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  • Blood Relation Questions with Answers in English & Hindi

    blood relation questions

    Blood Relation questions are one of the commonly asked questions in Reasoning section of every competitive exam. It is known to be a very important topic and a lot of questions are asked every year in this scoring topic. In this guide, we have discussed all the important Blood Relation reasoning shortcuts for students to help them in preparation.

    Tricks to Solve Blood Relation Questions

    In Blood Relations or Family Relationship, persons are connected through relations, such as –

    • Father-Mother
    • Son-Daughter
    • Brother-Sister
    • Uncle-Aunty
    • Grandfather-Grandmother
    • Nephew-Niece
    • Brother-in-law Sister-in-law, etc.

    When adding members from mother’s size and father’s size, the list of member goes on and on. Questions in reasoning section on Blood/Family Relations are related to the relationship of a specific person with another family member, based on the chain of the relationship between other family members.

    The Blood/Family Relation tests are known to be an exercise to test the ability of a candidate to comprehend and come to the point of issue from lengthy, complex and unclear idea.

    Here are some of the important family relations 

    • Father’s/Mother’s son – Brother
    • Father’s/Mother’s Daughter – Sister
    • Father’s Brother – Paternal Uncle
    • Mother’s Brother – Maternal Uncle
    • Mother’s/Father’s Father – Grandfather
    • Mother’s/Father’s Sister – Aunt
    • Mother’s/Father’s Mother – Grandmother
    • Daughter’s Husband – Son-in-law
    • Son’s Wife – Daughter-in-law
    • Husband’s/Wife’s Father – Father-in-law
    • Husband’s/Wife’s Mother – Mother-in-law
    • Husband’s/Wife’s Brother – Brother in law
    • Husband’s/Wife’s Sister – Sister in law
    • Brother’s/Sister’s Son – Nephew
    • Sister’s Husband – Brother in Law
    • Sister’s/Brother’s Daughter – Niece

    Blood Relations Reasoning Example

    1. Ram is Kusha’s father but Kusha is not the son of Ram. Mala is Kusha’s daughter. Shalaka is Ram’s wife. Gopal is Kusha’s brother. Hari is Gopal’s son. Meena is Gopal’s wife. Ganpat is Meena’s father. Who is Ram’s grandchild?

    a) Hari

    b) Mala

    c) Shalaka

    d) Meena

    Answer – Mala is Kusha’s daughter and Ram is Kusha’s father. Hence, Mala is Ram’s granddaughter.

    Consider these Common Terms when Solving Answers

    The meaning of some terms are used widely in family relationships related questions, such as –

    • Child – Son or Daughter (Even though they are adult)
    • Parent – Mother/Father
    • Spouse – Husband/Wife
    • Sibling – Brother/Sister (Including step-sister and step-brother – at least one similar parent)

    Common Relationships

    Uncle, Aunty, Nephew and Niece

    • The term “Uncle” is used by many English speakers for four relations – mother’s brother, father’s brother, husband of mother’s sister, and husband of father’s sister
    • Aunt is also used to define mother’s sister, father’s sister, wife of father’s brother, and wife of mother’s brother
    • Sister’s or brother’s son is known as a nephew. Sister’s or brother’s daughter is known as a niece.
    • Cousins is used to introduce children of uncle or aunt

    Relations with Term “In-Law”

    Any term in relationships ends with “in-law” shows that relationship is through marriage, not blood. In general the relationship terms “In-laws” are mentioned in hyphens (-). The plural is defined before “in-law”. For instance, it is “brothers-in-law”, not “brother-in-laws”.

    Who’s who of them?

    • Mother-in-law is spouse’s mother and father-in-law is spouse’s father. If they get separated and remarry, their new partners are known as stepparents, not father-in-law and mother-in-law.
    • The wife of the son is referred as daughter-in-law and husband of a daughter is son-in-law. If your partner has children from last marriage, these are known as stepchildren, not daughters-in-law or sons-in-law. That person is their stepmother or stepfather, not mother-in-law or father-in-law.


    Both sister-in-law and brother-in-law have several meanings

    • A sister-in-law could be
      • Wife of brother,
      • Sister of spouse, or
      • Spouse’s brother’s wife
    • A brother-in-law could be
      • A sister’s husband
      • Spouse’s brother
      • Spouse’s sister’s husband

    Relationships defined with the terms “Great” and “Grand”

    • Relationships with the second generation are defined with “Grand” term
    • For a person, the first generation over them would be their parents like father and mother. The second generation is called the parents of the parents and they are known as Grandfather, Grandmother or Grandparents.
    • The third generation parents are known as Great Grand Father or Great Grand Mother.

    The term Grand also applies to collateral relations. For example, brother of Grand Father is known as Grand Uncle and son of a nephew is known as Grand Nephew.  There are also fourth generation relationships, known as Great Great Grand. For example, Great Great Grand Son is the son of Great Grand Son.

    Blood Relation Reasoning Tricks in Hindi

    हमारे पास परिवार के सदस्यों के बारे में कुछ ही जानकारी होती है जो रक्त सम्बन्धी प्रश्नो में मिली होती है जिसके आधार पे हमें किसी ख़ास सदस्य से रिश्ते के बारे में जानना होता है| आज हम रक्त सम्बन्धी प्रश्नो का हल निकलने के लिए कुछ खास तरीके (blood relations aptitude tricks) जानेंगे|

    इस तरह के प्रश्न आम तौर पर पदानुक्रमिक होते हैं जो सात पीढ़ी पे आधारित है –

    वार्तालाप के आधार पर – इस तरह के प्रश्नो में एक व्यक्ति दुसरे को इंगित करता है और जानकारी देते है| निम्न लिखित प्रश्न इसके सही  उदाहरण  है –

    १. मधु श्रेया की तरफ इशारा करती है और कहती है “उसकी माँ मेरी माँ की एकलौती संतान है |” मधु श्रेया की कौन है?

    A)पुत्र B) पिता  C) पोता D) माँ E) कोई नहीं

    २. एक आदमी एक तस्वीर में एक आदमी को इशारा करता है और एक औरत से कहता है, “उसकी माँ आपके पिता की एकलौती संतान है |” वह महिला उस तस्वीर वाले आदमी की कौन है?

    A)माँ  B) बहन C) बेटी D)पत्नी E) इनमें से कोई नहीं

    How to Solve Blood Relation Problems Quickly?

    In any aptitude test, blood relation is a very common topic. These questions may be given or asked directly as coded blood relations. Here are some of the blood relation shortcut tricks to decode these questions easily.

    Apply Question to Yourself

    It is the easiest way to solve the questions related to blood relations. You can relate yourself to every statement. Assume yourself or your name to the first name in the statement. Here’s an example to solve this type of question.


    She is Rahul’s brother’s mom’s sister

    In this statement, suppose Rahul is you

    Similarly, your brother’s mother is your mother, of course.

    Your mother’s sister is your Maternal Aunt

    Hence, she is your Maternal Aunt.

    If the question is short, this trick works. But don’t apply it for long questions as it will create conflicts.

    Split the Question into Small Portions

    The statement can get confusing when it is very long. So, you have to split every statement down into sub-statements and attend the problem.


    He is the son of Prabha’s brother’s aunt’s husband

    Here, assume yourself as Prabha

    Your brother’s aunt is your aunt

    Your aunt’s husband is your uncle

    His son is your cousin. Hence, he is Prabha’s cousin

    Clear Diagrams to Solve Questions

    This way, you can draw a family tree where you can place the people of the same generation at the same level and the whole diagram will be in the form of the family tree. It is the quick way to solve these questions accurately.

    Code questions in Blood Relations

    In these questions, blood relations are defined by symbols and codes, for instance, +,-,*,/. You have to analyze the relation based on code mentioned –

    We have to analyze the relation based on these codes –

    If A+B refers to A is B’s husband

    A/B refers to A is B’s sister

    A*B refers to A is B’s son

    What is the relation of F with P in F*B+C/P?

    This way, you should start solving the question from right to left or left to right. This question has been solved from right to left. Mention each person’s gender clearly. This way, F is P’s nephew. Hence, P is the uncle or aunt of F and it is not possible to state anything.

    Don’t Assume Gender

    Don’t assume any person’s gender in the question which is just based on names. For instance –

    Hitesh is Mithilesh’s brother and Mithilesh is Suresh’s brother. Who is Suresh for Hitesh?

    Use the explanation above in this way –

    Hitesh (m) => Mithilesh (m) => Suresh

    In this example, whether Suresh is male or female not known. Hence, Suresh could be the sister or brother of Hitesh. Please keep in mind that person’s gender cannot be defined on person’s name. This information should definitely support person’s gender.

    Here are some of the unsolved practice questions

    1. There are 8 family members – M, N, P, Q, R, S, T and U. This family has three couples. Along with their children, they live in three different cities – Ranchi, Chandigarh, and Delhi, but not in same order. Q is the mom of M & R. M is T’s uncle and S’s father. U’s spouse lives in Ranchi. U is N’s only sister-in-law. Who is P’s daughter-in-law? S neither lives with her aunt U nor in Chandigarh.

    Who is Q’s husband among them?

    • U
    • P
    • N
    • Cannot be determined
    • None of them
    1. Husband of Sulekha is the only son of Nandini’s mom.
    2. Nandini’s husband and Sulekha’s brother are cousins.

    What is the relationship between Sulekha and Nandini?

    • 1 is sufficient and 2 is not.
    • 2 is sufficient alone while 2 only is not sufficient.
    • Either 2 or 1 is sufficient
    • Both of them not sufficient
    • Both are sufficient

    Points to Remember

    • Focus only on those points that provide maximum and definite details.
    • When it comes to concluding the relationship between two persons, you should be varied of the person’s gender who is discussed because there are chances of mistake when you assume the gender of the person that is not mentioned in the question or that cannot be collected from the information mentioned.
    • Read questions with care and identify the people between whom relation can be established. You may possibly relate yourself to the character given so it can be simple to understand.

    Final Thoughts

    We hope you’ve liked this post and you would better understand the concept of logical reasoning blood relation with the questions above and improve your score in the reasoning section. If you are still confused, revert back to us.

  • TNPSC Group 2A Non-Interview Posts Syllabus 2017

    The Public Service Commission was established by the British Government in 1923 to determine the payment structure of Indian Civil Service. The Commission addressed the Indianization rate of the Indian Police and Indian Civil Service. It also determined the series in which Indian Civil Service would be made in 15 years with 50% of Indian membership and the same in 25 years for the Police in India.  It was responsible basically for recruitment and exercise control on the services. The Government of Punjab and Madras has proposed to establish their Public Service Commission due to the discretionary powers that are left.

    The Madras Service Commission was established as per the Act of Madras Legislature in the year 1929. The Madras Presidency had great honor as the only state in the country to have the first Service Commission in India. Madras Service Commission was established with 3 Members, along with the Chairman. After states’ reorganization in 1957, various Commissions were established. It became the Madras Public Service Commissions in 1957 headquartered in Madras. In the 1970s, Madras was renamed to Tamil Nadu. Hence, Madras Public Service Commission also renamed to Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission or TNPSC.

    TNPSC Group 2 Non-Interview Post

    Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) conducts TNPSC Group 2 Non-Interview Post exam every year. This time, it is all set to conduct the combined Civil Services Exam (Group 2A – Non-Interview Posts) in 2017 for several posts of Personal Clerks and Assistants.

    Annual Planner reports that the exam will be conducted to fill 682 vacancies. So, thousands of people were waiting for Group 2 Non-Interview Syllabus in Tamil. Your wait is over!

    Now you can download TNPSC Group 2 Non-Interview Syllabus PDF for non-interview posts (Tamil & English) as the syllabus has been updated recently by the TNPSC.


    TNPSC Group 2 Exam Pattern & Eligibility Criteria 2017

    Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is responsible for conducting Combined Civil Services Exam (Group 1 and Group 2) for Non-Interview Posts. Applicants who are going to apply for the TNPSC recruitment must check the exam pattern and eligibility criteria given below.

    For Group 2 Exam, the selection will be based on the results of the main exam and preliminary exam. Applicants who have applied for the jobs in Group 2 and searching for exam pattern should check the details. The Main Exam and Paper 1 consist of 350 and 300 marks respectively. According to the details given by TNPSC, we have listed TNPSC Group 2 Eligibility Criteria and Exam Pattern.


    TNPSC Group II Eligibility Criteria

    A large number of applicants apply for TNPSC Group Exams every year. If you are applying for Group 2 exam, be sure to fulfill the following eligibility criteria as per the post applied. Candidates should meet the following eligibility criteria before applying

    Age Limits

    • All applicants should be at least 18 years old
    • For SC, ST, BC/DC, BCM and C(A) categories, maximum age limit is 30 years.
    • For SC (Arunthathiyars)/SC, ST, Denotified Communities/Most Backward Classes, Backward Classes (Muslims), Backward Classes, and Destitute Widows of any caste, there is no age limit.

    Exam Pattern

    1.General Studies (Degree) –    75 Questions

    Mental Ability & Aptitude Test (SSLC Standard) – 25 Questions (100×1.5 = 150)

    General English/General Tamil (SSLC Standard) – 100 Questions (100×1.5 = 150)

    Total Questions = 200

    Maximum Marks = 300 (200×1.5 = 300)

    Minimum Qualifying Marks = 90 (For all Classes)

    Educational Qualification

    Candidates are required to possess the following or equivalent educational qualifications –

    • For Personal Clerk (Finance Department), all applicants must possess Bachelor’s in Commerce, Economics or Statistics, and passed the Technical Examination in Typewriting (both in English and Tamil with higher grades)
    • A Bachelor’s Degree is required for the post of Personal Clerk in
      1. Other than Finance & Law Department
      2. Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly or Secretariat
      3. Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
    • For Assistant in Commissioner Revenue Administration, a candidate must possess a degree of B.Sc., BA, or B.Com from any University, BBA from Madurai Kamarajar University, BOL from Annamalai University, B.Litt. or BBM from Bharatiyar University, or B.Litt. from Madras University.
    • For Assistant in Ministry of Departments, candidates can apply with any degree.
    • For Lower Division Clerk in TN Legislative Assembly Secretariat, candidates should have B.Sc., BA, or B.Com from any University which is authorized by the University Grants Commission.


