Career Aspirations Examples to Help You Set Your Career Goals

What is your career aspirations?

While looking 10 years back, what would you see?

Where would you want to be within next 3 to 5 years from now?

what is your career aspiration plan

We will address all these questions today. Career goals are set to stay motivated, have something to look ahead and achieve whatever you want in life. You have to prepare an S.M.A.R.T. approach to set your career goals, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and having a Timeline.

What Are Your Career Aspirations?

Effective Ways to Exceed your Career Goals


what is your career aspirations and goals

There are certain career aspirations and goals we have to achieve. But most of us are not fortunate enough to achieve our professional career aspirations. Be it professional or personal, aspirations are hard to achieve. You have to set your goals and stick to them. Many people want to improve their career and quality of life but don’t know how to make it happen.

Best Career Aspirations Examples

Others are lucky enough to know the unique potential in them and to be awakened when they are least expected. Once you get to know your true potential, you have a secret formula that you don’t want to share as you think that no one will appreciate or understand what you can do.

There is no lack of talented people in the world. Unfortunately, due to lack of courage, they let others to rule their mind. As a result, they compromise their goals and never have the best interests at heart. They stop believing in their abilities. Instead, they only listen to others and act what others want from them. They work for the benefit of others, instead of focusing on their personal growth. It leads to the following questions in mind –

  • Why people choose to be accountable for other’s goals, instead of thinking for themselves?
  • Why momentum is lost, progress slows down, and dreams are broken so easily?
  • Why leaders become followers and lose their identity significantly?
  • Why there is so much anger, remorse and animosity in the world?
  • Why we are so afraid?
  • Why earning faith is so hard?

For a leader, it is very important to open doors of career opportunities for those who deserve it. Let individuality to fly and don’t slow the progress down. The marketplace and the workplace tell us that it is more important for individuals defining the business than business defining the individual. Consider what you do to let others to discover their true potential and reach their individual goals?

There is no lack of opportunities. We need to identify them.

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Along with seeing the opportunities that we have lost previously, we also have to avoid the traps of contentment on the way. Here’s how you can exceed your career aspirations throughout your life’s journey and career.

1. Take Stand and Strive Hard to Stick to It

A lot of people listen to those who don’t understand what gives them distinction and makes them unique and become unsure in their career path. So, it’s up to you to take stance in your career. Do everything possible to outsmart and outperform everyone else in your career. You will be required to challenge your status quo and be more mindful on who you relate yourself with.

Taking stand needs action which is taken in order to be relevant. It may often be met with envy, failure and not understanding your points of view. It is often seen several times that that the success is measured on how you chase your goals when the marketplace seems to be in your favor.  Simply speaking, your perspectives are valued and you are appreciated in ecosystems. Keep believing in yourself and don’t ignore the opportunities on your way.

2. Don’t Let Negative Judgments to Interrupt Your Progress

The only one which interrupts your career aspirations is you. Never ever doubt your capabilities and your potential. Life is about dealing with constant failures. Not everyone will know what they should do for you and appreciate you. Instead of losing your heart, try and understand their individual points of view. Create a journal and write these points down. You may perhaps understand why you are being judged negatively. Whether bad or good, you have to appreciate feedback and learn to do better. Never let it hinder your attitude, focus and motivations.

3. Work Smarter and Harder

work smarter play harder

Don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty. Work harder and smarter than your rivals and ensure that they can never outperform your efforts. Take smart steps and be courageous to take risks. When people stop trying and give up, aspirations fade. It’s almost like taking a New Year’s resolution to rely on healthy diet but you can’t stop yourself from munching on fast food.

There is no shortcut to success. Being consistent is harder. In order to achieve success, you have to work harder and stay focused to understand about your career aspirations and goals you want to achieve. You should become an expert in your subject matter. You have to understand why people with same ambitions failed in the past and you have to know who your competitor is.  Do your own research and know everything you should to earn much needed respect and credibility to break the barriers of doubt down. You will start to grab opportunities that were unseen in the past and make ways to hope.

4. Avoid the Companionship of Jealous People

A lot of people spend most of their valuable time wondering the difference between authenticity and assimilation. They strive to be more of what others expect them to be, instead of what they want to be themselves. Envy can cloud your mind and make you doubt your own desires. Don’t allow envy sway your goals and decide your future. Facing the envy is sometimes a justification that you are on the right way to achieve your goals. It shows that you are thriving.

As you start to build momentum, you will come to know who your best interests are and who has your back. When you find envy, go along with it and make sure it doesn’t distract you. Be sure to avoid it before it slows down your progress and clouds your career aspirations.

