case, be sure to use different response to the people on the application form. This way, you can show that you have great experience base in each area.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions Why Should We Hire You

You will possibly have to answer this question while filling the application form. If that’s the case, take a look at the application form before the interview to ensure having the alternate answer and not to contradict you next time. Be sure to cover these elements when it comes to answer the question –

  • Your ambition
  • Suitability of your personal attributes and traits
  • Flexibility, variations and working with others
  • Customer care/helping others

Sample Answer

I have always aspired to do something like this. Since I flew as a child on holidays, I have always desired to work in your airline as a cabin crew member. Despite loving my current job, I am passionate about the career which is more exciting, challenging and varied. I believe that my personal qualities would fit for the role as a cabin crew member and I get satisfied to work in a team environment where everyone loves to work towards same goal.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions What Is Your Weakness

You may say that you don’t think you are weak in any area. In fact, address some areas you think you can improve and choose some areas which are relatively irrelevant or not important. If you have to mention a weakness, these are actually clever ones which are strengths, not weaknesses, such as being too demanding, refusing to leave when you have strong belief on something, trying to do a lot, or being impatient with sloppy work of other people.

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Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers for IndiGo Airline

Would You Like to Work in a Team?

I am used to work in shifts and I love teamwork. I believe that I would fit for the role. I know that I would learn a lot being a cabin crew, not just on places and people, but also skills like first aid and to help others within my limits.

Have you applied for other Airlines?

Yes, I am applying for other airlines too. But honestly I want to work for this airline because I always have positive reviews about it and it has professional image. So, I would surely be the part of this great team.

What’s Your Turn-Off on your Old Job?

Never say “I didn’t like working environment, or your boss, or your team”. Never use these negative points. Be sure to tell everything was good and you just wanted to bring change in your life for your future.

Would You Love to Do Repetitive Job?

Of course yes. I don’t just do repetitive stuff, but also earn and get handsome salary from the company. Next thing is that life is not all about interesting things till we don’t show any interest.

Do You Have Any Experience to Share with Us Regarding Great Customer Service?

Around a few years ago, a guest didn’t know what to order as dessert in a restaurant, so I explained each dish to him and helped him to decide between two. I told the chef to bring a small piece of each so he can decide the best one.

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Cabin Crew Interview Questions for Jet Airways

What Skills a Cabin Crew Member Requires?

A flight attendant should be courteous and smart, with great thinking skills to analyze situations and keep calm in peer pressure. They must be multitasking, and capable to manage the needs of different guests. They must be welcoming, friendly, helpful, confident and eager to assist.  Passengers have to ensure that the crew onboard know what’s next and can fulfill their concerns and needs with friendliness and care. Cabin crew should work in team and cooperate with each other to keep passengers feel satisfied and safe. Flight stewards and stewardesses should have great communication skills, not just to help cooperative passengers, but also to deal with difficult passengers. It is wise to stay cheerful and calm and poised and firm to assure passengers that everything is under control.

What are Your Strengths?

Your interviewer should know what to bring to the table as a cabin crew member. To this question, there is nothing wrong or right to answer. You have to be well-spoken, sincere and accurate. If you have problem introducing yourself, it is wise to expect the question in advance and get your answer ready. Here are your personality traits you should have to personalize your answer –

  • Being a good listener and communicator
  • Firm and confident while staying friendly
  • Charming and outgoing and eager to help others
  • Fast learner and independent to work without supervision
  • Fearless, strong leader with great teamwork skills
  • Observant, alert person with attention to detail
  • Great thinker, ready to work under pressure
  • Empathic member in team

Cabin Crew Interview Questions for Qatar Airways

Do You Work in Team Better, or Alone?

Don’t tell the recruiters that it is based on the specific situation. Even though it is true or you are an adaptable person, answer as per the position you’ve applied for. You can show that you are adaptable or bend it a bit, but answer it in different way. The answer will show how much you are able and confident to follow instructions.

Sample Answer – I would like to work with others with group effort, work towards similar objective or goal, but I enjoy when each teammate share the work with responsibility. Even when it comes to work individually, it is enjoyable and vital to know how your efforts fit in collective work of the group and how we are working as a team.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions for British Airways

What Are Your Fields of Interest?

Keep in mind that interviewer is not in the mood of idle chitchat when they ask what you love to do out of your work. They just want to know more about you in person, such as how constructive you are, how well rounded your mind is, and how your personal qualities will help you in performance.

Why British Airways?

