Top Group Discussion Topics with answers for all Streams

Group Discussion Topics for Various Streams 

Group Discussion is actually the debate on opinions and exchange of ideas. This process is conducted to select candidates for admission in management colleges, especially for MBA. Normally, group discussions involve a small group of applicants. Each group has a different topic to discuss. Before we share GD topics for various disciplines, let’s check out some of the group discussion tips to avoid major hurdles in selection process of any business school.

Group Discussion Topics

Group Discussion Tips

group discussion tips

Be sure to take stand during the discussion. You don’t have to conclude with a negative or positive outcome. Instead you have to summarize the discussion. You have to be neutral to get an edge over the others. Candidates have time limit to discuss the topic. Each participant needs to give their personal views about the topic. The discussion will be judged by the panel. Once the time is up, the judges will select the best candidate from the group. The same process will be followed in other groups.

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Group Discussion Topics for Freshers

These days, companies usually conduct group discussions in order to filter candidates according to their interpersonal and communication skills. Here are the latest group discussion topics for freshers.

  1. Practical Education vs. Theoretical Education – Which One is Better?

There are different ways to acquire knowledge about certain things. On one side, there is theoretical knowledge, on the other side is implementing the theory in practical. Both theoretical and practical educations are important as both of these make you excellent on anything you do.

Theoretical Knowledge teaches you the why behind something. You can understand why a specific technique works when other fails. It builds the context, gives a wider insight and helps you make strategy. Theory helps you set a plan for your future. It teaches you with the experience of others. It leads to in-depth insight of a concept by understanding the why.

 On the other side, practical education helps you learn certain techniques to create the tools of your business. It is much closer to your daily activities. There are certain things in life you can learn only through experience.  Practical knowledge is gained through real life situations. It leads to deeper knowledge of concept with the personal experience.

Both practical and theoretical educations are important and you cannot survive in your career unless you show results. You need practical knowledge to do that. Learning to solve a particular problem just teaches solving the same problem in real life. But practice makes you perfect and takes you so far.

  1. Which type of Family System is better – Joint Family or Nuclear Family?

Family is considered to be the important part of our life. Joint family and nuclear family are two different types of family systems in India. Joint family usually consists of parents, their children, spouses of these children and their offspring. On the other side, a nuclear family has only parents and children. Both nuclear family and joint family have their pros and cons. Joint family system is prevalent in India as it is known for cultural diversity.

Due to the prevalence of urbanization, people prefer to live in nuclear family over joint ones. It is because nuclear families feel much better than joint ones. They provide calm and peaceful environment to the members. A person may get peaceful environment after coming from work.

  1. Is women safety in India a big concern?

Women safety matters the most in India, whether at workplace, at home or outside home. Some of the crimes are most common these days against women, such as dowry deaths, rape, abduction and kidnapping, sexual harassment at workplace or home, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and cruelty by husband and his family members.  These cases are very dreadful and serious.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, across 4037 cases were recorded of crime against women in 2000 in Chennai.   In subsequent years, the city had seen some decline in crime rate, i.e. by 838 in 2013. But it’s just opposite in Delhi, the capital of India. In 2000, the crime against women was just 17.6 out of 100,000 females (i.e. only 2122 incidents). But in 2013, it was recorded 151.13 out of 100,000 females (around 11449 cases).

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Group Discussion Topics for Interviews

In Group Discussions, the panel of judges will test your knowledge about a particular subject, your perspective in a logical way, and your enthusiasm in understanding others’ opinion on the same topic. It is about how you express yourself with grace in this situation. Before going any further, be sure to consider these group discussion tips for interviews –

The Topics

Topics for GD interviews are complex. So, you have to keep your eyes and ears open to know what’s going on around you. You are not supposed to be an expert in any topic. Instead, you should have at least some kind of awareness. Increase your General Knowledge by reading magazines, watching news and being updated with current affairs. Discuss these topics with family and friends. Create your own group to discuss these topics.

What If You Know Nothing about the Concerned Topic?

If you have preparations, don’t panic!

First of all, listen to everyone very carefully for the first couple of minutes. Analyze the information and form your personal opinion. It is not important your opinion should be correct every time. But it should be logical and well formulated that can show how you think to the panel. Don’t just reinforce or sum up with other’s opinion. Instead, add value to your discussion.

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Group Discussion Topics

  1. What to Know about FDI in Retail?

FDI refers to Foreign Direct Investment in which a foreign company invests in another country where it is not doing any business. Usually, FDI is done by companies to expand their profits and business. These days, FDI is booming in retail sector. A lot of companies are heading to India to open their retail chains and doing business with companies of host country.

