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High school students can have a tough time when preparing for an interview. They do not have the right guidance, nor do they know what to wear for the position that they applied for. From having a good subject line on resume to giving an interview, it’s tough to assess because jobs that teenagers do mostly cater to the service industry. They can take jobs that are in sync with taking care work mostly daycare or dog care services.

Young students often flock into hippy/happening restaurants that want to cater to a young crowd. Kind of reinventing their menu to include food items from around the world. So, the confusion persists as to where you would like to draw the line of What is appropriate? Whether they can overdress for an interview or not?

Obviously, as a teenager, you can’t go all guns blazing in a casual freestyle look. That’s not at all the right thing to do. Instead, your focus should be on looking formal, not too formal as it’s not required specifically if you are working for pet care services. You have to be professional in case you are applying for a waiter job. That’s where your tie tying skills and well-ironed crisp creches can do all the work to impress the recruiter. Now, let’s look and try to understand the appropriate ways of dressing like a teenager for an interview.

What to Wear to an Interview Teenager?

Why is Wearing the Right Outfit to a Job Interview Important?

First of all, what you wear reflects on How much you care about the position you have applied for. Wearing nice uniforms make you stand out amidst the crowd. Even if it’s a small aspect in the wide array of things that will be taken into account when they offer you a job. It is kind of important because interviews are more or less a practice of finding a suitable candidate through the method of elimination. Here is why the right formal uniform shall be your golden ticket to acquiring a perfect job.

How do You Look in Front of Others?

Firstly, please try to understand that your outer appearance is the first thing where you will be judged. If you put on a very casual uniform that shows a lack of sincerity and shows the impression that you are trying to convey to your recruiter. The recruiter will simply assess that you are simply not interested in the job. You cannot read the situation that persists in the room.

Looking Professional is the Key

Frankly speaking, we all like to be part of a world where everything is judged by people’s abilities. But in fact, reality can be considered as the inverse. In the workplace, employees are expected to follow some code of ethics and if they for any reason fail to follow them, they are often seen as unruly workers. You have to portray your professionalism by dressing neat and clean and show your employer How eager you are to work in his space.

The Professional Dressing gives you Confidence

With proper dressing, there is also a boost of confidence that you can attain from the right kind of dressing. You look neat, tidy, organised and quite in place with all your faculties intact. This is quite different when compared to an unorganised chaotic and casual look which often happens when we run for last-minute interviews. That should not be the norm. It also helps you with the first set of questions. Some pointers to remember as it How professional dressing helps with confidence?

  • It helps the prospective employee to come off as a sincere candidate in front of the recruiter. They can project their disciplined and structured side.
  • It cuts off the anxiety a recruiter faces when he looks and selects his employees. His intensity of questioning and his attempt to assess you with intensive questions will be minimal.
  • It also makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd and you feel different. The first judgment we have is regarding whether we are the right fit for the job. As we see, a lot of candidates are applying for similar positions.

It reaffirms your good persona and hence increases confidence. Good deeds help in the expansion of good virtues. It is true and right in the case of How people perceive the idea of good deeds. In a professional setting, wearing professional attire is a good deed and hence you will be acknowledged, thus prompting you to be confident in your affairs.

What to wear to an interview for teenager?Tips To Consider When Dressing For A Job Interview

Now after we have discussed the benefits of the right kind of dress. Let’s look at what shall be the right type of dress. It’s very important to understand that the right kind of dress is very important. It should be completely in sync with the kind of job profile that you are applying for. Here are some pointers that you need to take care of when you dress properly for an interview. Just make sure that you follow all these appropriately.

Try To Wear Complete Colors Shirt And Pant

Now colors can be considered to be of two types. Either it is complete or abstract. A complete coloured shirt here refers to having color imprints in a shirt with complete colouration. You can simply wear it and see it exists in pure proper colors. That helps in the uniformity of the look and maintains consistency. Just make sure that your shirt is a tight fit and tucked nicely below the belt. Also, remember that you need to button down your shirt properly.

Look In-Depth Into The Dress Code Of The Company

What kind of policy does the company have in terms of the dress code. What sort of dresses do they allow for people to wear? These are very important things to consider before wearing any outfit for an interview. You have to make sure that you are dressed properly for the interview. You just do not want to be caught off guard or ridiculed if for any plausible reason you had a different dress code.

Don’t Dress Like A Party Animal

Teens tend to dress as if they are always on a trip or a ride. It’s raging hormones that make you do that. However, in an interview, you will have to wear a dress that suits your purpose, which is to look professional. Guys don’t wear clothing that displays their chest area. Girls on the other hand should dress conservatively as much as they can. Judge the situation and use your conscience regarding your dress.

Confidence Lies In Your Favorite Clothes

Professionalism is not just a word in itself, it’s a word that has an inherent idea lying within it. You can choose to be confident just by putting on the right kind of clothes. Just make sure that they are professional and show off as a concerned person on the job. Comfortable clothing will help you with your confidence and make you the center.

Try Not To Wear Accessories

Accessories simply can be too heavy on you and draw attention towards your bangles and rings. It can be a big put off in terms of showing professionalism. The judgment shall be simple, it will be as if you don’t care. You have not projected yourself enough as a concerned person. And, it simply draws attention to what you wear as opposed to What you are saying?