5. Embrace Diversity of Thoughts

You may have to look for different ways to exceed your future aspiration. It’s not about unethical ways. Instead, it is about the ability to connect what seems to be unrelated in a well-planned cohesive plan.  How many times you’ve come across long-standing staff that is so attached to their ways which make it harder to introduce them with new ideals and ideas?

There are different people who are against changes and who don’t like differences. They want to stay in their comfort zone and like doing things the way they have been doing for several years.

Instead, you have to be a creative disruptor and accept the change of ideas. Don’t let others and don’t confuse diversity of thoughts as disorganized thinking. It’s just disorganized to the people who have lack of courage to challenge their status quo and who have grown complacent. You cannot be ambitious if you are not a constructive disruptor.

6. Avoid the Envious People

Gravitate to the people who genuinely inspire you (the leaders and lifters) and avoid the company of loafers and leeches (the envious people). Whether in life or in business, you cannot achieve success alone. You need to stay with people who have your best interest with heart. They are the people who are more focused in telling the truth and helping you out towards the right path.

The types of relationships you maintain truly indicate your success level. If you stay with those who always let you down instead of encouraging you, you will find it hard to achieve your goals and evolve. By the end, it’s all about the people you have to know yourself so well that you can make informed decisions to associate with the people who add real value to your relationships.

7. Wisdom Succeeds with Adversity

When faced with diversity, how you respond truly defines your ability to exceed your career aspirations. Adversity is big when you can see it. In the presence of everything else which covers you, it is very small. The matter of focus is the key to deal with adverse situations. Focus on it to see the opportunity in full context and you can view more opportunities which left unseen in the past. Adversity is known to be the subject of perspective. You should know what to do with the knowledge you have, to make informed decisions. Deal with complex situations, keep the right attitude, and diversity of thought. Successful people are able to think on their feet. They let their confidence to prevail at the time of adversity.

8. Don’t Let People’s Ignorance to Mislead You

Never ever let other’s ignorance to mislead your mind. Don’t assume that someone in large company or having an important post has all the solutions. They often know less than what you think. There are several executives who have artificial power which is lent to them by the brand or organization they serve. The role and the position they assume has the power, not the person who own it. Keep testing your ideals and ideas to exceed your career aspirations and achieve your goals.

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Everyone is able to be good, though not excellent at something. It is sure that a lot of people have lack of courage to get on track back and define their course of action with which they can strengthen self-confidence, belief and true potential in themselves. Every successful person has to be courageous and every courageous person has to stay open to the way to exceed their aspirations and goals.

Writing Career Aspirations on Your Profile

When it comes to write job aspiration, you have to define your desired course of action, explain why you like this discipline professionally and personally and show your personal experience and qualities in the discipline. You have to define your skills and interests in your career field.

State your long term aspiration with a catchy sentence that can grab the eyeballs and show why your desired field is so important to you, for example “The career path of faculty is honorable as it fulfills the needs of society”. Share why and how this career path may help the community with few examples. Suppose you want to make career in education field, share some example of how this career path may help the young people and inspire the students to follow their dreams.

Define the experience, personal qualities and personal interests related to your career aspiration and goals in detail. This way, you may detail your skills and nurturing demeanors and career aspirations to help others while making a career in public service, healthcare or law enforcement. Explain that your personality match the demand of your job. When it comes to state your career aspirations, include your hobbies and interests related to your field. Suppose you volunteer at animal shelter and you love animals, it shows your interest and experience to enter voluntary services.

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Career Aspiration Examples

Formatting and creating CV is very important as it is one of the important documents that can help you enter the corporate world. Whether you are a fresher who wants to start your new part of life, or just want to switch your job with a hope for better opportunity, it is very important to have an organized and well-designed resume.

Just like the resume is important in your documents which highlights all the aspects of your professional life, career aspiration is very imperative in the objective column. It gives a quick overview to the employer on what you expect from the job and the company. This way, the employer can easily take decision by analyzing how well your personality suits the position and the company.

So, it is vital to tone and draft your career aspirations according to company needs. If you forget listing your aspirations, you end up giving a negative signal that you are still confused or you are new to the professional world. When it comes to draft your career aspirations, be sure it complies with the language and style of the resume. Here are some of the helpful and effectual career aspirations examples.

How to Write Career Aspirations?