  1. Should Voters in India Have NOTA Choice?

So, the general elections are coming and people are willing to vote for their desired candidate. But there are some who are not willing to vote. It’s not because they are not interested in casting votes, but they cannot vote because they don’t want to vote any of the candidates on the election. This way, the government has introduced “None of the Above” or NOTA option. Every citizen has a right to express their opinion. Gone are the days when people had to vote anyone as there is no choice. With the arrival of NOTA option, people can reject candidates. It is probably the beginning of fair politics.

Now the people can show that they disagree with the person standing in the elections. Hence, the parties have to replace their representatives. It’s better not to select anyone instead of choosing the one who is less harmful to the country. It promotes transparency to the system.

  1. Are MNC’s superior to Indian companies?

There are a lot of confusions among general public in India about whether to join Indian company or a multinational company. Indian companies are expanding their reach and global outlook by establishing their centers across the US, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Malaysia and other countries. Within few years to come, we will see MNCs of both Indian and foreign origin. In different things, MNC’s win the race against Indian companies, such as salaries, infrastructure, etc.

Group Discussion Topics For Engineers

Group Discussion is a very complex part of selection process. Engineering students and candidates have to face a lot of issues in Group Discussion process. Group discussion has been the important aspect for selection process over the years. Here are the common group discussion topics for Engineers during the selection process.

  1. Is India A Soft Nation?

On a positive note, India is a soft and peace-loving country which is very much important to the citizens. India is a land of diversity where people of all religions live peacefully. Over the centuries, India has never attacked any country. It is not an extremist country which promotes only a single caste, religion or creed. Irrespective of caste, every person has equal rights and freedom to do their duties. Both socially and economically backward classes get subsidiaries from the government regarding medical, education, food etc.

  1. Are Indian films corrupting the minds of Indian youth?

These days, movies leave a great impression on the minds of people. The effect of Indian cinema can easily be seen on youth. Its effect can be witnessed not only in elders of urban and rural areas, but also on children. It is wrong to say that all Indian films are disturbing and corrupting youth. Films are made in different genres like thriller, patriotism, action, robbery, comedy etc. Youth imitates everything in films and it reflects in their driving skills, the way how they talk and their dressing sense.

  1. Benefits of Co-education

Co-education has a lot of benefits. First off, it reduces extra burden on government to provide education with more schools. Next up, it develops healthy relationship between both boys and girls with free exchange of ideas. When girls see boys in their class, they don’t do silly things as they understand that boys are not different from them. Free exchange of ideas between both sexes makes them good companions and friends. They get a chance to learn together, study together and to understand each other better.

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Group Discussion Topics for MBA

Group Discussions are conducted to test specific group skills which cannot be assessed in personal interview, such as ability to lead, to reason, to inspire, listening and social skills, out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility, ability to work as team player, ability to handle situations, attitude and body language. For a successful professional, these skills are very important. Due to the significant rush for MBA admissions in top B schools, institutes conduct Group Discussion as elimination round. During the peak time, institutes have to test thousands of candidates registered for MBA program. With Group Discussions, institute can analyze around 15 candidates within 10 minutes.

Group Discussions have been the important part of selection process for admission in lots of business schools. So, it is vital to assess your strengths in all such areas and work on improving your weaknesses. To crack GD process, you have to stay up-to-date with what’s happening across the world. Be aware of current happenings and affairs that affect our lives. Your ability to play and lead is assessed in group discussions. Make reading magazines and English newspapers a habit, watch documentaries and news on TV to get wider insight on certain issues.

The topics for group discussion can be from different issues, such as business news, current events, sports, politics, social, or anything general.  Here are some of the common GD topics for MBA students –

  1. Why MBA?

MBA is actually a general management program which is not a specialization, even though you take some electives on second year. It equips you with all the basic tricks and tools of the trade to do the job well. You don’t have to understand each account handled by your marketing team. Instead, you have to assess the sales graph and find out what’s going right and what’s going wrong. You have to check sales report and find out what’s doing well and what’s not. When you get an attrition rate from HR team, you have to make sense with it and find out if it is correct or not. If not, you have to find out how to fix it.

MBA also gives you opportunity to build network and credentials. An MBA from IIM doesn’t need to prove himself as much as someone from a local college. In a country like India, where jobs are based on academic qualifications, it can open doors of opportunities to impress interviewers and get the resume shortlisted.