    TNPSC Group 2 (Non-Interview Posts) – Selection Process

    • Document Verification
    • Written Exam


    TNPSC Group 2 Non-Interview Syllabus

    Unit 1 – General Science


    • Universe – Scientific Instruments, Basic Scientific Laws, Discoveries & Inventions, Science Glossary, National Scientific Laboratories, Properties & Mechanics of Matter, Physical Quantities
    • Electricity & Magnetism – Motion and Energy – Heat
    • Standards & Units – Force
    • Atomic & Nuclear Physics – Lights and Sound


    • Compounds & Elements – Acids
    • Chemistry of Metals (Carbon) and Ores – Oxidation & Reduction (Bases & Salts)
    • Nitrogen & its components – Pesticides, Fertilizers, Insecticides


    • Reproductive System – Genetics
    • Blood Circulation and Blood – Endocrine System
    • Science of Heredity – Environment, health, ecology, and hygiene
    • Biodiversity and its conservation
    • Communicable and non-communicable diseases – human diseases, remedies and prevention


    • Major concept of Life Science
    • Classification of Living Organism – Cell-Basic Unit of Living
    • Respiration – Nutrition & Dietetics


    Unit 2 – History, Current Affairs, Latest Diary of Events

    • National Symbols – Profile of each state
    • Popular Places and Persons in News, games, and sports
    • Books & Authors – honors and awards
    • Current affairs – India and neighboring countries
    • Appointments in government departments – Who is Who?


    Policy on Ecology & Environment – Geographical Landmarks

    Political Science

    • Issues in conducting public elections
    • Political System & Political Parties in India
    • General administration and public awareness
    • Role and utilization of Government and Voluntary organizations,
    • Welfare-oriented government schemes


    • New Economic policy and government sector
    • Existing socio-economic disputes


    • Latest Discoveries in Health, Science, Communication and Mass media
    • Latest inventions in technology and science


    Unit 3 – Geography

    • Solar System – Earth & Universe
    • Hydrosphere, atmosphere, and lithosphere
    • Weather & Climate – Monsoon, rainfall
    • Water resources – Indian rivers
    • Minerals, soils and natural resources
    • Natural vegetation – flora and fauna
    • Livestock, fisheries and agricultural pattern
    • Social geography – population distribution and density
    • Disaster Management


    Unit 4 – Culture and History of India

    • History of South India – Heritage and Culture of Tamilians
    • Beginning of European Domination – Consolidation & Expansion of British rule, impact of British Rule on Socio-Economic development, religious movements, and social reforms
    • India after independence
    • Indian Culture – Unity in diversity of language, custom, race, and color
    • India as Secular Country
    • Organizations for dance, fine arts, drama, dance, and music
    • Dravidian Movement in Tamil Nadu
    • Famous personalities in several fields – Science, Arts, Philosophy, and Literature, including Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, M.S. Subbulakshmi, Pt. Ravishankar, J.Krishnamoorthy, and Rukmani Arundel etc.
    • Political parties and their schemes


    Unit 5 – Indian Politics

    • Constitution of India – Salient Features (State, Union, and Territory) and Preamble to the Constitution
    • Fundamental Rights and Duties – Human Rights
    • Union Legislature – State Executive – Parliament
    • State Legislature – Assembly – Status of J&K
    • Local Government – Panchayat rule
    • Tamil Nadu Judiciary in the country – Due process and rule of law
    • Indian Federalism – State – Center Relations
    • Provisions for Emergency
    • Elections – Election Commission Union
    • Amendments and Schedules to Constitution
    • Administrative Reforms
    • Corruption – Measures to Prevent Corruption – Lok Adalat, Central Vigilance Commission, Comptroller, Ombudsman, Auditor General of India, Central & State Commission, Right to Information Act
    • Woman Empowerment


    Unit 6 – Economy of India

    • Nature of Economy of India
    • Assessment of 5-Year Plan
    • Agriculture & Land Reforms – Applying Science in Agriculture
    • Industrial Expansion – Role of Public Sector
    • Infrastructure Development – Programs related to Rural Welfare
    • Problems in Social Sector – Education, Population, Employment, Health, Finance
    • Human Resource & Development
    • Economic Trends in TN – Sustainable Growth of Economy
    • Finance Commission, National Development Council, and Planning Commission


    Unit 7 – Indian National Movement

    • Early revolution against 1857 Revolt – British Rule
    • Emergence of National Leaders in Indian National Congress – Nehru, Gandhi, Netaji, Tagore
    • Militant Movements – Communalism which caused partition
    • Tamil Nadu with Freedom Struggle – VOC, Rajaji, Bharathiar, Periyar, etc.
    • Evolution of Political System and Political Parties in India after independence


    Unit 8 – Mental Ability & Aptitude

    • Information to Data Conversion – Compilation, Collection & Presentation of Data, Diagrams, table Graphs
    • Analytical Interpretation of Data – Percentage, Simplification, Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), Highest Common Factor (HCM), Simple Interest, Ratio & Proportion, Compound Interest, Volume, Area, Work and Time
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • Logical Reasoning – Visual Reasoning (Puzzle, Dice etc.), Alpha Numeric reasoning,
    • Number – Alphabetical/Logical Number/Diagrammatic Sequence


    Why is TNPSC Group 2A (Non-Interview) Syllabus Mandatory?

    Candidates who are applying for TNPSC Group 2 Non-Interview post don’t know how much syllabus is important. The syllabus is very important for preparation. Most applicants overlook the importance of syllabus and refer textbook without knowing what to read.

    In the syllabus, one can get an idea of where to start and where they are heading to. Most questions come from syllabus titles, as Skyrocket Technique suggests.

    So, keep a copy of tnpsc group 2 non-interview syllabus pdf handy to prepare and prosper in the upcoming exam.

    Bonus Tips

    Candidates must refer the textbooks from Samacheer Kalvi from 6th to 12th standard to prepare for TNPSC Group 2A Exam. You can also get the basic idea of the syllabus in Group 2 Non-Interview Model Question Paper.

    Refer to the onliner mock test for aptitude tests and current affairs. These textbooks are also available online in PDF formats. So download the soft copy if you didn’t find the hard copy from the market.

  • 50 Selenium Interview Questions and Answers 2017 + PDF Download

    selenium interview questions

    If you are a software tester looking for the job of test automation or testing, you are at the right place. We have listed over 50+ Selenium interview questions to crack a job interview. In this post, you will get a short and simple answer to all the Selenium Webdriver interview questions for all the experienced and non-experienced candidates.

    For those who don’t know about Selenium, it is actually a flexible software testing framework used for web applications. It features a playback/record tool to conduct tests without having to learn Selenium IDE, a test scripting language. It also features Selenese (domain-based language) to write tests in several programming languages, such as Java, C#, Groovy, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, and Scala.

    Selenium Interview Questions Based on Experience

    Along with face-to-face interviews, this questionnaire will also benefit you in telephonic sessions. Most of the IT companies nowadays prefer to assess the technical skills of a candidate over phone before inviting them for walk-in interviews. An interviewer won’t ask only theoretical or conceptual questions. They would also test a little differ by asking tricky questions regarding the technology they use. This is where these Selenium Webdriver interview questions come to the rescue.

    Selenium Interview Questions for Freshers

    1. What is Selenium?

    Selenium is a software program which automates web applications and browsers, not desktop applications. It supports various OS platforms, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. Its tools are used basically for Regression and Functional Testing.

    1. What are the Components of Selenium?
    • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
    • Selenium WebDriver
    • Selenium Grid
    1. What is Selenium IDE?

    Selenium IDE comes as a Firefox plugin. It is an integrated development platform to develop and deploy Selenium Test series. It is used to record, playback, edit, and debug the test cases.

    1. What is Selenium RC?

    Selenium RC (Remote Control) is a testing tool to write automated UI tests of web applications in any language for any HTTP website through the JavaScript-based browser.

    1. What is Selenium WebDriver?

    Selenium WebDriver creates Test cases to run on several browsers, through WebDriver API commands and element locators. With WebDriver, we can use Testing Framework Annotations and Programming features to enhance Test cases.

    It is built to provide more concise, easier programming UI along with facing some issues in Selenium-RC API. This tool is developed to support dynamic pages where elements may change without even reloading the page.

    1. What is Selenium Grid?

    With Selenium Grid, we can run Tests on various environments against several browsers. In other words, it supports distributed execution of Tests. We can run multiple tests against various machines at the same time in different operating systems and browsers.

    1. What is Apache Maven? How is it used in Selenium?

    Maven is a Java build management and project management component. With Maven, we can easily manage Java project builds. As a Java build management component, Maven enables us to manage the Selenium build with ease. It manages the documentation, build compilation, and other project related tasks of Selenium test project. With it, we can also create the accurate project structure, manage and add jar files in build path, etc.

    1. What is TestNG? What are its Usage in Selenium?

    Like NUnit or JUnit in Group Test cases TestNG is also a Testing Framework used to run parameterized Tests, Test batches, and to provide in-depth HTML test reports.

    1. What are the Pros of Selenium?
    • Supports several programming languages to create Test scripts
    • Open Source program
    • Multi-browser support to conduct Test Scripts/Test Cases.
    • Supports several OS platforms to initiate Testing.
    • Enables Parallel Test execution.
    1. What are the Cons of Selenium?
    • No built-in support for Reporting Results
    • No Tech Support
    • Only for Browser/Web-based applications
    • No support for new features

    Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions for 2 Years Experience

    1. What are the WebDriver API categories used in Selenium?
    • ChromeDriver,
    • AndroidDriver,
    • FirefoxDriver,
    • EventFiringWebDriver,
    • InternetExplorerDriver,
    • HTMLUnitDriver,
    • iPhoneDriver,
    • RemoteWebDriver,
    1. How to Ensure the Successful Loading of Webpage with Selenium and WebDriver?

    Use the following codes to make sure that your webpage is loaded successfully in Selenium. Choose an element and stick to it till it becomes a link to click.


    // Or

    while (!(selenium.isElementPresent(“any page element “)==true)) {




    Use the following code in WebDriver –

    WebDriverWait check = new WebDriverWait(driver, 100);


    1. How to Execute a Batch File in Selenium WebDriver?

    Use the following Java code to define your requirements before conducting the automation –

    Process batch = Runtime.getRuntime.exec(“path of the batch file”);


    1. How to start Selenium IDE Test Suite?

    Run the following command –

    Java -jar “C:\Selenium Webdriver Questions\selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar” -htmlSuite “*firefox” “” ” “C:\Selenium Webdriver Questions\SeleniumSuite.HTML”

    1. How to Access JavaScript Variable in WebDriver?

    Use the following JavaScript code to read any variable in Selenium WebDriver –

    // Initialize the JS object.

    JavascriptExecutor JS = (JavascriptExecutor) webdriver;

    // Get the current site title.

    String sitetitle = (String)JS.executeScript(“return document.title”);

    System.out.println(“My Site Title: ” + sitetitle);

    1. What are the Common Exceptions in Webdriver?
    • NoAlertPresentException,
    • WebDriverException,
    • NoSuchElementException,
    • NoSuchWindowException,
    • TimeoutException
    1. What is FirefoxDriver? What Interface Does It Conduct?

    It is a Java class. It conducts <WebDriver> interface and all of its methods.

    1. What is the Difference between quit() and close () methods?

    quit() – It closes all the opened windows and browser too.

    close() – It closes only those browser window that is currently open.

    1. How to increase Right Click operation in Selenium WebDriver?

    By using the Action class features, for example –

    Actions test = new Actions(driver); // Here, driver is the object of WebDriver class.



    1. How to Check Radio Button/Checkbox Status?

    By using the isSelected() method –

    boolean test = driver.findElement(By.xpath(“checkbox/radio button XPath”)).isSelected();

    Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions for 3 Years Experience

    1. How to Enter Text without sendKeys()?

    Use both of the wrapper classes and JavaScript classes with WebDriver extension, such as –

    lic static void setAttribute(WebElement element, String attributeName, String value)


    WrapsDriver wrappedElement = (WrapsDriver) element;

    JavascriptExecutor driver = (JavascriptExecutor)wrappedElement.getWrappedDriver();

    driver.executeScript(“arguments[0].setAttribute(arguments[1],arguments[2])”, element, attributeName, value);


    Call this method in test script and pass the text you like to enter and the text field attribute.

    1. Can we Handle https domain in Selenium?

    Yes, by changing FirefoxProfile setting –

    Syntax-public class HTTPSSecuredConnection {

    public static void main(String[] args){

    FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile();


    WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(profile);




    1. What Headless browser is called?


    1. What are the Pros of TestNG?

    With the help of TestNG, you can conduct test cases according to group.

    • Annotations are simple
    • Generates three types of reports
    • We can conduct execution of Selenium Test cases in parallel
    • Changing order of execution is possible
    • Execute failed test cases
    • Execute the test method without main function
    • Generate xml file to conduct the whole test suite. In this file, we can align the execution preferences and skip execution of a specific test case.
    1. What are Keyword Driven and Data driven Framework?

    In Data driven Framework, Test Data is aligned and kept aside Test Scripts, when Test Case logic is held inside.