Pay Attention to Job Type

Don’t leave your employer confused and wondering exactly what you want to tell at the first place. Be focused and specific to your career objects and clearly tell what kind of work you like to do. Replace common phrases like “Job in the Sales World” or “Seeking Part-Time Employment” with “Part Time Job offering Clerical Services at a Law Firm” or “Direct Sales Job in a Telecom Company”.

Phrasing & Structuring

Whenever you write your career objective, be sure to keep it sweet and short. Don’t write too lengthy career aspirations. It indicates that you want to boast about your experience and knowledge that has been mentioned in other areas of the resume. Even worse, it seems to be dull and boring for employers who have more resumes to check. Don’t use the word “I” and avoid complete sentences. Consider strong phrases which can reveal how serious you are for your job and your professionalism.

Instead “I want a job”, use “seeking employment”. Don’t form the phrase which indicates that you are demanding from your work instead of what you are providing to the company. For example “Seeking job where I can gain experience/expand my skills/increase exposure”.

Focus on Your Skills

Design and craft your career objectives in a way that your potential employers can understand your specific skills and expertise that can benefit the company. This way, you have to use phrases, such as “Seeking career in accounting with specialization in stock market analysis and corporate accounts”. If you don’t have any specialization, you may incorporate skills which will benefit the company on the desired position, such as typing, communication, interpersonal skills, customer relations, or problem-solving.

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How to Write Career Aspirations?

For Fresh Applicants

  • Seeking career in marketing with my strong communication and analytical skills with Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
  • Seeking employment with an institution or organization offering positive atmosphere to learn new technologies and implement the same to benefit the business.
  • Recent graduate in political science honors and former university student seeking the employment which demands constructive policy formation and innovative research capabilities.
  • Recent graduate seeking internship with digital marketing agency to serve with my developed skills in multimedia design and communications.

For Seasoned Professionals

  • Sales Manager with 10 years of experience in utilities with sound knowledge and proven track record of generating around 11% of profitability in the department on average.
  • To secure position in business development leveraging relationship building skills and sound customer service with 5 years of corporate experience.
  • Experienced shop assistant/machinist in textile industry seeking a secured job position with 6 years of knowledge and experience.

Some Examples of Career Aspirations for Different Positions

Career Aspirations for Software Engineer

Experienced software developer seeking a position in a challenging work environment which demands teamwork efforts for learning, research, and development of high-end software products

Career Aspirations Sample for Teacher

Energetic, experienced faculty seeking a secured job position, interested in teaching various subjects, especially History or English, at a secondary or elementary school level

Career Aspirations Example for Sales Officer

Passionate, well motivated, dedicated sales officer with proven, exceptional skills to strive and fulfill your sales objectives, experienced in retail sales and employee supervision operations, having great training skills, record-setting sales leader and ability to improve morale of staff, and committed to deliver sales-oriented, pleasant environment.

Career Aspirations Statement for Cashier

Well-motivated, experienced and courteous cashier with 3 years of experience in the relevant field. Bilingual, customer-oriented and likes to serve the public, and can handle pressure in fast-paced environment.

Professional Aspirations for Personal Assistant

Seeking job position as a personal assistant in Public Service organization in HR department which allows me to utilize my skills and knowledge of grievance procedures, wage administration, safety, benefit programs publications, employment and labor relations

Financial Analyst

Seeking a position to use my project management and financial analyst skills I have obtained with my work experience and education

Customer Service

Seeking a position as customer service professional at a premier company to utilize my skills with my previous work

Marketing Assistant

Dedicated and well-motivated business school graduate seeking position as a marketing assistant to help implement and develop projects and communications procedures, having Bachelor in Business/Marketing degree with experience from international internship. Deadline driven and can deal with high-pressure environment. Ethical, honest and reliable.

Be sure to keep your career aspirations section and resume relevant. If it’s lost, you may end up creating a weird scenario for the potential employer and give them another reason to reject your resume for interview. Be sure to add a crisp, simple and influential career aspirations in your resume.

Top 6 Career Aspirations You Can Achieve

how to achieve career goals?

Even if you are in a professional position already or you have a career, you may occasionally be struggling when progressing on your way towards your career. It is no doubt that successful people have goals. You may easily be feeling confined, suffocated or lacking the way to navigate through the career. You should set your career goals to avoid going off track. Career goals may cover your benchmarks, milestones and objectives. Here are some of the beneficial and achievable career aspirations examples to achieve success in your respective field.

Setting Your Career Aspirations

Before setting career aspirations, you have to consider few things to know about your desired goals because you can set them on different levels.

