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Chipotle Interview Questions and Answers 2018

Chipotle is America’s trending burrito joint. The company is very well known for the service it provides with a highly enthusiastic staff and amazing taste to the food. It uses more of natural ingredients in the preparation of delicious cuisine. The company believes in “Food with Integrity” and so attracts a huge number of customers per day at each joint.

chipotle interview questions and answers

Aspirants who desire to work with this fast-food giant is hiring the candidates as per the availability of the job at the candidate’s desired location. The candidate just needs to check on the Chipotle website for the vacancies and whether they are looking for the profile available. The candidate may also subscribe to get the job alerts to stay updated about the vacancies in the eating joint.

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For searching the availability of a job, you merely need to fill in the following details in the image:

You can also apply for the job alerts by just giving your basic information online as follows:

A quick tip!

The company is looking for a set of 13 qualities in its new recruits. To get selected, candidates should be smart, reliable, polite, ambitious, motivated, honest, curious, respectful, high-energy, hospitable, happy, presentable, and infectiously enthusiastic.

Another thing you should know is that Chipotle is very serious about its culture. Most of the Chipotle Interview Questions and Answers will be based on its principles, values, and expectations. The interviewing team is more into knowing you as a person. So, it is better to be more comfortable and honest while answering the questions during the interview.

Facts to Know About Chipotle Before Interview

Chipotle is among the leading fast food restaurant chains in the United States, and it believes in philosophies of high quality and quick service. Currently, the restaurant chain has up to 37000 employees in over 1500 locations. It constantly focuses its energy on perfection. It uses all-natural ingredients in its delicious recipes.

A single location of Chipotle, on average, serves around 500 customers per day. Hence, the work environment is very challenging. The crew must act quickly and accurately. The company expects more than sound work ethics from its staff. For example, an applicant should remain energetic, kind and have a positive attitude.

Chipotle also believes in giving a quick response to the applicants. This is turn motivates the candidates to prepare well for the interview and does not spoil their enthusiasm to get the job in the wait of response from the interviewer.

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Tips to Prepare for Chipotle Interview

You can apply offline in person. But most Chipotle managers would appreciate if you apply online through their employment portal. You may provide all of your information like name, job history, address, etc. in digital form. Before you prepare for interview questions, prepare to make an impression on hiring managers that last. Here are tips to be landed in the right position.

#1. “Chipotle” Pronunciation

You must be wondering it’s a stupid tip, but surely if you don’t pronounce the name of the entity rightly, you land up creating a super negative impression before the interviewer in the very beginning.

Several times the interviewer will have keen observation when you pronounce the name of the entity! So make sure that you know correct Chipotle Pronunciation.

The below video can help you to get the Chipotle Pronunciation correct (/tʃɪˈpəʊtleɪ/):


#2. Dress Well

You need not really dress up with a tie and blazer; you can be very much comfortable, just be sure to dress up well, look clean, neat, and well-groomed. Make sure you have considered the ’13 hiring qualities’ that is very much expected from an employee at Chipotle.

#3. Practice Chipotle Interview Questions & Answers on Your Friend

Having a list of interview questions is just a part of the battle. The next big thing is to work on your confidence level, posture, and overall body language. You could just ask a friend to analyse your behaviour and point out your nervous tics and stutters.

#4. Do Your Own Research

You definitely need to work well on knowing what is expected from you at the position you are going to get hired at! Be it as a restaurant team member, crew member, general manager, apprentice, restaurateur, etc.  Make sure to mould yourself into the desired position.

#5. Develop Optimistic Attitude

Chipotle while hiring a person considers an optimistic attitude, a person who can be enthusiastic at his work with a wide smile on his face. It also desires a customer friendly staff.

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Chipotle Interview Questions and Answers 2018

Keep in mind that you are going one-on-one with the hiring manager, it will be the most vital aspect of the whole interview and application process. You can keep cool! As the interviewers at Chipotle would not try to trick or scare the candidate. However, they would surely test you on the fact that you provide the customer with an excellent experience at Chipotle. So, here is a sample list of questions when you are preparing for the interview at Chipotle. They would dig into knowing you more and more as a person to ensure that you will be the best choice for their team.