  1. Is pursuing MBA a blind rat race?

Rat race is actually, self-defeating, endless and pointless approach. It’s like rats from the lab racing on the maze to fetch the piece of cheese. Now the students seem to race and get ahead financially. Parents of sound skilled students force them to take MBA courses. Especially when the student is not interested, pursuing MBA degree from a local institute doesn’t make sense.

People spend years to attempt and prepare for CAT exams. Even worse, most of them don’t have eligibility to enroll at their desired institute because of poor academic background. MBA colleges are mushrooming these days and the value of degree is dropping. So, the rate race of MBA is not more than a few youngsters competing with each other to pursue the course in institutes they actually don’t need at first place.

  1. Is MBA Important to be a Successful Businessman?

Sometimes, there is no connection between success and education. But great ideas lead to success as they can help you stand out of the crowd. Management education is the discipline which teaches students to become great managers and business leaders. Is it important to have MBA background to be a successful businessman? Pursuing MBA is not a person’s choice always. It is always wise to have an additional qualification. MBA degree can be proved useful in your career at some time. It carries lots of significance and value. A lot of aspiring businessmen pursue MBA as a strong option to set career.

Group Discussion Topics for Navy

During the Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview process which runs for 5 days, 9 GTO tests are conduct to assess the performance of candidates as a team player and as an individual. Group discussion is one of the important parts of these nine tasks. Unlike screening, candidates shouldn’t come out with a common conclusion. In group discussion, candidates have to take part actively and comment something related to the topic. Here are some of the common GD topics for Navy students –

  1. How Indo-Pak Relations Can Be Improved?

Over the past 70 years, Pakistan and India have been failed to resolve their conflicts and to form a good relationship as a neighboring country. It could have benefitted both countries and people in both sides of border. Governments have started a lot of peace processes but most were either abandoned or stillborn in their youth. In order to improve relations between both countries, it is very important to address the problem of terrorism jointly.

The government should resolve the water issues with the methods by the Indus Basin Treaty. It is important to pursue confidence-building measures to alleviate the lack of trust. It is important to facilitate the trade and economic co-operation to form mutuality of interest. Both India and Pakistan should understand the legitimate interests of each other in Afghanistan and pursue without getting into conflict with one another.

  1. What are the Causes of Unemployment in India?

Caste system is the main cause of unemployment in the country. The employment is limited for specific castes. Work is offered to reserved candidates instead of deserved ones. This factor really gives rise to unemployment. Slow economic growth of the country is another major reason. Economy of India is underdeveloped and economic growth is too slow. It fails to provide employment opportunities.

Increase in population also gives rise to unemployment in the country. A huge part of population relies on agriculture which gives seasoned occupation. It provides employment only for few months.

  1. Why value of Indian Rupee Falling against US Dollar?

Global economic slowdown is known to be the major factor that contributes to the fall of both Indian currency and stock markets. The devaluation of China’s Yuan is also affecting the sentiments across the world. For the third time in a year, the international growth forecasts have been slashed and China has been seeing slow growth of economy. The US is also the largest importer of crude oil. The prices of crude oil fell and US has been saving more money to buy crude oil. Hence, the value of US dollar is improved and it led to fall of Indian rupee and various other currencies.

How to Prepare for Group Discussion for Navy Interviews?

  • Stay active on conversation. It helps you collect information
  • Be sure to have basic knowledge about what’s happening around you. See trending news on Facebook or other social sites.
  • Be an active listener. Speak when you have to. Use simple English and express ideas in simple way in the group.
  • Respect the views of other candidates on group discussions and analyze their opinions before replying
  • It is not important that you should have knowledge on all topics. It’s not a big deal. If you don’t have any idea about the topic, you may not be able to start discussion. It doesn’t mean you cannot participate in discussions. All you have to listen to others and catch the words and present your idea on those words.
  • To practice on such topics non-verbally, you may write an essay to make a memory of these topics so you can perform better in real life situations.

Group Discussion Topics for Adults

A sensible discussion is intended to come out at a solution which signifies balance. You have to define your understanding of issue from several perspectives. At the end, the conclusion should describe the filtration of recommendations and relevant issues for changes/policies which can be created in the existing system.

1. Should we allow incurably diseased persons to live or not?

Life has been gifted by god to us. Only he has right to take it. We don’t have right to interfere in his things. Everyone has a right to live on this world as long as he doesn’t want us to die. Just because someone is suffering from a disease which cannot be cured, he must not be put to death.