    On the flip side, Table-Driven or Keyword-Driven Framework needs creation of keywords and data tables, along with using test automation tool to execute them.

    1. Why Use AutoIt Tool?

    We often get stuck due to some barriers like window-based popup, while testing through Selenium. But Selenium supports only web-based tools and it cannot handle it. So, we have to use AutoIt tool with Selenium script. It can easily handle window-based apps as it is powered by VBScript.

    1. Why to Use contectClick()?

    To right click

    1. What are the Components of Framework?
    • Drivers folder
    • Excel file
    • Jars folder
    • Library – ConfigLibrary, Assertion, ProjectSpecificLibrary, GenericLibrary, Modules
    1. Which Web Browser Does Selenium IDE Support?

    Since is a Firefox add-on, it supports Firefox only.

    1. Which is Better – CSS or xpath?

    Ans – xpath

    Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions for 4 Years Experience

    1. Why Should We Prefer Selenium over Others?
    • Free of cost,
    • Enables Powerful and Simple DOM-based testing,
    • Supports several languages, including C#, Ruby, Java, Python etc.
    1. Difference between Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RC

    Selenium WebDriver – It uses built-in support of your browser to use it.

    Selenium RC – It adds JavaScript function on the browsers while loading webpage.

    1. Why WebDriver is better than Selenium RC?
    • Great API
    • No need to run Selenium RC Server
    • Faster and native automation – Less prone to browser configuration and error
    • Fast Tests with Headless HTMLUnitDriver access
    1. How to Handle Dynamic Elements?

    Ans – We can manage Dynamic Element by creating relative xpath.

    1. What are the Checkpoints or Assertions used in Script?
    • Validations against element,
    • Is page title the same as expected,
    • Is text given on the page
    1. What is Actions Class?

    In WebDriver, Actions Class controls the mouse’s actions.

    1. Difference between @BeforeClass and @BeforeMethod

    @BeforeClass is executed before each class.

    @BeforeMethod is executed before each @Test method.

    1. What is Object Repository?

    It is a very important part of any UI Automation process. A tester can store every object that can be helpful in scripts in several centralized areas instead of getting them sprinkled all around the Test scripts. It is not all about WET. We can use it in any UI automation.

    1. What about OOPS Concepts?
    • Abstraction
    • Encapsulation
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    1. What about Inheritance?

    As the name suggests, it inherits any class feature with some connections between interface and class.

    Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions for Highly Experienced

    1. What is IntelliJ?

    It is an IDE to write faster and better Selenium code. We can use it as an alternative to Eclipse and Java bean.

    1. How to Customize TestNG Report?

    There are two different ways to customize it –

    • Through IReporter Interface
    • Through ITestListener interface
    1. What is Listeners in WebDriver?

    As the name suggests, Listeners “listen” to the selenium script event and work accordingly. With Listeners, we can customize TestNG logs or reports. TestNG Listeners and WebDriver Listeners are two main kind of listeners.

    1. What Java API is applied to Generate PDF Reports?

    We need Java API IText to generate PDF logs

    1. What type of Listeners used in TestNG?
    • IAnnotationTransformer
    • IConfigurationListener
    • IConfigurable
    • IAnnotationTransformer2
    • IHookable
    • IExecutionListener
    • IMethodInterceptor
    • IReporter
    • ITestListener
    • ISuiteListener
    • IInvokedMethodListener
    • IInvokedMethodListener2
    1. What is desired capability? How to use it in Selenium?

    It is a series of value or key pairs which consists of browser information, such as browser version, name of browser, path to the browser driver etc. to find out the behavior of browser.

    In Selenium, it is helpful to configure the Selenium WebDriver instance and used when it comes to run test cases on any browser with various versions of operating systems.

    1. When to use AutoIT?

    Selenium is used to automate web applications on various browsers. But AutoIT is used to handle non-HTML popup and window UI in the application.

    1. Which API to use in Database Testing?

    In Selenium WebDriver, we have to use Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API for Database testing to execute SQL commands.

    1. Why Use Session Handling with Selenium?

    When it comes to work with Selenium, we should use Session Handling because the WedDriver need to work with the browser every time to execute the command in test execution. There are chances that someone else may start execution of any other script before the existing execution finishes in the same browser type and in the same machine, during execution. To avoid these instances, Session Handling is required.

    1. What are the Pros of Git Hub in Selenium?
    • It allows multiple people to update project info while working on the same project and tell other teammates at the same time.
    • You can generate the project from remote repository with Jenkins in regular basis. You can easily keep an eye on failed builds.

    Final Words

    In this post, we have listed the most asked Selenium WebDriver Interview questions. But there is always a room for upgrades and improvements. We will stay up-to-date with recent changes in this technology and add more new questions ahead, to improve your confidence and skills needed to face interview.

    We have covered huge range of Selenium quizzes and interview questions. These are the fresh set of interview questions. If you found the above questions useful, you may share your knowledge drive and this list of questions to your friends.


  • What To Write In Subject Line When Emailing Resume For Freshers?

    subject line

    In this digital world, email is your first line of contact for networking, job search, and other business communications. With over 89 million emails sent on daily basis in business world, it is even harder than ever to get your email read.

    Employers receive hundreds of emails every day. Hence, a subject line can mean a difference between an email which gets noticed and read and the one which goes direct to trash, without even opening it by the HR managers. Along with communicating what you expect and who you are, your email is also a marketing tool which helps you to stand out and show off your qualification.

    Your subject line should be professional, clear, and concise, to ensure that your emails are read.

    Why Do You Need a Subject Line?

    Along with your name and email address, the subject line is another important thing your employer will notice in their mailbox.  Since email can contain advertisements, irrelevant information, and even virus and spyware, people are often reluctant to check all of the emails in their inbox. The choose emails mainly by looking at the sender’s email and subject line.

    If you skip the subject section, your email is more likely to be deleted or discarded as spam.  According to the studies, 33% of the decisions on whether to open an email or not are based on subject lines. When you send your resume through email, it is more likely that your recipient doesn’t know your name. So, a subject line is the only way to get your resume noticed and make a solid first impression.

    When there is a tough competition for just one opening, it’s time to stand out of hundreds of resumes being sent every day. Sending your resume through email to a hiring manager or company is the most effective option to make way to an interview.

    Be sure to do it right as it is the very first contact you will make with your potential employer. When companies receiving thousands of resumes on email, here’s how to write the attractive subject lines along with some best examples.

    How to Write Subject Line which Works?

    The Most Important thing => Be Professional

    It goes without saying that both your email address and the subject line should look professional. Avoid casual phrases or words like “What’s Up?”, “Hey”, “Cheers” etc. in your subject line. Instead, it should be polite yet professional.

    In addition, your email address should also look professional. Email addresses like,, etc. are the major turn-offs to hiring managers.

    Mention why you are contacting them

    Your subject line should be interesting and relevant to get your email noticed. Add keywords regarding your purpose to write the email to make it relevant.

    For example, if you are writing an email for job search, mention which post you are applying for, along with your name, in the subject line.

    If you have a reference from someone, include their name in your subject line. It is quite very difficult to get noticed by email. Consider subject line as your opportunity to get noticed and make recipient want to get more details about you.

    Job Title

    If you are sending email for recruitment, add job title in your subject line. This way, the employer may get an insight on what job position you are applying for. A hiring manager may have to fill multiple positions. So, it will be convenient to them to get the glance of the job position you have applied for.

    If they have applied an automated filter on their email, it will be helpful to them to find your email by mentioning job title. With having right subject line, your application can get placed in the right folder that can be seen on time. You can also add your name. If you have reference, mention “referred by” and their name.

    Keep it Simple and Short

    The more specific your subject line, the easier will it be to categorize your email faster for the recipient and respond well. You should be as concise as possible. Lengthy subject lines are also a major turn-off as they could lose important information you want to provide.

    They may check your email on their mobile devices where only 25 to 30 characters are displayed. When reading on computer, there is much more space to see the subject. First few words should be straight to the point. Leave extra details like your experience and credentials at the end.


    After writing your email, don’t forget to proofread it and its subject line before sending it. Subject line can make lasting impression. So, be sure that you have written subject line which is free of errors and clear.

    Subject Line Examples to Grab Recruiter’s Attention

    • Subject Line Examples for Sales & Marketing Jobs

    1. “Your Name” – Job Inquiry for the Post of Marketing Director
    2. Application for Managing Director Position – 10 Years Experience
    3. Application for District Sales Manager – Referred by “First Name” “Last Name”
    4. Research Assistant Seeking New Opportunity
    5. Interview Request – XYZ Pvt. Ltd. Employee
    6. Experienced Sales Executive Seeking Opportunities
    7. Hard Working, Highly Motivated, Experienced Candidate wants to Get Hired!!
    8. Job Application – Marketing Executive, Job ID #1234 – Your Name, City
    9. Marketing Manager Resume – Your Name
    10. Following Up on the Interview – Your Name
    • Subject Line Examples for Jobs in IT Sector

    1. Job Application: Ravi Verma, Software Engineer
    2. Job Inquiry from Ankit Trivedi, Award-Winning Application Developer
    3. Application for IT Analyst – Rahul Sharma
    4. Referred by Atul Agnihotri – Dilip Patel
    5. Associate Developer with 10 Years of Experience
    6. Atul Tiwari Following Up on Help Desk Specialist position
    7. Recommended by Mr. R.D. Sharma, CEO Spark Technologies, for the post of IT Support Manager
    8. Java Developer, Post No. XYZ/1234, 5 Years of Experience
    9. Rituraj Verma, Network Architect interested in Job Posting # IA1234
    10. Raj Sharma – Application for Programmer Analyst, 5 Years of Experience
    • Subject Line Examples for Jobs in Banking

    1. Job Application – Rahul Verma, Bank Manager, Job ID 1234
    2. Resume – Ravi Sharma, Loan Clerk
    3. Referral from R.D. Verma – Rahul Verma, Bank Manager Position candidate
    4. Applying for Loan Processor
    5. Attention: CV for Investment Banker
    6. With Reference to Mr. S.D. Kapoor, CEO Sunshine Industries – Applying for Bank Manager position
    7. Saw Your Job Opening for Accounts Representative
    8. Employee Referral from Ricky Peters: Candidate for Investment Sales Manager
    9. John Smith Following up on the Post of Clerk
    10. Funds Transfer Clerk – Job Application
    • Subject Line Examples for Accounting Jobs

    1. Ashok Tripathi – Job Application for Accounting Clerk
    2. Referral from Rohit Malhotra – Application for Accounts Manager
    3. Auditor, Posting No. 135433/ABCD, 5 years of experience
    4. Job Application for Chief Accounting Officer, 10 years of experience
    5. Payroll Manager Resume – Rahul Sharma
    6. Job Application from Award Winning Senior Auditor
    7. Application for Information Technology Auditor
    8. K. Sharma – Job Inquiry for the Post of Financial Analyst
    9. Hard Working, Experienced Audit Supervisor ready to Get Hired!!
    10. Application for Accounting Supervisor Position
    • Subject Line Examples for Jobs in Retail Industry

    1. Job Application for Assistant Store Manager Position
    2. Job Inquiry – Vijay Kumar, Automotive Sales Manager, 3 Yrs Exp
    3. Resume for the Post of Automotive Product Specialist
    4. Dedicated Area Manager Looking for a Job in Your Organization!
    5. Sales Consultant CV – Ravi Patel
    6. Job Inquiry for Retail Sales Representative – Post No. 123456
    7. Referral from D.K. Sharma – Rahul Khanna, for the Post of Stock Clerk
    8. Applying for Warehouse Manager position, 5 yrs. Exp
    9. Retail Sales Consultant Looking for a New Opportunity in Your Organization!
    10. Job Inquiry from a Full-Time, Dedicated Retail Management Trainee

    Wrapping Up

    For job seekers, getting response from their potential employers is one of the major challenges. Recruiters should first read your emails to respond to you in a sensible way. With that in mind, you should follow the above tips and consider the subject line examples to improve the chances of your emails getting read.

    When it comes to reach out to your potential employer and to submit your resume, subject line plays a very vital role. You should cut to the point to grab their attention without annoying them. Leaving your subject lines blank or using promotion-type lines or fancy words can get your email deleted or moved to trash.  Your email subject line shouldn’t be more than 50 characters long. Make sure to keep the first few words clear.

  • How to Download IEEE Papers for free from IEEE Xplore and Sci-Hub without membership?

    How to Download IEEE Papers for free from IEEE Xplore and Sci-Hub without membership?

    Several students have this question in their mind over the years. They often look for IEEE papers and journals for their IEEE projects.

    IEEE or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the leading technical institute for computer science, electronics, electrical, and all other fields and domains. There are many roles and objectives of IEEE but they are classified widely in three main categories.

    1. Educational Activities
    2. Publications
    3. Standards Development

    Here, our main focus in IEEE is its Publications aspect. IEEE is known to organize several conferences across the world where they present the latest technology concepts as papers and they are often published in publications and journals. These papers are widely regarded as IEEE Papers.

    So basically, each IEEE paper is about a latest technology idea, innovation or possibility. As these IEEE papers are published in different publications, these have great technical standing. One can easily access most of these publications online using a digital library, IEEE Xplore.

    What is an IEEE Project?

    IEEE Project is a project which conveys the core technology idea of the institute through IEEE paper. IEEE Papers are published after years of research. For a final year project, it is virtually impossible for engineering students (whether BE or ME) to access the IEEE papers and journals.

    Since the possibility of getting the whole IEEE paper is almost rare for the students to complete their project, they can, at least, take a part of paper. On the other hand, the scope of getting a single paper is sometimes too small for a final year project. In that case, a student can take multiple IEEE papers as base papers.