#1. Why Do You Want to Work for Chipotle?

Chipotle is hiring people who share the same beliefs as they have, i.e. quality customer service and their motto ‘food with integrity’.

If you are asked why you want to work for Chipotle, explain that you are not just a big fan of this brand but show them what it takes to give a pleasant experience to a customer. It’s your take to show them that you have worked on your part and you are passionate to work as part of their team.

Example – “I have always been the biggest fan of Chipotle and its motto “food with integrity”. Most fast food restaurants have nothing to do with high standards. Chipotle meets these standards and also bring smiles to their customers. Even during rush hours, I still had a pleasant experience in this restaurant. Here, every crew member works smoothly to get the job done, and the organization runs just as a well-oiled machine. It seems like they enjoy what they do. So, I would love to be one of them.

#2. What are you passionate about Chipotle?

Here, the interviewer wants to know what you think about Chipotle as an organisation and what have you studied about it before appearing for the interview that couldn’t stop you from joining Chipotle.

Example- “I am a super foodie and a health-conscious person. For me, Chipotle has been a regular food joint. It gives the best quality food with all the natural ingredients which please me the most. Also, the friendly attitude of staff, the team coordination and the way they make us feel home makes me passionate to enter the organisation and serve many customers like me.”

#3. Why would you be an excellent candidate for Chipotle?


Here, you have to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the organisation.

Example – “The passion to serve the customers with all my heart, respect and love makes me the best candidate for the job. Also, I feel I can go well with people around me and tackle their problems well which is what a team leader requires in him. So, I can go well with the staff as well.


#4. If Customer orders double meat and don’t pay, how would you manage?

Sometimes, Chipotle can be very busy. It’s the best time for some customers to steal an extra item. Don’t consider it as a trick question. They just want to know your reaction. Even if you don’t say anything right here, they want to know what you would do.

Example – “I would just tell that it’s not our policy to give it for free. I would double the price and ask if they would like to order. I would communicate the fact to my team leader in case the customer is not ready to co-operate. I would make sure I solve the issue politely with the customer so as not to bring in any negative reviews for Chipotle.

#5. Are You Comfortable Working as Team or would you work individually?

For its answer, there is nothing wrong or right. Keep in mind that the job profile required for this position includes teamwork. So, you need to show how you would interact with others.

Example – “Honestly speaking, I am comfortable to work with a team who is committed like me to grow. I collect the energy from others, and I’ve never faced any trouble working with a team. Actually, I just completed a large group project, and I was selected as a lead by my team due to my leadership skills. I also don’t mind working individually. But I believe that best ideas come when we work in a team.”

#6. What is Customer Service according to you?

Chipotle is extremely busy during dinner and lunch hours. But rush hours cannot stop their crew to work hard and complete the orders successfully while offering quality meals on a timely basis. Customer service means everything to the company. So, they need a team which is efficient enough to handle a challenging and fast-paced environment without getting stressed and annoyed. Explain them you are passionate about great service and you can handle all the curve balls that come on your way.

Example – “To ensure a maximum number of returning customers, every business is providing at-par customer service. In this role, I know that I would deal with different kinds of people. But I will ensure that every customer gets quality service from us. I understand how it feels when you have the worst experience somewhere, and you decide never to get back. This is something Chipotle is too serious about, and I am very passionate about. This is why I aspire to land into this position.”

Our Verdict

We hope you have gained good information after reading our post on Chipotle Interview Questions and Answers that can help you prepare for an interview, which questions like Pronunciation of Chipotle, knowing why you want to work with Chipotle etc….

Chipotle takes hiring of staff too seriously and gives a very quick response to the applicants for the job. So, it is equally expected from you to be serious when preparing for an interview.

All the Best!