On the other side, an incurable disease causes constant stress to the family. The needs of diseased person are endless irrespective of having best possible care, attention and treatment for him. He always remains disgruntled and dissatisfied. It affects the comfort and peace of mind of family.

Any kind of legislation cannot define the gray areas. It is important to ensure that people deciding to end the life is in the best interest of society and patient.

2. Which is best – Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

Young people should have liberty to choose their own partners. By reaching a certain age, nature has made us so well that young girls and boys feel attracted towards opposite sex naturally. So, they can find Miss Right or Mr. Right for themselves. Love is the factor which binds two people. Poets and saints also praised it. Love marriages are supposed to have higher success rate as it forms pre-marital mutual understanding between the wannabe couples. But love marriages sometimes fail.

Since two people fall in love at first sight, not because of due deliberation, it is believed that love marriage is not that simple and they usually result in divorce or quarrels with elders and hard time in relationships. On the other side, arranged marriages rely on strong foundations. The partner is decided by more experienced people. Our parents are more mature, experienced and rational and they know how to deal with these matters. They can always choose the best life partner for you. Young people don’t give a second thought to the compatibility and suitability of their love. They are controlled by passion and they lack proper judgment.

All in all, whether it is love or arranged marriage, what is important is love. No matter it develops after or before marriage.

3. Is Science a Boon or Curse?

Science has always been a boon to mankind. Since the appearance of first man on earth, he has potential to harness the power of nature to improve humans and lead a better life. Civilization and science go hand in hand. A civilized nation achieves scientific progress. Science has improved the lifespan as it has given new medicines to combat diseases and infections. ECG, radiological progress, MRI, CT Scan etc. help us diagnose and detect severe infections.

Automation and industrialization made production less strenuous and possible on a mass scale and science has been proved as a boon. However, it is true that it is also responsible for unemployment on large scale. Immigration of rural workers in industrial centers has affected joint family system in the cities. But we can still benefit from science through sustainable development.

Group Discussion Topics for College and University Students

  1. Is China a Threat to IT industry in India?

China is undoubtedly a powerful nation that has expanded their IT powers to give competition to other nations. India is a developing nation. So, China is supposed to be the threat to India’s IT growth. China has skilled manpower and provides everything at cheaper rates. So, a lot of highly skilled software professionals prefer other countries. It is the major drawback for India. In research and development in IT industry, China government spends millions.

These days, India is developing rapidly, outperforming China in IT sector. China is behind India because of language barrier. Software across the world is accepted in English and India has larger number of English speaking professionals than that in China. So, China cannot be a threat to India’s IT industry because India is far better than China in developing software.

  1. Is IT Industrial growth a boon or growing pressure to Indian cities?

IT has undoubtedly changed millions of lives by changing the economy of the country. Is IT really changing lives or making it worse?

These days, people are migrating to IT hubs in India like Bangalore. But technological growth has caused exhaustion of resources. IT cities cannot meet the infrastructural needs of increasing population. People migrating from rural areas to metro cities put villages and agriculture on back foot and making it worse to feed the needs of ever-growing population. Environment and transport pollution are leading problems.

On the other side IT booming has improved food production and led to substantial growth for personal fulfillment. Technology has enhanced the living status of several Indians because of large demand for IT pros. IT people has improved Indian economy to a huge extent. IT industry is increasing job opportunities for ever-growing population. In short, IT boon has both pros and cons. People are migrating to IT cities and IT boom becomes the blessing in disguise. But there is a hope for some kind of technological breakthrough to help Indians survive in hard times.

  1. Should Live-in Relationships be encouraged?

Live-in relationship is considered to be the ideal option to know your partner when they live with one another without marriage. Partners can understand the likes and dislikes of each other by spending time without having any social obligation. Couples can easily separate without any harm or guilt if they feel that their relationship is not compatible. It can help reduce divorce rates. It develops the feeling of maturity between the partners.

On the other side, social stigma in society is the biggest drawback because this kind of relationship has not been accepted by Indian society yet. Due to lack of social responsibility, a partner can freely change his or her partners. It is not so open in India and it may lead to the feeling of discomfort to people around you. It often goes against family. Even if the family accepts live-in, couple may lose interested in one another.

It is a mutual agreement between both partners and they agree to live with one another without marriage. They live as a couple to know whether they are compatible. They separate if they find that their relationship is not compatible. Commitment is the important part of any relationship. Partners should understand one another very well. Whether marriage or live-in, it is important to ensure that it doesn’t cause any domestic violence.

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Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.