    When it comes to choosing between an IEEE reference paper and IEEE base paper, students are often confused. As the name implies, IEEE base paper is the one which contains the fundamental idea of a project. On the other side, reference paper is based on some of the smaller aspects of a project. Generally, a project consists of several reference papers and one base paper. According to the type of IEEE project, reference papers may or may not be used.

    How to Download IEEE Papers for free?

    If it’s your final year in an engineering college, you may certainly have a project to complete. For this, you need an IEEE journal and conference paper as a base paper or some reference papers.

    To download IEEE papers for free, you need to access IEEE Xplore digital library. For each paper to download, you either have to pay $33 for each base paper or get a membership. Or you have to rely on the institutional services on your college for IEEE papers free download. Students who are unable to access this facility may rely on their friends or their professors from another college.

    Well, there are different ways to get IEEE research papers for free without membership. In this guide, we will share all the possible means to download IEEE research papers.

    About Sci-Hub

    Sci-Hub is a one-stop online search engine to provide access to over 58,000,000 academic journals and papers for direct download. Every day, new research papers are uploaded to be accessed through the proxies of educational institutions.

    The Sci-Hub Project was founded by Alexandra Elbakyan, a Kazakh graduate, in the year 2011. The project was started with the intent to break the barriers of knowledge like paid memberships. Everyone should be able to gain knowledge despite their income and affordability.

    In 2015, Elsevier, an academic publisher filed a suit against Sci-Hub in New York City for copyright infringement. Due to this succeeding lawsuit, the original domain suffered a huge loss. Following the initial loss, Sci-Hub started several domains, though some of them have been restricted in some countries.

    Despite such controversies, the site has spread its wings in both developing and developed countries, including India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, China, Brazil, Russia, and the United States. According to Elbakyan’s data released in 2016, the usage of Sci-Hub is soaring high with the large number of downloads from the US and various countries that fall in the European Union.

    Among several other sites offering free access to research papers, Sci-Hub became the first which automated the “bypassing paywalls” process. The Sci-Hub website provides easy access to the papers for free without membership. The website served up to 200,000 requests per day later this year, in February 2016, which was raised up by 80000 requests per day on average before the original URL “” blocked in the year 2015.

    How to Download IEEE Papers from Sci-Hub?

    With the help of Sci-Hub, you can download any research paper absolutely for free. To download IEEE paper, you just need to have a stable internet connection. Here are the ways to download IEEE paper to read.

    1. First of all, you have to visit the official IEEE Xplore website and search for IEEE Xplore papers free download.
    2. Copy the URL of the particular paper page.For example – ieee1
    3. If it is your base paper, go to or to download ieee papers free from ieee explore
    4. Paste the copied URL and click “Open” to access the document.
    5. Replace the xxxxxx in this URL with copied number –
    6.  It will take you to the download page.
    7. All you need to enter Captcha code and click on “Download” button. ieee3
    8. Click the download link directly. download ieee papers from ieee explorer

    Sometimes, you may not access in your country. This way, you may install Proxmate add-on on Firefox or Chrome. You may also access some mirror websites for, such as –


    If you still cannot access the mirror websites, try using proxy to access those as they are banned in Russia and other countries.

    Alternative Method:

    • Log on to IEEE Xplore website and look for the paper and click on the name of paper to visit the page.
    • Copy the page URL, for example –

    • Modify the URL. Add just after For example –

    Final Thoughts

    Sci-Hub is the best way to download IEEE research papers for free without having any membership. It has totally broken the barrier of subscription fee for the students to help in their final year project. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide and these tips would help you to download IEEE papers without membership.

  • Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers 2016

    Flight attendants or cabin crew are the staff on business and commercial flights responsible to ensure safety and comfort of the passengers. If you are pursuing the job as flight attendant in a reputed airline, you have to prepare some of the frequently asked questions in cabin crew interview.

    How to Answer Cabin Crew Interview Questions?

    The selection panel asking cabin crew interview questions in Hindi are very experienced to choose the right candidates for the job. So, it is very important to prepare for this stage. If you succeed in passing the stages, you have done really well. Here are the tips to answer cabin crew interview questions for IndiGo Airlines.

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    You have to do proper research for the airline you want to join and role you are going to apply for. Here are the frequently asked questions in cabin crew interview.

    • What do you know about cabin crew?
    • Why are you applying for cabin crew and why you are joining our airline?
    • What do you know about this particular airline?
    • What do you know about challenges in airline?
    • What are your personal attributes and qualities?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Do you like working in team or alone?
    • How would you treat your fellow team members?

    Researching the Airline

    Obviously no airline needs you to know every detail about the company before working for them. But you should know some facts. This way, you can show to the panel that you have done your research. You have to demonstrate your deep interest in the job and you have done your homework. You should visit their site and write the facts about the policies, what aircraft they use, their flight timings, routes, their future prospects, aspirations and achievements.

    You can get most of these details on their official website, including customer relations and the type of services they provide, board members and role of flight attendant. Here is a checklist to cover each major topic about the company –

    • What’s the mission and vision of the company?
    • What are their flight routes?
    • Do they have future plans for growth or expansion?
    • Who are the major competitors of the airline?
    • What services and products they offer?
    • What is the customer care policy of airline?
    • How long they’ve been operating?

    Cabin Crew Interview Common Questions

    Let’s take a look at the cabin crew interview common questions to get started on the preparation. When it comes to personal interview, there are some questions repeated from the form. If that’s the case, be sure to use different response to the people on the application form. This way, you can show that you have great experience base in each area.

    Cabin Crew Interview Questions Why Should We Hire You

    You will possibly have to answer this question while filling the application form. If that’s the case, take a look at the application form before the interview to ensure having the alternate answer and not to contradict you next time. Be sure to cover these elements when it comes to answer the question –

    • Your ambition
    • Suitability of your personal attributes and traits
    • Flexibility, variations and working with others
    • Customer care/helping others

    Sample Answer

    I have always aspired to do something like this. Since I flew as a child on holidays, I have always desired to work in your airline as a cabin crew member. Despite loving my current job, I am passionate about the career which is more exciting, challenging and varied. I believe that my personal qualities would fit for the role as a cabin crew member and I get satisfied to work in a team environment where everyone loves to work towards same goal.

    Cabin Crew Interview Questions What Is Your Weakness

    You may say that you don’t think you are weak in any area. In fact, address some areas you think you can improve and choose some areas which are relatively irrelevant or not important. If you have to mention a weakness, these are actually clever ones which are strengths, not weaknesses, such as being too demanding, refusing to leave when you have strong belief on something, trying to do a lot, or being impatient with sloppy work of other people.

    Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers for IndiGo Airline

    Would You Like to Work in a Team?

    I am used to work in shifts and I love teamwork. I believe that I would fit for the role. I know that I would learn a lot being a cabin crew, not just on places and people, but also skills like first aid and to help others within my limits.

    Have you applied for other Airlines?

    Yes, I am applying for other airlines too. But honestly I want to work for this airline because I always have positive reviews about it and it has professional image. So, I would surely be the part of this great team.

    What’s Your Turn-Off on your Old Job?

    Never say “I didn’t like working environment, or your boss, or your team”. Never use these negative points. Be sure to tell everything was good and you just wanted to bring change in your life for your future.

    Would You Love to Do Repetitive Job?

    Of course yes. I don’t just do repetitive stuff, but also earn and get handsome salary from the company. Next thing is that life is not all about interesting things till we don’t show any interest.

    Do You Have Any Experience to Share with Us Regarding Great Customer Service?

    Around a few years ago, a guest didn’t know what to order as dessert in a restaurant, so I explained each dish to him and helped him to decide between two. I told the chef to bring a small piece of each so he can decide the best one.

    Cabin Crew Interview Questions for Jet Airways

    What Skills a Cabin Crew Member Requires?

    A flight attendant should be courteous and smart, with great thinking skills to analyze situations and keep calm in peer pressure. They must be multitasking, and capable to manage the needs of different guests. They must be welcoming, friendly, helpful, confident and eager to assist.  Passengers have to ensure that the crew onboard know what’s next and can fulfill their concerns and needs with friendliness and care. Cabin crew should work in team and cooperate with each other to keep passengers feel satisfied and safe. Flight stewards and stewardesses should have great communication skills, not just to help cooperative passengers, but also to deal with difficult passengers. It is wise to stay cheerful and calm and poised and firm to assure passengers that everything is under control.

    What are Your Strengths?

    Your interviewer should know what to bring to the table as a cabin crew member. To this question, there is nothing wrong or right to answer. You have to be well-spoken, sincere and accurate. If you have problem introducing yourself, it is wise to expect the question in advance and get your answer ready. Here are your personality traits you should have to personalize your answer –

    • Being a good listener and communicator
    • Firm and confident while staying friendly
    • Charming and outgoing and eager to help others
    • Fast learner and independent to work without supervision
    • Fearless, strong leader with great teamwork skills
    • Observant, alert person with attention to detail
    • Great thinker, ready to work under pressure
    • Empathic member in team

    Cabin Crew Interview Questions for Qatar Airways

    Do You Work in Team Better, or Alone?

    Don’t tell the recruiters that it is based on the specific situation. Even though it is true or you are an adaptable person, answer as per the position you’ve applied for. You can show that you are adaptable or bend it a bit, but answer it in different way. The answer will show how much you are able and confident to follow instructions.

    Sample Answer – I would like to work with others with group effort, work towards similar objective or goal, but I enjoy when each teammate share the work with responsibility. Even when it comes to work individually, it is enjoyable and vital to know how your efforts fit in collective work of the group and how we are working as a team.

    Cabin Crew Interview Questions for British Airways

    What Are Your Fields of Interest?

    Keep in mind that interviewer is not in the mood of idle chitchat when they ask what you love to do out of your work. They just want to know more about you in person, such as how constructive you are, how well rounded your mind is, and how your personal qualities will help you in performance.

    Why British Airways?

    Be sure to prepare a good answer to showcase how much you have researched about British Airways. Do your homework so well that you can find out specific reasons to work for the company. Here are some of these reasons –

    • Achievements and awards
    • Overall reputation
    • Services/products you like
    • Airline awards
    • Management ethics
    • Market position
    • Growth/success
    • Other airline initiatives

    Who are the Leading Competitors of British Airways?

    This way, interviewer wants to find out how well you have researched about the competitors of the airline, whether you have done your homework, and have anything to share that can work to company’s advantage. You have to do a lot of research about the company to answer this question. In your research, also investigate the competitors you want to interview for.

    Cabin Crew Interview Questions for Fly Emirates

    How Would You Face Adverse or Difficult Situations in Daily Life?

    There are different ways to deal with adverse of hard situations well in professional life:

    • Find out how to react
    • Get some break and calm down before doing anything
    • You have to let go to move on from this adverse situation
    • Communicate with a family member, friend etc. Speak up through a blog or journal
    • Stay positive to deal with negative situations
    • Make sure not let this situation to affect anymore
    • Stay motivated
    • Improve yourself if something negative happens

    What’s the Customer Care Policy of Emirates?

    Different airlines have different customer support policies. So, you have to do complete research in advance on customer support policy on airline’s official website you want to apply for.

    Why You Believe that You are Fit for the Job?

    You should keep a concise summary of reasons ready to select you. Even though they don’t ask one of such questions in a lot of words, be sure to keep your answer ready and look for the ways to communicate your reasons throughout the process. Convince them that –

    • Deliver great results and do the job well
    • You will definitely fit well and be the great part of the team
    • You have proven skills and years of experience to stand out

    How would you please an unsatisfied customer?

    You should know the ways to keep unsatisfied customer calm and please them. Here are some of the best ways to do that –

    • Address the customer quickly in public
    • Apologize for your mistake
    • Provide a quick solution
    • Provide a replacement or re-do, with some extra benefits, if possible
    • Some efforts and a simple apology to deal with misunderstanding or to resolve a mistake can go a long way and also do some good between your company and clients.

    Cabin Crew Interview Questions for Cathay Pacific

    Why Did You Choose Cathay Pacific Over Other Airlines?

    Starting career as a cabin crew member is really a great thing if you have great communication skills and if you are a people lover. First of all, you have to answer question in a natural way. Make sure that your answer doesn’t sound that you have rehearsed and build confidence to start interview.

    Sample Answer – I am interested in this job position because I love working in public and I believe that I can face any problem they have with good communication skills. You can also mention all your skills as per the job requirements, such as your computer skills, communication skills, customer service skills, and strengths.

    How Would You Manage Pressure in Professional Environment?

    Employers sometimes ask candidates on how they manage when there is huge pressure on jobs. In airlines, cabin crew members are problem solvers and they have to face certain amount of stress in daily life. In order to work in such airlines, they have to know how to work in pressure. So, you have to provide some examples of your past experiences related to it. Also share the outcomes you have achieved.

    Sample Answer – A client was confused on choosing the best plan for his campaign. I have explained the positives and negatives of the plan and helped him to choose the best one. I don’t respond to pressure but to the situation. I take action according to the situation to avoid negative stress.

    How Long Would You Like to Work for Cathay Pacific?

    This way, you have to show your commitment and be honest to answer to this question. You may answer that I would appreciate if you have a long-term commitment. I want to work with your airline as long as you require. I hope my presence will be beneficial for the airline and customer. If you have any plan to relocate to another city, I would also be ready for that. Plans do change. But you have to ensure that you are honest on what should be expected from you. If you have planned to work for long term, say so.

    Are You Multilingual?

    Since you have to deal with several customers from different countries, you need to learn foreign languages too. If you want to learn a new language or have learnt before, be sure to mention it in your answer. If no, then say so. Be honest to this question to avoid creating an issue in the near future.

    How Would You Measure Your Performance?