  • First of all, you have to decide what to accomplish, to do, or be in your life
  • Next up, you have to split your bigger goal into more achievable and smaller targets to achieve. This way, you can easily accomplish your goal to manage and streamline your process to reach your one important goal.
  • You have to form and make a plan towards your goal. It can be ideal to make a plan which can help you to work on your goal to achieve it.

Boost Performance Metrics

Certain companies and industries utilize performance metrics when it comes to evaluate the productivity, performance and effectiveness of their employee. Generally, metric numbers measure certain things, such as organization performance, customer satisfaction, and cost management and employee competence. Generally, metrics are estimated on weekly basis but you can also measure them every day. An effective career goal includes increasing your performance. It shows how much value you bring to the company as an employee.

Earn Management Position

After working with a business or company for few years, you might want to advance in your own position. If you want to earn executive or management position, you can set your goals ranging from 6 months to around 5 years, according to your current field. This type of goal may demand some short-term goals that can help you reach desired position.

Start Business

Most of the people consider success with branching out on themselves. In that case, an ideal goal can be starting the business of your own or open your own office and be your own boss. Usually from 18 to 35 years, most of the people have an urge to start their own business. So, you have to set some short-term goals to open your own business.

Earning Promotion

Earning a profession really brings a good feeling in our mind. Getting a promotion needs commitment, strategic planning and execution on your end as a responsible employee. For example, you have to take on more and more projects, do extra work, update your resume and form relationship with members of other department. Generally, a promotion can be a long-term goal to work on.

Earning a Certificate or Degree

If you want to jumpstart your career paths and put forth a path to your success, you should think about earning a certificate or degree in your field. A lot of job positions need a person to have education, specific knowledge or degree to advance and flourish in their career.  Once you can obtain education, you may look forward to enhance your options in career goal.

Getting Employment

Especially in this modern world, finding a career and obtaining employment is the part of career goal for many people. If you are looking for a job, you can set a lot of short term goals to grow and develop. You can complete these goals before reaching your final goal, which is getting a job. Be sure to have patience while finding a job. It can be a long process but is surely rewarding.

Other Career Aspirations

  • Switch your job if you are no longer enjoying your position.
  • Know your individual limits at work and find out what to do to make your day more manageable and productive.
  • Communicate at work more effectively
  • Feel positive and happier on your workday
  • Be sure to learn new skills
  • Be friendly at work and don’t be much competitive
  • Double your productivity or sales, according to your job
  • Be more creative and organized towards your daily jobs
  • Focus on a specific position or award and work for it
  • Keep yourself organized and your work space clean throughout the week.
  • Become a mentor or find a mentor
  • Connect with other people to boost productivity
  • Become an expert in a specific area or field
  • Manage your clients more efficiently and in a better way
  • Create promotional material, website or social media page for the business
  • Delegate tasks and work effectively in order to increase productivity.
  • Work hard to improve profitability of the company to a specific percentage
  • Log off from your work and take vacation every year to refresh your mind
  • Send thank you notes to your managers, clients and staff
  • Be sure to reduce work hours without losing productivity
  • Be sure to attend networking events and enhance your network
  • Don’t micromanage your staff
  • Start looking for your dream career and find the work in a desired field which doesn’t look like a job for you.
  • Improve your communication and presentation skills
  • Reduce business or personal expenses to a specific degree
  • Learn saying “NO” politely
  • Delete old files and old and not-so-important mails to stay more organized
  • Be sure to over-deliver and under-promise with managers or clients
  • Break out of your rut and be more creative
  • Make better relationships with clients and colleagues so your work may look more enjoyable.
  • Do certain things to make you feel more active at work
  • Develop your own brand, a blog or a website
  • Update your cover letter and resume
  • Ask for appraisal
  • Ask your employer for more clients or more responsibility at your work
  • Send a specific number of resumes every day to other employers if you want to switch your job.
  • Be sure to learn new skills in other departments

How to Set a Career Goal?

How to set career aspirations

  • Know Your Goal towards Your Career – Ask some questions to yourself such as “Where do you want to be in a certain position within few years?” This way, you can have a clear insight as where your life is heading and how it will match your career. You may want to set a time frame for your specific goal.
  • Ask Yourself Strengths & Weaknesses – Probably, there are certain areas in your life where you can excel your professional goals better than others.
  • Know what steps you have to consider achieving your goals in specific amount of time. Be sure to consider any kind of road blocks you might be facing and find out how to deal with them.
  • Keep track on the progress of your desired goals each month or week. This way, you can stay motivated and get a sense of accomplishment every time.


Your career is very important part of your life. If you have well-planned future career aspirations, you can achieve anything in life.


About the author

Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.