Be sure to prepare a good answer to showcase how much you have researched about British Airways. Do your homework so well that you can find out specific reasons to work for the company. Here are some of these reasons –

  • Achievements and awards
  • Overall reputation
  • Services/products you like
  • Airline awards
  • Management ethics
  • Market position
  • Growth/success
  • Other airline initiatives

Who are the Leading Competitors of British Airways?

This way, interviewer wants to find out how well you have researched about the competitors of the airline, whether you have done your homework, and have anything to share that can work to company’s advantage. You have to do a lot of research about the company to answer this question. In your research, also investigate the competitors you want to interview for.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions for Fly Emirates

How Would You Face Adverse or Difficult Situations in Daily Life?

There are different ways to deal with adverse of hard situations well in professional life:

  • Find out how to react
  • Get some break and calm down before doing anything
  • You have to let go to move on from this adverse situation
  • Communicate with a family member, friend etc. Speak up through a blog or journal
  • Stay positive to deal with negative situations
  • Make sure not let this situation to affect anymore
  • Stay motivated
  • Improve yourself if something negative happens

What’s the Customer Care Policy of Emirates?

Different airlines have different customer support policies. So, you have to do complete research in advance on customer support policy on airline’s official website you want to apply for.

Why You Believe that You are Fit for the Job?

You should keep a concise summary of reasons ready to select you. Even though they don’t ask one of such questions in a lot of words, be sure to keep your answer ready and look for the ways to communicate your reasons throughout the process. Convince them that –

  • Deliver great results and do the job well
  • You will definitely fit well and be the great part of the team
  • You have proven skills and years of experience to stand out

How would you please an unsatisfied customer?

You should know the ways to keep unsatisfied customer calm and please them. Here are some of the best ways to do that –

  • Address the customer quickly in public
  • Apologize for your mistake
  • Provide a quick solution
  • Provide a replacement or re-do, with some extra benefits, if possible
  • Some efforts and a simple apology to deal with misunderstanding or to resolve a mistake can go a long way and also do some good between your company and clients.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions for Cathay Pacific

Why Did You Choose Cathay Pacific Over Other Airlines?

Starting career as a cabin crew member is really a great thing if you have great communication skills and if you are a people lover. First of all, you have to answer question in a natural way. Make sure that your answer doesn’t sound that you have rehearsed and build confidence to start interview.

Sample Answer – I am interested in this job position because I love working in public and I believe that I can face any problem they have with good communication skills. You can also mention all your skills as per the job requirements, such as your computer skills, communication skills, customer service skills, and strengths.

How Would You Manage Pressure in Professional Environment?

Employers sometimes ask candidates on how they manage when there is huge pressure on jobs. In airlines, cabin crew members are problem solvers and they have to face certain amount of stress in daily life. In order to work in such airlines, they have to know how to work in pressure. So, you have to provide some examples of your past experiences related to it. Also share the outcomes you have achieved.

Sample Answer – A client was confused on choosing the best plan for his campaign. I have explained the positives and negatives of the plan and helped him to choose the best one. I don’t respond to pressure but to the situation. I take action according to the situation to avoid negative stress.

How Long Would You Like to Work for Cathay Pacific?

This way, you have to show your commitment and be honest to answer to this question. You may answer that I would appreciate if you have a long-term commitment. I want to work with your airline as long as you require. I hope my presence will be beneficial for the airline and customer. If you have any plan to relocate to another city, I would also be ready for that. Plans do change. But you have to ensure that you are honest on what should be expected from you. If you have planned to work for long term, say so.

Are You Multilingual?

Since you have to deal with several customers from different countries, you need to learn foreign languages too. If you want to learn a new language or have learnt before, be sure to mention it in your answer. If no, then say so. Be honest to this question to avoid creating an issue in the near future.

How Would You Measure Your Performance?

Well, this is quite a simple question. You have to discuss the important performance indicators you are excelled in. You have to showcase your stability for the position. You can measure the performance as set of goals that you can achieve personally in your life. You can measure the performance with self satisfaction. In order to do that, be sure to do these things –

  • Survey your clients on their experience to assess employee performance
  • Establish random quality control methods in airline
  • Compare your skills to the competition
  • Know your weaknesses and strengths

Tell Me about Your Expected Salary

You have to be prepared and research your pay to look for the similar positions that are paying in your city before you walk in to the interview. Find the details out before addressing your expectations. You need to provide a range rather than exact figure.


That’s all about cabin crew interview. It’s over to your now. Practice the answers for the above cabin crew interview questions and perform well in the interview. All the very best for the career. Hope to see you all on board.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.