    Well, this is quite a simple question. You have to discuss the important performance indicators you are excelled in. You have to showcase your stability for the position. You can measure the performance as set of goals that you can achieve personally in your life. You can measure the performance with self satisfaction. In order to do that, be sure to do these things –

    • Survey your clients on their experience to assess employee performance
    • Establish random quality control methods in airline
    • Compare your skills to the competition
    • Know your weaknesses and strengths

    Tell Me about Your Expected Salary

    You have to be prepared and research your pay to look for the similar positions that are paying in your city before you walk in to the interview. Find the details out before addressing your expectations. You need to provide a range rather than exact figure.


    That’s all about cabin crew interview. It’s over to your now. Practice the answers for the above cabin crew interview questions and perform well in the interview. All the very best for the career. Hope to see you all on board.


    Also see: Syllogism examples

  • McDonalds Job Interview Questions and Answers 2016

    McDonalds is the largest fast food chain in the world, with the staff of up to 1.8 million part-time, seasonal, and full time workers. The company operates up to 34000 franchisee, corporate-owned and affiliate locations across the world. Being the fast food giant, McDonald’s hires new candidates constantly for both professional and entry-level positions. Interested candidates should first prepare to crack the job interview.

    Tips to Answer McDonalds Interview Questions

    Consider the Formats

    McDonalds have different interview formats for different locations and in different categories like regional managers, store managers and district managers. The most common yet oldest format covers 1-on-1 Q&A interview with individual applicant.  When it comes to fill several positions, they may conduct group interview sessions. Almost every restaurant prefers personal interview but some chains may also prefer phone interview to set up in-person meeting. Despite the interview format, it is important for applicants to prepare for the interview to gain confidence and crack the interview.

    Interview Questions Asked By McDonalds

    Despite the size of McDonald’s brand, the company maintains effective yet simple policies for customer service. Interviewers are looking for candidates who can meet their company standards. Generally McDonald’s corporate interview questions include communication skills, personal details, good judgment and accountability. Managers and interviewers may ask why you want to work for them, how you can handle peer pressure, and how to have good relations with customers and fellow workers.

    Duration of Interview

    The time length of McDonald’s interview process varies according to different factors, such as qualities and skills of candidate and number of applicants. The process usually lasts around 1 day or even 2 weeks.

    Cracking Interview is Just the Beginning

    As applicant, you have to note that cracking interview is not the key to get hired. A lot of branches may need you to undergo training programs, skill assessments, background screenings, drug tests, and probationary periods.

    Basic McDonald’s Interview Questions

    Preparing for interview questions asked by McDonalds needs some dedication. If you are scared of the fact that you might miss your rugby practice session on Saturday, this job is not for you. McDonald’s internship interview questions need proper research. You have to investigate the development, training and career progression offered by McDonald’s to know the best answers to McDonalds interview questions. Keep in mind that retail sector is full of competition.

    Most of the candidates are very ambitious and McDonald’s welcome them. But you have to temper that ambition with realism. If you get placement on 20-week training program and work as assistant manager, it is not possible for you to run your own restaurant by 6 months. To start your research in your path and what’s needed to work for McDonald’s, be sure to read the details on employer hub. Not doing homework is the worst mistake you would ever do to prepare for basic McDonald’s interview questions.

    Common McDonalds Interview Questions

    Here is our friend Evan Michael in the following video who explains some of the common McDonald’s interview questions.

    McDonalds Interview Questions for Crew Member

    How Would You Respect to Other Staff?

    It is very important to maintain important personal relationships. Learn to respect their abilities, efforts, quirks and opinions to ensure success and pleasure in your life. Here’s how to show respect to others –

    • Sincerity
    • Gratitude
    • Compliments
    • Respect
    • Assistance

    What is Hospitality According to You?

    It is the quality of treating and receiving strangers or guests in a friendly, warm and generous manner. Be in business setting or in the street, I don’t believe anyone would not be happy with hospitality. Fulfilling the needs of guests, greeting our guests in a friendly way, keeping the things running smoothly, and giving quality services are the important parts of hospitality.

    If a Customer Goes Upset, How would You Handle?

    In this field, holding a disappointed customer is your daily bread. This way, interviewer will find out how smart you are in this situation. Here, you have to serve your customer well to make an angry customer happy. The way how you manage interaction with them can help you resolve the problem or the company may lose the customer. How you treat your customer as important to make angry customer happy.

    Why Do You Want to Work Here?

    Here interviewers expect you to consider this job more than just a source of income. They ask this question to find out whether you are serious about this job or just to spend time and make money.  Show what research you have done about the company before interview and how serious you are to your job. Know the basics of the brand. Consider the well-crafted reputation of the company.

    For Example – It will be an honor to serve at such a reputable and highly acclaimed brand like yours. When I was gathering info about your brand, I found McDonalds is the best platform to improve my skills and contribute to the company’s growth.

    Can You Provide Friendly and Quick Service?

    As a crew member, you are expected to be friendly to your customers, but according to protocols. You should have basic data entry and computer skills. To provide friendly and quick service, it is very important trait.

    Tell me when you’ll be Available

    When, what days and hours you can serve. You need to be honest enough on your availability and add any time limits, if any. All interviewer wants is straightforward, honest answer from the candidate.

    McDonald’s Interview Questions for Restaurant Manager

    What You Expect from this Job?

    They may also ask why you want to work here or why you are interested in this position. Be sure to frame an answer that can explain why you are there and who you are. They may like the fact that you have done research about the company. Your answer includes how you will benefit the organization and what you can contribute. Just be specific to your job role and mention the aspects of position or company that attract you.

    Tell Me about Yourself

    Here you will have to tell everything about your experience and your abilities in customer service. You have to tell how would you meet customer’s needs and solve their problem with good service and product knowledge. You should have positive attitude and enough information for customer service. Be sure to consider aspects like layout, accessibility and hygiene.

    What’s more important to you – Efficiency or Creativity?

    Both qualities are important for a candidate at their places. So, it’s up to you how to manage both. You should have a strategy to clarify what you want to prioritize and what’s more important for the situation given to meet the goals of company.

    For Example – I think maintaining balance between both qualities is important. But efficiency is more important. You can have amazing creativity but if you are not efficient, it causes the waste of resources.

    Tell Me about Your Availability

    They may ask if you are ready to work as a manager during night shifts and weekends. Are you ready for the effects of your working shifts on your social and personal life and commitments? Keep in mind that recruiters want honest and clear cut answer.

    How Long Can You Work in this Company?

    Usually, interviewers ask this question to those applicants who switch their jobs in every 4 to 6 months. They may not like to hire you if they think you might leave after few months. Recruitment process cost a lot of money, time and efforts in the company. So, companies are looking to hire those who want to stay for a year or two. So, it is recommend clearing that you are here to serve for a long time. Plans do change. But you have to be honest on what may be expected from you.

    For Example – Actually, I have been looking for a lucrative job like this. In fact, I was waiting for it. So, I would serve you as long as you need me.

    Where Would You Want to Be after 5 Years?

    This way, interviewer is interested to know about your aspirations and career goals and how that position would work on your plan. They are interested on your career goals as they are looking for someone who is proactive, passionate, motivated, and want to work hard and stick around once hired. You have to showcase your interest on the job position as a great step for you. Show that you are motivated for this opportunity. Preparing for it is a nice exercise to find out what you love doing, what is sensible for you, and what you like to do after five years.

    What’s the Growth Rate of the Company?

     The recruiters may want to know how much you know about the company. Have you’d done your research or looking for just another company. Research on McDonald’s as much as you can.

    For Example – McDonald’s is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the world. Over the past couple of years, the company is witnessing around 2.19% of annual growth rate.

    McDonald’s Interview Questions for Cashier

    Why Do You Want the Cashier Position Here?

    It’s like they are asking why you want to work in McDonalds. First of all, you have to take it as an advantage to tell something about your qualifications and professional skills. Be sure that you are sincere about your job and motivated to work when hired.

    For example – I am really surprised to see the significant growth of McDonalds. It is one of the leading retail companies in the world and it has healthy and challenging working environment. So, I want to work as a cashier to be the part of it.

    What Difficulties and Challenges You Expect in this Position?

    Challenges are known to be the important word used by a lot of employers and interviewers. Seeking for challenges proves that you are interested and motivated. So, you have to show your intentions to become an enthusiastic and motivated staff member. You have to answer the question in an upbeat and positive way to position your enthusiasm that interviewer wants in you. You can answer this question as per the challenges based in job roles. If you meet these challenges, it would be the achievements for your job profile.

    Do You Have Past Experience in Service Industry?

    Here you have to tell if you have worked in a restaurant or any retail organization in service industry. You have to tell have worked in this industry to the interviewer. Tell all the bad and good things happened when you were serving in this industry related to you.

    McDonald’s Interview Questions for Customer Care Assistant

    Please Explain Your Responsibilities

    Answer – I am responsible to take orders and ensure that they actually reach the customer. First they will order, I will check the screen where I see what they ordered. I will personally check if they got the meal.  I will make sure we do it in orderly way.

    Please Explain Your Day as a Full Time Employee

    Here you will clock in when you get in there. They will record all this on their PC. Then you will have a cash register and you count the money. You usually ensure that they are tracking the money you are going to make or if someone would steal money. As customers come, you can have screen of series of menu items. You have to click them and make the order and they will get cash out and you have to wait for a while where food will appear. There are some people who may be working. You have to present it well and hand it to the customer and check out.

    Tell Me about Your Experience in Customer Service

    You should have positive attitude, enough information and good service or product knowledge to solve customer’s issues and to meet their needs.  Interviewer wants this ability in a candidate. They may want to know your experience as the first impression should be positive for the customer. You have to consider various aspects like layout, accessibility, hygiene and offer to help.

    For Example – I have experience in offering customer service and staying courteous, along with difficult ones. According to me, providing great customer support should cover positive rapport and ensuring to fulfill these needs and suggesting the ideal alternative.

    What You Love Doing in Your Empty Time? 

    Here, you have to tell what you do outside of work. They may not necessarily want answers related to the job position. You should give personal info that reflects your passion and creativity. Volunteer work or hobbies may do the job well. Some of the common hobbies employers like in you are carpentry, sports, DIY projects and gardening.

    McDonald’s Interview Questions for Trainee Business Manager

    What Interview Questions Does McDonalds Ask?

    1. Tell Me about Yourself
    2. Tell Us Everything You Know about McDonalds
    3. Why Should We Hire You?
    4. What are the Products we have Just Launched in the Market?
    5. What’s Your Philosophy towards Work?
    6. Do you have any suggestion to improve customer experience?
    7. Please tell us something about competitors’ products or services. Do they provide better or worse than us?

    How to Answer McDonalds Interview Questions?

    All the applicants are required to answer few of the situational and common behavioral questions that are intended to check the reactions of candidates to different hypothetical situations when they are hired. The interviewers at McDonalds prefer the candidates who can work in any shifts, sometimes late night ones. For managerial candidates, job interviews are likely to focus more on skills and work responsibilities in past experiences.

    At all levels, candidates have to take important steps in advance to ensure success in the interview, you have to review job requirements and description before interview and prepare for few common questions related to working at McDonalds. Arrive at the venue early and greet the recruiters with friendly handshake. Maintain eye contact to show your interest on the job and stay well enthusiastic in the interview session.

    What to Wear To a McDonalds Interview?

    In most of the cases, McDonalds don’t give a thought to attire of job seekers. But applicants may wear semi-casual formal apparel to the interview if they want to appear professional and confident. For McDonald’s interview, the casual cum formal wear includes trousers or pants, collared or button-down t-shirts for men, and good tops and classy skirts for women. McDonalds have least formal settings to conduct interviews as they are quick service restaurants. So, dress up a little to leave an impression on interviewers before they even start the interview.

    Frequently Asked Interview Questions

    Why Do You Want To Work Here?

    McDonalds is one of the fastest growing quick service restaurants in the world and it has been one of the best places to hangout and to eat, for me since childhood. I have a strong feeling that I can make a great contribution to McDonalds as an employee and gain valuable experience.

    Tell Me Something about You

    Here, you will have to tell about your past experience, your qualification and what you have got with your previous job. You have to explain what you expect and how long you have planned to serve this company.

    Hope these interview tips for McDonald’s helped you. All the best for the interview!

  • Syllogism: Examples, Definition, Rules, How to solve tricks & pdf download

    syllogism examples tricks and rules pdf

    When it comes to preparing for banking and IBPS-SBI exams, Syllogism reasoning is a very important section. Good preparation can help you score higher in competitive exams. You should have a basic understanding to solve syllogism questions. Quantitative aptitude and reasoning are the two most important parts of all sections that are hard to crack for most candidates. Generally, bank exams have 3 to 5 questions related to the syllogism. This section can be scoring if you know how to do it right.

    syllogism examples tricks and rules pdf

    What is Syllogism?

    The syllogism is a type of logical challenge which demands deductive reasoning to find the conclusion according to two or more propositions (or premises) which are assumed or asserted to be true. The conclusion states no more than what is normally included in the premises. The syllogism is invalid if it is done.

    The major problem to solve such types of tricky questions is that they take a lot of time to solve. So, you have to save enough of time for this section. You have to make a right strategy to restore your sectional cutoffs. The syllogism is the section that can make the difference between a rejected and selected candidate. Here, we are going to discuss some of the easiest tricks to solve these questions.

    Types of Propositions (Premises)

    The premise is actually a statement which generally includes two different terms – a predicate and subject – that is linked by a relation.

    • Predicates covers something related to subject
    • Subject is the matter on which something is said

    If next premise has one of the above common terms, the relation between non-common terms will be deduced.

    In reasoning aptitude tests, syllogism is a very important section which covers few important questions. Here, we will show you the tricks to solve the questions quickly and easily. We have got some shortcut tricks covered to help you solve syllogism questions. We understand that time matters most in every exam. You have to finish the exam within the deadline. The competitive exams are held to test your calculation ability in the stipulated timeframe. They test your speed to complete the question paper. Several students are failed to complete their paper because of complex syllogism questions. It will help you solve the government, bank or other exam papers quickly.

    Here, we are sharing some of the easiest syllogism shortcut tricks that you should learn properly. Learn every chapter and topic and download syllogism rules with examples PDF. You may opt for syllogism questions and answers PDF download. Then you can practice and solve these questions yourself by following these tricks. This way, you can compare the results with or without using syllogism tricks. Go through our notes to succeed in the exam.

    How to Solve Syllogism Questions?

    The syllogism is a very important chapter you should learn when preparing for verbal reasoning. It develops logical part of your brain. It is asked in exams RRB, MAT, CAT and others. These questions check the logical ability of candidates. Generally, Venn diagram is used to solve such type of questions. These questions have statements in which one is possibility case, and another is definitive case as a conclusion. A simple Venn diagram can help you find the conclusion.

    But sometimes, we don’t have papers to draw Venn diagram. This way, you can use certain formulas to solve the questions within few minutes. These formulas are used to solve the syllogism’s possibility cases.

    Syllogism Examples

    1. Statements
    • All branches of trees are fruits
    • All trees are flowers
    • No flower is supposed to be fruit


    1. Some branches are trees
    2. No fruit is tree
    3. No tree is branch

    Which Conclusion should follow?

    1. None of them
    2. Only 2
    3. Only either 1 or 3
    4. 2 or either 1 or 3
    5. None of the above
    1. Statements
    • All A are considered B
    • Some B not C


    1. All A are C
    2. Some A not C

    Choose from the following conclusions

    • None
    • Only either 1 or 2
    • Only 2
    • None of the above

    Here’s another

    1. Statement
    • All A are B
    • Some B not C


    1. No A is C
    2. Some A are not C

    Choose one of these conclusions

    • None
    • None of these
    • Only 2
    • Only either 1 or 2

    Syllogism Formula

    The recent questions have three statements. You have to draw Venn diagram for each question. But it is very hectic when you have up to 40 syllogisms. You have to solve all of them with just one shortcut. Once you learn all the formulas, you can easily solve all kinds of complex syllogisms. These reasoning questions are common in all kinds of placement and competitive exams. This way, we start with a basic formula –

    1. “All + All=All.”


    All A are B


    All B are C

    Conclusion – All A are C

    Now you might be wondering which of the conclusion to follow if you have more than one. In order to choose the conclusion by just checking the statements, you can use this shortcut.

    Take 3 terms – A, B, and C

    Keep in mind that B is common in both statements so it must be middle

    So, B is directly canceled and we conclude All A are C.

    1. Some + All = Some



    Some A are B


    All B are C

    In order to choose the conclusion to follow, use this method –

    • Observe three terms – A, B and C
    • B is common. So, keep it in middle
    • Hence, Some A are C

    Likewise, follow these formulas to excel in syllogisms

    1. SOME + NO = SOME NOT
    5. ALL + NO = NO

    Here are the Syllogism Examples

    Example 1

    Some Bats are Not Cats


    • All bats are not cats
    • Some bats are cats
    • All cats are not bats
    • All cats are not bats, and all bats are not cats

    According to the rule

    • All + All = All
    • All + Some = No conclusion
    • All + No = No
    • Some + All = Some
    • Some + No = Some Not
    • Some + Some = No Conclusion

    Here are the possibility cases you need to follow the above rules

    • In case All A are B – Possibility is Some B are not A
    • In case Some A are B – Possibility is All A are B, and All B are A
    • In case Some B are not A – Possibility is All A are B

    In possibility cases, the most basic part is that all possibilities should be created to find out whether the conclusion given is possible. If all the possibilities are matched with the given conclusion, it is definitely the correct choice.

    Example 2

    All Ships are Planes

    All Cars are Bikes

    Some Bikes are Ships

    • Some bikes are cars
    • Possibility – all planes are cars
    • At least some airplanes are bikes

    A conclusion states that the possibility is all planes are cars. It doesn’t mean it is true. Even though a single case is taken where all airplanes are cars the conclusion might be –

    • If all A are B and some A are B, it is true to state that “some A are B at least”
    • A conclusion which has words like “possibility” or “possible” is true, if it stands true for any of these scenarios.

    Example 3

    Some laptops are phones.

    Some cameras are laptops

    Some phones are tablets


    • Possibility – All tablets may be laptops
    • Some tablets are cameras at least
    • No tablet is laptop

    It seems that conclusion III, i.e. no tablet is a laptop, should follow. But there is a possibility that all tablets are laptops. So, conclusion III doesn’t make sense. Hence either conclusion I or conclusion III follows.

    Example 4

    All cows are yellows

    Some reds are cows

    All yellows are rabbits


    1. Some yellows are red
    2. All cows are rabbits
    3. Some reds are rabbits

    Try all the cases possible if there is a conclusion. Be sure if any of these cases are true. To improve your accuracy and speed, you may solve this example yourself.

    Tips & Tricks to Solve Syllogism Problems

    • Check all the statements one after another
    • Find out how you can draw Venn diagrams for each statement
    • Find out how to analyze the conclusion with each statement
    • Understand the pattern of question
    • Last but not the least – Attempt question in sequence


    We hope that the above examples and formulas will help you in preparation for SBI bank exams and reasoning tests. Syllogism reasoning is a very scoring part of competitive exams. You may try syllogism tricks in Hindi to solve these examples.

  • Top Group Discussion Topics with answers for all Streams

    group discussion topics

    Group Discussion Topics for Various Streams 

    Group Discussion is actually the debate on opinions and exchange of ideas. This process is conducted to select candidates for admission in management colleges, especially for MBA. Normally, group discussions involve a small group of applicants. Each group has a different topic to discuss. Before we share GD topics for various disciplines, let’s check out some of the group discussion tips to avoid major hurdles in selection process of any business school.

    Group Discussion Tips

    group discussion tips

    Be sure to take stand during the discussion. You don’t have to conclude with a negative or positive outcome. Instead you have to summarize the discussion. You have to be neutral to get an edge over the others. Candidates have time limit to discuss the topic. Each participant needs to give their personal views about the topic. The discussion will be judged by the panel. Once the time is up, the judges will select the best candidate from the group. The same process will be followed in other groups.

    Group Discussion Topics for Freshers

    These days, companies usually conduct group discussions in order to filter candidates according to their interpersonal and communication skills. Here are the latest group discussion topics for freshers.

    1. Practical Education vs. Theoretical Education – Which One is Better?

    There are different ways to acquire knowledge about certain things. On one side, there is theoretical knowledge, on the other side is implementing the theory in practical. Both theoretical and practical educations are important as both of these make you excellent on anything you do.

    Theoretical Knowledge teaches you the why behind something. You can understand why a specific technique works when other fails. It builds the context, gives a wider insight and helps you make strategy. Theory helps you set a plan for your future. It teaches you with the experience of others. It leads to in-depth insight of a concept by understanding the why.

     On the other side, practical education helps you learn certain techniques to create the tools of your business. It is much closer to your daily activities. There are certain things in life you can learn only through experience.  Practical knowledge is gained through real life situations. It leads to deeper knowledge of concept with the personal experience.

    Both practical and theoretical educations are important and you cannot survive in your career unless you show results. You need practical knowledge to do that. Learning to solve a particular problem just teaches solving the same problem in real life. But practice makes you perfect and takes you so far.

    1. Which type of Family System is better – Joint Family or Nuclear Family?

    Family is considered to be the important part of our life. Joint family and nuclear family are two different types of family systems in India. Joint family usually consists of parents, their children, spouses of these children and their offspring. On the other side, a nuclear family has only parents and children. Both nuclear family and joint family have their pros and cons. Joint family system is prevalent in India as it is known for cultural diversity.

    Due to the prevalence of urbanization, people prefer to live in nuclear family over joint ones. It is because nuclear families feel much better than joint ones. They provide calm and peaceful environment to the members. A person may get peaceful environment after coming from work.

    1. Is women safety in India a big concern?

    Women safety matters the most in India, whether at workplace, at home or outside home. Some of the crimes are most common these days against women, such as dowry deaths, rape, abduction and kidnapping, sexual harassment at workplace or home, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and cruelty by husband and his family members.  These cases are very dreadful and serious.

    According to the National Crime Records Bureau, across 4037 cases were recorded of crime against women in 2000 in Chennai.   In subsequent years, the city had seen some decline in crime rate, i.e. by 838 in 2013. But it’s just opposite in Delhi, the capital of India. In 2000, the crime against women was just 17.6 out of 100,000 females (i.e. only 2122 incidents). But in 2013, it was recorded 151.13 out of 100,000 females (around 11449 cases).

    Group Discussion Topics for Interviews

    In Group Discussions, the panel of judges will test your knowledge about a particular subject, your perspective in a logical way, and your enthusiasm in understanding others’ opinion on the same topic. It is about how you express yourself with grace in this situation. Before going any further, be sure to consider these group discussion tips for interviews –

    The Topics

    Topics for GD interviews are complex. So, you have to keep your eyes and ears open to know what’s going on around you. You are not supposed to be an expert in any topic. Instead, you should have at least some kind of awareness. Increase your General Knowledge by reading magazines, watching news and being updated with current affairs. Discuss these topics with family and friends. Create your own group to discuss these topics.

    What If You Know Nothing about the Concerned Topic?

    If you have preparations, don’t panic!

    First of all, listen to everyone very carefully for the first couple of minutes. Analyze the information and form your personal opinion. It is not important your opinion should be correct every time. But it should be logical and well formulated that can show how you think to the panel. Don’t just reinforce or sum up with other’s opinion. Instead, add value to your discussion.

    Group Discussion Topics

    1. What to Know about FDI in Retail?

    FDI refers to Foreign Direct Investment in which a foreign company invests in another country where it is not doing any business. Usually, FDI is done by companies to expand their profits and business. These days, FDI is booming in retail sector. A lot of companies are heading to India to open their retail chains and doing business with companies of host country.

    1. Should Voters in India Have NOTA Choice?

    So, the general elections are coming and people are willing to vote for their desired candidate. But there are some who are not willing to vote. It’s not because they are not interested in casting votes, but they cannot vote because they don’t want to vote any of the candidates on the election. This way, the government has introduced “None of the Above” or NOTA option. Every citizen has a right to express their opinion. Gone are the days when people had to vote anyone as there is no choice. With the arrival of NOTA option, people can reject candidates. It is probably the beginning of fair politics.

    Now the people can show that they disagree with the person standing in the elections. Hence, the parties have to replace their representatives. It’s better not to select anyone instead of choosing the one who is less harmful to the country. It promotes transparency to the system.

    1. Are MNC’s superior to Indian companies?

    There are a lot of confusions among general public in India about whether to join Indian company or a multinational company. Indian companies are expanding their reach and global outlook by establishing their centers across the US, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Malaysia and other countries. Within few years to come, we will see MNCs of both Indian and foreign origin. In different things, MNC’s win the race against Indian companies, such as salaries, infrastructure, etc.

    Group Discussion Topics For Engineers

    Group Discussion is a very complex part of selection process. Engineering students and candidates have to face a lot of issues in Group Discussion process. Group discussion has been the important aspect for selection process over the years. Here are the common group discussion topics for Engineers during the selection process.

    1. Is India A Soft Nation?

    On a positive note, India is a soft and peace-loving country which is very much important to the citizens. India is a land of diversity where people of all religions live peacefully. Over the centuries, India has never attacked any country. It is not an extremist country which promotes only a single caste, religion or creed. Irrespective of caste, every person has equal rights and freedom to do their duties. Both socially and economically backward classes get subsidiaries from the government regarding medical, education, food etc.

    1. Are Indian films corrupting the minds of Indian youth?

    These days, movies leave a great impression on the minds of people. The effect of Indian cinema can easily be seen on youth. Its effect can be witnessed not only in elders of urban and rural areas, but also on children. It is wrong to say that all Indian films are disturbing and corrupting youth. Films are made in different genres like thriller, patriotism, action, robbery, comedy etc. Youth imitates everything in films and it reflects in their driving skills, the way how they talk and their dressing sense.

    1. Benefits of Co-education

    Co-education has a lot of benefits. First off, it reduces extra burden on government to provide education with more schools. Next up, it develops healthy relationship between both boys and girls with free exchange of ideas. When girls see boys in their class, they don’t do silly things as they understand that boys are not different from them. Free exchange of ideas between both sexes makes them good companions and friends. They get a chance to learn together, study together and to understand each other better.

    Group Discussion Topics for MBA

    Group Discussions are conducted to test specific group skills which cannot be assessed in personal interview, such as ability to lead, to reason, to inspire, listening and social skills, out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility, ability to work as team player, ability to handle situations, attitude and body language. For a successful professional, these skills are very important. Due to the significant rush for MBA admissions in top B schools, institutes conduct Group Discussion as elimination round. During the peak time, institutes have to test thousands of candidates registered for MBA program. With Group Discussions, institute can analyze around 15 candidates within 10 minutes.

    Group Discussions have been the important part of selection process for admission in lots of business schools. So, it is vital to assess your strengths in all such areas and work on improving your weaknesses. To crack GD process, you have to stay up-to-date with what’s happening across the world. Be aware of current happenings and affairs that affect our lives. Your ability to play and lead is assessed in group discussions. Make reading magazines and English newspapers a habit, watch documentaries and news on TV to get wider insight on certain issues.

    The topics for group discussion can be from different issues, such as business news, current events, sports, politics, social, or anything general.  Here are some of the common GD topics for MBA students –

    1. Why MBA?

    MBA is actually a general management program which is not a specialization, even though you take some electives on second year. It equips you with all the basic tricks and tools of the trade to do the job well. You don’t have to understand each account handled by your marketing team. Instead, you have to assess the sales graph and find out what’s going right and what’s going wrong. You have to check sales report and find out what’s doing well and what’s not. When you get an attrition rate from HR team, you have to make sense with it and find out if it is correct or not. If not, you have to find out how to fix it.

    MBA also gives you opportunity to build network and credentials. An MBA from IIM doesn’t need to prove himself as much as someone from a local college. In a country like India, where jobs are based on academic qualifications, it can open doors of opportunities to impress interviewers and get the resume shortlisted.

    1. Is pursuing MBA a blind rat race?

    Rat race is actually, self-defeating, endless and pointless approach. It’s like rats from the lab racing on the maze to fetch the piece of cheese. Now the students seem to race and get ahead financially. Parents of sound skilled students force them to take MBA courses. Especially when the student is not interested, pursuing MBA degree from a local institute doesn’t make sense.

    People spend years to attempt and prepare for CAT exams. Even worse, most of them don’t have eligibility to enroll at their desired institute because of poor academic background. MBA colleges are mushrooming these days and the value of degree is dropping. So, the rate race of MBA is not more than a few youngsters competing with each other to pursue the course in institutes they actually don’t need at first place.

    1. Is MBA Important to be a Successful Businessman?

    Sometimes, there is no connection between success and education. But great ideas lead to success as they can help you stand out of the crowd. Management education is the discipline which teaches students to become great managers and business leaders. Is it important to have MBA background to be a successful businessman? Pursuing MBA is not a person’s choice always. It is always wise to have an additional qualification. MBA degree can be proved useful in your career at some time. It carries lots of significance and value. A lot of aspiring businessmen pursue MBA as a strong option to set career.

    Group Discussion Topics for Navy

    During the Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview process which runs for 5 days, 9 GTO tests are conduct to assess the performance of candidates as a team player and as an individual. Group discussion is one of the important parts of these nine tasks. Unlike screening, candidates shouldn’t come out with a common conclusion. In group discussion, candidates have to take part actively and comment something related to the topic. Here are some of the common GD topics for Navy students –

    1. How Indo-Pak Relations Can Be Improved?

    Over the past 70 years, Pakistan and India have been failed to resolve their conflicts and to form a good relationship as a neighboring country. It could have benefitted both countries and people in both sides of border. Governments have started a lot of peace processes but most were either abandoned or stillborn in their youth. In order to improve relations between both countries, it is very important to address the problem of terrorism jointly.

    The government should resolve the water issues with the methods by the Indus Basin Treaty. It is important to pursue confidence-building measures to alleviate the lack of trust. It is important to facilitate the trade and economic co-operation to form mutuality of interest. Both India and Pakistan should understand the legitimate interests of each other in Afghanistan and pursue without getting into conflict with one another.

    1. What are the Causes of Unemployment in India?

    Caste system is the main cause of unemployment in the country. The employment is limited for specific castes. Work is offered to reserved candidates instead of deserved ones. This factor really gives rise to unemployment. Slow economic growth of the country is another major reason. Economy of India is underdeveloped and economic growth is too slow. It fails to provide employment opportunities.

    Increase in population also gives rise to unemployment in the country. A huge part of population relies on agriculture which gives seasoned occupation. It provides employment only for few months.

    1. Why value of Indian Rupee Falling against US Dollar?

    Global economic slowdown is known to be the major factor that contributes to the fall of both Indian currency and stock markets. The devaluation of China’s Yuan is also affecting the sentiments across the world. For the third time in a year, the international growth forecasts have been slashed and China has been seeing slow growth of economy. The US is also the largest importer of crude oil. The prices of crude oil fell and US has been saving more money to buy crude oil. Hence, the value of US dollar is improved and it led to fall of Indian rupee and various other currencies.

    How to Prepare for Group Discussion for Navy Interviews?

    • Stay active on conversation. It helps you collect information
    • Be sure to have basic knowledge about what’s happening around you. See trending news on Facebook or other social sites.
    • Be an active listener. Speak when you have to. Use simple English and express ideas in simple way in the group.
    • Respect the views of other candidates on group discussions and analyze their opinions before replying
    • It is not important that you should have knowledge on all topics. It’s not a big deal. If you don’t have any idea about the topic, you may not be able to start discussion. It doesn’t mean you cannot participate in discussions. All you have to listen to others and catch the words and present your idea on those words.
    • To practice on such topics non-verbally, you may write an essay to make a memory of these topics so you can perform better in real life situations.

    Group Discussion Topics for Adults

    A sensible discussion is intended to come out at a solution which signifies balance. You have to define your understanding of issue from several perspectives. At the end, the conclusion should describe the filtration of recommendations and relevant issues for changes/policies which can be created in the existing system.

    1. Should we allow incurably diseased persons to live or not?

    Life has been gifted by god to us. Only he has right to take it. We don’t have right to interfere in his things. Everyone has a right to live on this world as long as he doesn’t want us to die. Just because someone is suffering from a disease which cannot be cured, he must not be put to death.

    On the other side, an incurable disease causes constant stress to the family. The needs of diseased person are endless irrespective of having best possible care, attention and treatment for him. He always remains disgruntled and dissatisfied. It affects the comfort and peace of mind of family.

    Any kind of legislation cannot define the gray areas. It is important to ensure that people deciding to end the life is in the best interest of society and patient.

    2. Which is best – Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

    Young people should have liberty to choose their own partners. By reaching a certain age, nature has made us so well that young girls and boys feel attracted towards opposite sex naturally. So, they can find Miss Right or Mr. Right for themselves. Love is the factor which binds two people. Poets and saints also praised it. Love marriages are supposed to have higher success rate as it forms pre-marital mutual understanding between the wannabe couples. But love marriages sometimes fail.

    Since two people fall in love at first sight, not because of due deliberation, it is believed that love marriage is not that simple and they usually result in divorce or quarrels with elders and hard time in relationships. On the other side, arranged marriages rely on strong foundations. The partner is decided by more experienced people. Our parents are more mature, experienced and rational and they know how to deal with these matters. They can always choose the best life partner for you. Young people don’t give a second thought to the compatibility and suitability of their love. They are controlled by passion and they lack proper judgment.

    All in all, whether it is love or arranged marriage, what is important is love. No matter it develops after or before marriage.

    3. Is Science a Boon or Curse?

    Science has always been a boon to mankind. Since the appearance of first man on earth, he has potential to harness the power of nature to improve humans and lead a better life. Civilization and science go hand in hand. A civilized nation achieves scientific progress. Science has improved the lifespan as it has given new medicines to combat diseases and infections. ECG, radiological progress, MRI, CT Scan etc. help us diagnose and detect severe infections.

    Automation and industrialization made production less strenuous and possible on a mass scale and science has been proved as a boon. However, it is true that it is also responsible for unemployment on large scale. Immigration of rural workers in industrial centers has affected joint family system in the cities. But we can still benefit from science through sustainable development.

    Group Discussion Topics for College and University Students

    1. Is China a Threat to IT industry in India?

    China is undoubtedly a powerful nation that has expanded their IT powers to give competition to other nations. India is a developing nation. So, China is supposed to be the threat to India’s IT growth. China has skilled manpower and provides everything at cheaper rates. So, a lot of highly skilled software professionals prefer other countries. It is the major drawback for India. In research and development in IT industry, China government spends millions.

    These days, India is developing rapidly, outperforming China in IT sector. China is behind India because of language barrier. Software across the world is accepted in English and India has larger number of English speaking professionals than that in China. So, China cannot be a threat to India’s IT industry because India is far better than China in developing software.

    1. Is IT Industrial growth a boon or growing pressure to Indian cities?

    IT has undoubtedly changed millions of lives by changing the economy of the country. Is IT really changing lives or making it worse?

    These days, people are migrating to IT hubs in India like Bangalore. But technological growth has caused exhaustion of resources. IT cities cannot meet the infrastructural needs of increasing population. People migrating from rural areas to metro cities put villages and agriculture on back foot and making it worse to feed the needs of ever-growing population. Environment and transport pollution are leading problems.

    On the other side IT booming has improved food production and led to substantial growth for personal fulfillment. Technology has enhanced the living status of several Indians because of large demand for IT pros. IT people has improved Indian economy to a huge extent. IT industry is increasing job opportunities for ever-growing population. In short, IT boon has both pros and cons. People are migrating to IT cities and IT boom becomes the blessing in disguise. But there is a hope for some kind of technological breakthrough to help Indians survive in hard times.

    1. Should Live-in Relationships be encouraged?

    Live-in relationship is considered to be the ideal option to know your partner when they live with one another without marriage. Partners can understand the likes and dislikes of each other by spending time without having any social obligation. Couples can easily separate without any harm or guilt if they feel that their relationship is not compatible. It can help reduce divorce rates. It develops the feeling of maturity between the partners.

    On the other side, social stigma in society is the biggest drawback because this kind of relationship has not been accepted by Indian society yet. Due to lack of social responsibility, a partner can freely change his or her partners. It is not so open in India and it may lead to the feeling of discomfort to people around you. It often goes against family. Even if the family accepts live-in, couple may lose interested in one another.

    It is a mutual agreement between both partners and they agree to live with one another without marriage. They live as a couple to know whether they are compatible. They separate if they find that their relationship is not compatible. Commitment is the important part of any relationship. Partners should understand one another very well. Whether marriage or live-in, it is important to ensure that it doesn’t cause any domestic violence.


    career aspirations

    Career Aspirations Examples to Help You Set Your Career Goals

    What is your career aspirations?

    While looking 10 years back, what would you see?

    Where would you want to be within next 3 to 5 years from now?

    what is your career aspiration plan

    We will address all these questions today. Career goals are set to stay motivated, have something to look ahead and achieve whatever you want in life. You have to prepare an S.M.A.R.T. approach to set your career goals, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and having a Timeline.

    What Are Your Career Aspirations?

    Effective Ways to Exceed your Career Goals


    what is your career aspirations and goals

    There are certain career aspirations and goals we have to achieve. But most of us are not fortunate enough to achieve our professional career aspirations. Be it professional or personal, aspirations are hard to achieve. You have to set your goals and stick to them. Many people want to improve their career and quality of life but don’t know how to make it happen.

    Others are lucky enough to know the unique potential in them and to be awakened when they are least expected. Once you get to know your true potential, you have a secret formula that you don’t want to share as you think that no one will appreciate or understand what you can do.

    There is no lack of talented people in the world. Unfortunately, due to lack of courage, they let others to rule their mind. As a result, they compromise their goals and never have the best interests at heart. They stop believing in their abilities. Instead, they only listen to others and act what others want from them. They work for the benefit of others, instead of focusing on their personal growth. It leads to the following questions in mind –

    • Why people choose to be accountable for other’s goals, instead of thinking for themselves?
    • Why momentum is lost, progress slows down, and dreams are broken so easily?
    • Why leaders become followers and lose their identity significantly?
    • Why there is so much anger, remorse and animosity in the world?
    • Why we are so afraid?
    • Why earning faith is so hard?

    For a leader, it is very important to open doors of career opportunities for those who deserve it. Let individuality to fly and don’t slow the progress down. The marketplace and the workplace tell us that it is more important for individuals defining the business than business defining the individual. Consider what you do to let others to discover their true potential and reach their individual goals?

    There is no lack of opportunities. We need to identify them.

    Along with seeing the opportunities that we have lost previously, we also have to avoid the traps of contentment on the way. Here’s how you can exceed your career aspirations throughout your life’s journey and career.

    1. Take Stand and Strive Hard to Stick to It

    A lot of people listen to those who don’t understand what gives them distinction and makes them unique and become unsure in their career path. So, it’s up to you to take stance in your career. Do everything possible to outsmart and outperform everyone else in your career. You will be required to challenge your status quo and be more mindful on who you relate yourself with.

    Taking stand needs action which is taken in order to be relevant. It may often be met with envy, failure and not understanding your points of view. It is often seen several times that that the success is measured on how you chase your goals when the marketplace seems to be in your favor.  Simply speaking, your perspectives are valued and you are appreciated in ecosystems. Keep believing in yourself and don’t ignore the opportunities on your way.

    2. Don’t Let Negative Judgments to Interrupt Your Progress

    The only one which interrupts your career aspirations is you. Never ever doubt your capabilities and your potential. Life is about dealing with constant failures. Not everyone will know what they should do for you and appreciate you. Instead of losing your heart, try and understand their individual points of view. Create a journal and write these points down. You may perhaps understand why you are being judged negatively. Whether bad or good, you have to appreciate feedback and learn to do better. Never let it hinder your attitude, focus and motivations.

    3. Work Smarter and Harder

    work smarter play harder

    Don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty. Work harder and smarter than your rivals and ensure that they can never outperform your efforts. Take smart steps and be courageous to take risks. When people stop trying and give up, aspirations fade. It’s almost like taking a New Year’s resolution to rely on healthy diet but you can’t stop yourself from munching on fast food.

    There is no shortcut to success. Being consistent is harder. In order to achieve success, you have to work harder and stay focused to understand about your career aspirations and goals you want to achieve. You should become an expert in your subject matter. You have to understand why people with same ambitions failed in the past and you have to know who your competitor is.  Do your own research and know everything you should to earn much needed respect and credibility to break the barriers of doubt down. You will start to grab opportunities that were unseen in the past and make ways to hope.

    4. Avoid the Companionship of Jealous People

    A lot of people spend most of their valuable time wondering the difference between authenticity and assimilation. They strive to be more of what others expect them to be, instead of what they want to be themselves. Envy can cloud your mind and make you doubt your own desires. Don’t allow envy sway your goals and decide your future. Facing the envy is sometimes a justification that you are on the right way to achieve your goals. It shows that you are thriving.

    As you start to build momentum, you will come to know who your best interests are and who has your back. When you find envy, go along with it and make sure it doesn’t distract you. Be sure to avoid it before it slows down your progress and clouds your career aspirations.

    5. Embrace Diversity of Thoughts

    You may have to look for different ways to exceed your future aspiration. It’s not about unethical ways. Instead, it is about the ability to connect what seems to be unrelated in a well-planned cohesive plan.  How many times you’ve come across long-standing staff that is so attached to their ways which make it harder to introduce them with new ideals and ideas?

    There are different people who are against changes and who don’t like differences. They want to stay in their comfort zone and like doing things the way they have been doing for several years.

    Instead, you have to be a creative disruptor and accept the change of ideas. Don’t let others and don’t confuse diversity of thoughts as disorganized thinking. It’s just disorganized to the people who have lack of courage to challenge their status quo and who have grown complacent. You cannot be ambitious if you are not a constructive disruptor.

    6. Avoid the Envious People

    Gravitate to the people who genuinely inspire you (the leaders and lifters) and avoid the company of loafers and leeches (the envious people). Whether in life or in business, you cannot achieve success alone. You need to stay with people who have your best interest with heart. They are the people who are more focused in telling the truth and helping you out towards the right path.

    The types of relationships you maintain truly indicate your success level. If you stay with those who always let you down instead of encouraging you, you will find it hard to achieve your goals and evolve. By the end, it’s all about the people you have to know yourself so well that you can make informed decisions to associate with the people who add real value to your relationships.

    7. Wisdom Succeeds with Adversity

    When faced with diversity, how you respond truly defines your ability to exceed your career aspirations. Adversity is big when you can see it. In the presence of everything else which covers you, it is very small. The matter of focus is the key to deal with adverse situations. Focus on it to see the opportunity in full context and you can view more opportunities which left unseen in the past. Adversity is known to be the subject of perspective. You should know what to do with the knowledge you have, to make informed decisions. Deal with complex situations, keep the right attitude, and diversity of thought. Successful people are able to think on their feet. They let their confidence to prevail at the time of adversity.

    8. Don’t Let People’s Ignorance to Mislead You

    Never ever let other’s ignorance to mislead your mind. Don’t assume that someone in large company or having an important post has all the solutions. They often know less than what you think. There are several executives who have artificial power which is lent to them by the brand or organization they serve. The role and the position they assume has the power, not the person who own it. Keep testing your ideals and ideas to exceed your career aspirations and achieve your goals.

    Everyone is able to be good, though not excellent at something. It is sure that a lot of people have lack of courage to get on track back and define their course of action with which they can strengthen self-confidence, belief and true potential in themselves. Every successful person has to be courageous and every courageous person has to stay open to the way to exceed their aspirations and goals.

    Writing Career Aspirations on Your Profile

    When it comes to write job aspiration, you have to define your desired course of action, explain why you like this discipline professionally and personally and show your personal experience and qualities in the discipline. You have to define your skills and interests in your career field.

    State your long term aspiration with a catchy sentence that can grab the eyeballs and show why your desired field is so important to you, for example “The career path of faculty is honorable as it fulfills the needs of society”. Share why and how this career path may help the community with few examples. Suppose you want to make career in education field, share some example of how this career path may help the young people and inspire the students to follow their dreams.

    Define the experience, personal qualities and personal interests related to your career aspiration and goals in detail. This way, you may detail your skills and nurturing demeanors and career aspirations to help others while making a career in public service, healthcare or law enforcement. Explain that your personality match the demand of your job. When it comes to state your career aspirations, include your hobbies and interests related to your field. Suppose you volunteer at animal shelter and you love animals, it shows your interest and experience to enter voluntary services.

    Career Aspiration Examples

    Formatting and creating CV is very important as it is one of the important documents that can help you enter the corporate world. Whether you are a fresher who wants to start your new part of life, or just want to switch your job with a hope for better opportunity, it is very important to have an organized and well-designed resume.

    Just like the resume is important in your documents which highlights all the aspects of your professional life, career aspiration is very imperative in the objective column. It gives a quick overview to the employer on what you expect from the job and the company. This way, the employer can easily take decision by analyzing how well your personality suits the position and the company.

    So, it is vital to tone and draft your career aspirations according to company needs. If you forget listing your aspirations, you end up giving a negative signal that you are still confused or you are new to the professional world. When it comes to draft your career aspirations, be sure it complies with the language and style of the resume. Here are some of the helpful and effectual career aspirations examples.

    How to Write Career Aspirations?

    Pay Attention to Job Type

    Don’t leave your employer confused and wondering exactly what you want to tell at the first place. Be focused and specific to your career objects and clearly tell what kind of work you like to do. Replace common phrases like “Job in the Sales World” or “Seeking Part-Time Employment” with “Part Time Job offering Clerical Services at a Law Firm” or “Direct Sales Job in a Telecom Company”.

    Phrasing & Structuring

    Whenever you write your career objective, be sure to keep it sweet and short. Don’t write too lengthy career aspirations. It indicates that you want to boast about your experience and knowledge that has been mentioned in other areas of the resume. Even worse, it seems to be dull and boring for employers who have more resumes to check. Don’t use the word “I” and avoid complete sentences. Consider strong phrases which can reveal how serious you are for your job and your professionalism.

    Instead “I want a job”, use “seeking employment”. Don’t form the phrase which indicates that you are demanding from your work instead of what you are providing to the company. For example “Seeking job where I can gain experience/expand my skills/increase exposure”.

    Focus on Your Skills

    Design and craft your career objectives in a way that your potential employers can understand your specific skills and expertise that can benefit the company. This way, you have to use phrases, such as “Seeking career in accounting with specialization in stock market analysis and corporate accounts”. If you don’t have any specialization, you may incorporate skills which will benefit the company on the desired position, such as typing, communication, interpersonal skills, customer relations, or problem solving.

    How to Write Career Aspirations?

    For Fresh Applicants

    • Seeking career in marketing with my strong communication and analytical skills with Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
    • Seeking employment with an institution or organization offering positive atmosphere to learn new technologies and implement the same to benefit the business.
    • Recent graduate in political science honors and former university student seeking the employment which demands constructive policy formation and innovative research capabilities.
    • Recent graduate seeking internship with digital marketing agency to serve with my developed skills in multimedia design and communications.

    For Seasoned Professionals

    • Sales Manager with 10 years of experience in utilities with sound knowledge and proven track record of generating around 11% of profitability in the department on average.
    • To secure position in business development leveraging relationship building skills and sound customer service with 5 years of corporate experience.
    • Experienced shop assistant/machinist in textile industry seeking a secured job position with 6 years of knowledge and experience.

    Some Examples of Career Aspirations for Different Positions

    Career Aspirations for Software Engineer

    Experienced software developer seeking a position in a challenging work environment which demands teamwork efforts for learning, research, and development of high-end software products

    Career Aspirations Sample for Teacher

    Energetic, experienced faculty seeking a secured job position, interested in teaching various subjects, especially History or English, at a secondary or elementary school level

    Career Aspirations Example for Sales Officer

    Passionate, well motivated, dedicated sales officer with proven, exceptional skills to strive and fulfill your sales objectives, experienced in retail sales and employee supervision operations, having great training skills, record-setting sales leader and ability to improve morale of staff, and committed to deliver sales-oriented, pleasant environment.

    Career Aspirations Statement for Cashier

    Well-motivated, experienced and courteous cashier with 3 years of experience in the relevant field. Bilingual, customer-oriented and likes to serve the public, and can handle pressure in fast-paced environment.

    Professional Aspirations for Personal Assistant

    Seeking job position as a personal assistant in Public Service organization in HR department which allows me to utilize my skills and knowledge of grievance procedures, wage administration, safety, benefit programs publications, employment and labor relations

    Financial Analyst

    Seeking a position to use my project management and financial analyst skills I have obtained with my work experience and education

    Customer Service

    Seeking a position as customer service professional at a premier company to utilize my skills with my previous work

    Marketing Assistant

    Dedicated and well-motivated business school graduate seeking position as a marketing assistant to help implement and develop projects and communications procedures, having Bachelor in Business/Marketing degree with experience from international internship. Deadline driven and can deal with high-pressure environment. Ethical, honest and reliable.

    Be sure to keep your career aspirations section and resume relevant. If it’s lost, you may end up creating a weird scenario for the potential employer and give them another reason to reject your resume for interview. Be sure to add a crisp, simple and influential career aspirations in your resume.

    Top 6 Career Aspirations You Can Achieve

    how to achieve career goals?

    Even if you are in a professional position already or you have a career, you may occasionally be struggling when progressing on your way towards your career. It is no doubt that successful people have goals. You may easily be feeling confined, suffocated or lacking the way to navigate through the career. You should set your career goals to avoid going off track. Career goals may cover your benchmarks, milestones and objectives. Here are some of the beneficial and achievable career aspirations examples to achieve success in your respective field.

    Setting Your Career Aspirations

    Before setting career aspirations, you have to consider few things to know about your desired goals because you can set them on different levels.

    • First of all, you have to decide what to accomplish, to do, or be in your life
    • Next up, you have to split your bigger goal into more achievable and smaller targets to achieve. This way, you can easily accomplish your goal to manage and streamline your process to reach your one important goal.
    • You have to form and make a plan towards your goal. It can be ideal to make a plan which can help you to work on your goal to achieve it.

    Boost Performance Metrics

    Certain companies and industries utilize performance metrics when it comes to evaluate the productivity, performance and effectiveness of their employee. Generally, metric numbers measure certain things, such as organization performance, customer satisfaction, and cost management and employee competence. Generally, metrics are estimated on weekly basis but you can also measure them every day. An effective career goal includes increasing your performance. It shows how much value you bring to the company as an employee.

    Earn Management Position

    After working with a business or company for few years, you might want to advance in your own position. If you want to earn executive or management position, you can set your goals ranging from 6 months to around 5 years, according to your current field. This type of goal may demand some short-term goals that can help you reach desired position.

    Start Business

    Most of the people consider success with branching out on themselves. In that case, an ideal goal can be starting the business of your own or open your own office and be your own boss. Usually from 18 to 35 years, most of the people have an urge to start their own business. So, you have to set some short-term goals to open your own business.

    Earning Promotion

    Earning a profession really brings a good feeling in our mind. Getting a promotion needs commitment, strategic planning and execution on your end as a responsible employee. For example, you have to take on more and more projects, do extra work, update your resume and form relationship with members of other department. Generally, a promotion can be a long-term goal to work on.

    Earning a Certificate or Degree

    If you want to jumpstart your career paths and put forth a path to your success, you should think about earning a certificate or degree in your field. A lot of job positions need a person to have education, specific knowledge or degree to advance and flourish in their career.  Once you can obtain education, you may look forward to enhance your options in career goal.

    Getting Employment

    Especially in this modern world, finding a career and obtaining employment is the part of career goal for many people. If you are looking for a job, you can set a lot of short term goals to grow and develop. You can complete these goals before reaching your final goal, which is getting a job. Be sure to have patience while finding a job. It can be a long process but is surely rewarding.

    Other Career Aspirations

    • Switch your job if you are no longer enjoying your position.
    • Know your individual limits at work and find out what to do to make your day more manageable and productive.
    • Communicate at work more effectively
    • Feel positive and happier on your workday
    • Be sure to learn new skills
    • Be friendly at work and don’t be much competitive
    • Double your productivity or sales, according to your job
    • Be more creative and organized towards your daily jobs
    • Focus on a specific position or award and work for it
    • Keep yourself organized and your work space clean throughout the week.
    • Become a mentor or find a mentor
    • Connect with other people to boost productivity
    • Become an expert in a specific area or field
    • Manage your clients more efficiently and in a better way
    • Create promotional material, website or social media page for the business
    • Delegate tasks and work effectively in order to increase productivity.
    • Work hard to improve profitability of the company to a specific percentage
    • Log off from your work and take vacation every year to refresh your mind
    • Send thank you notes to your managers, clients and staff
    • Be sure to reduce work hours without losing productivity
    • Be sure to attend networking events and enhance your network
    • Don’t micromanage your staff
    • Start looking for your dream career and find the work in a desired field which doesn’t look like a job for you.
    • Improve your communication and presentation skills
    • Reduce business or personal expenses to a specific degree
    • Learn saying “NO” politely
    • Delete old files and old and not-so-important mails to stay more organized
    • Be sure to over-deliver and under-promise with managers or clients
    • Break out of your rut and be more creative
    • Make better relationships with clients and colleagues so your work may look more enjoyable.
    • Do certain things to make you feel more active at work
    • Develop your own brand, a blog or a website
    • Update your cover letter and resume
    • Ask for appraisal
    • Ask your employer for more clients or more responsibility at your work
    • Send a specific number of resumes every day to other employers if you want to switch your job.
    • Be sure to learn new skills in other departments

    How to Set a Career Goal?

    How to set career aspirations

    • Know Your Goal towards Your Career – Ask some questions to yourself such as “Where do you want to be in a certain position within few years?” This way, you can have a clear insight as where your life is heading and how it will match your career. You may want to set a time frame for your specific goal.
    • Ask Yourself Strengths & Weaknesses – Probably, there are certain areas in your life where you can excel your professional goals better than others.
    • Know what steps you have to consider achieving your goals in specific amount of time. Be sure to consider any kind of road blocks you might be facing and find out how to deal with them.
    • Keep track on the progress of your desired goals each month or week. This way, you can stay motivated and get a sense of accomplishment every time.


    Your career is very important part of your life. If you have well-planned future career aspirations, you can achieve anything in life.


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