Have A Good Posture

Your sitting posture also indicates how interested you look in the work. If you are one of those people who has a bad posture and looks lanky. There is a chance that people won’t take you seriously. You have to sit upright and talk in a mild voice, use pauses, contemplate and then answer.

What Not To Wear For A Job Interview For Teens?

You have to know that teens generally wear very casual clothing and that can seemingly be a bit too much and most importantly, it does not align with the dress code of a professional setup. There is no excuse for blunt casual dressing. However, teens can try formal dressing trying to look professional and project themselves as responsible candidates for a job. However, please also look into the clothes you should not wear in an interview:

Say ‘No’ to Casual Footwear

Please do not put on casual footwear. Simply put, it’s not the right footwear for you. Open-toed shoes or sandals should not be a choice of footwear even if you work as a person employed on the outside space, that’s a strong ‘no’ for any employer.

Don’t Wear too Short Bottom Wear

It’s important to know that you should not wear anything that is partially revealing. Simply put it focuses more on other aspects of what you are as a being and makes you more of an attention hogger. Recruiters then put their eyeballs on other aspects of your personality rather than focusing on you as an individual being.

Don’t Wear Hats or Sportswear

A strong and defining ‘no’ for any kind of clothing that does not match in the professional setting. Hats are simply not appropriate as it shows you are not caring enough about your current job, And, frankly speaking, that can seemingly be a big turnoff for many people, especially potential recruiters. You can put on Polos as they are complete color Tees.

Say ‘No’ to Jackets and Hoodies
Jackets even if they are incomplete colors do not match with the job attire. If you have issues with cold climates, wear inners with a formal shirt and put on a suit. It is How you make sure you do not come off as a lazy dresser and also it protects you from being not formal enough. In case the jacket is of pure black shade, without any accessory and its placid plain. It can be an exception. The simplicity and the non-contrasting colors put attention on what you speak rather than the dress that you have worn.
Don’t Put on too Much Makeup

Excessive make-up can be a big turn off simply because it will focus all the attention that shall be emanating from your face. It sounds like a big distraction and puts unnecessary focus and emphasis on other attributes on your face. Your sole intent should be to express and project How you are a valuable asset to the company and How you can contribute to the process of growth in the company? That should be your sole goal.

Don’t Put on too Much Perfume

A perfume is a gray area or an item that is useful/not useful at the same time for an interview. If you sweat easily or you are confined in a heating area, it can leave a pungent smell. But too much perfume can mostly cause an unnecessary focus on you as a person. You would want the perfume to give off a good smell, not too much that it hogs off all your interviewer’s attention.

Say No to Contrasting/Unique Colors

In the interviews, you are expected to follow an attire where you are expected to wear simple straight patterns and colors. It is usually done so that you look structured and professional. Not wavy, flaky but confident and centered. The contrast in colors makes you more like a teen and shows you as a person who lacks maturity. It’s not an ideal type of wear for a teen who is looking for a job.

What To Avoid Wearing To A Job Interview For Young Women?

A young woman shall be wearing specific types of clothes that match the profile she is applying for. This is the first thing a young girl should remember. Having worn a formal dress and trying to look professional and acting out in that manner should be the primary intent. With time you will build confidence through a well-defined dress.

Avoid Heavy Colors and Focus on Formal Wear

Now as I have said earlier that heavy patterns and contrasting colors can be a big problem as it divides the attention of your interviewer. It is very important for you to simply wear a blouse that’s a simple and chic color and then one can simply put on a blouse that they like. It looks great and projects a vibe of comfort and professionalism. It’s not that fancy but approachable. You can pair that with black washed jeans or a formal skirt.

Try Button-Down Shirts and Avoid Crop Tops

Wearing a button-down shirt is better than a formal crop top. A person looks ready from top to bottom. You look prepared and ready to take on any kind of adversity and that’s a good thing. Button-down shirts and not too loud and the good thing is people can experiment with these button-down shirts with simple colors. It is preferred to wear any color by simply putting on a black shirt. This can be very comfortable if you choose the chiffon silk fabric.

Don’t Put on a Blouse Having too Many Patterns

It’s very important to understand that blouses with interesting patterns and details add a different type of aesthetic to your clothing ritual. But avoid weaning blouses that are scattered with patterns/ Make sure that your bottom wear does not capture unwanted attention. You can also use a simple belt to tie up all your clothing in one simple frame.

Try to Wear a Black Skirt and Avoid Wearing Fishnet Tights

It is rather important to remember that black skirts are one of the most important dresses in terms of professionalism. Girls can pair their black skirts with any pair of blouses they like. They can even add on a pair of tights. Tights add a transparent look. This is a formal look. If you wear fishnets then that can be considered as an inappropriate dress for potential employees in this case for young women.

You Can Use only Striped Formal Sweaters

Sweaters are in vogue in recent times. Teen girls can simply look out for their favourite striped sweater, women, in general, can look out for black coloured sweater and can pair it with a slack of their choice or tights. It will make them stand out easily. Just a word of caution avoids dark or heavy pattern sweaters.

Statement Dress has Limitations

Statement dresses are equally important dresses and these dresses work without the assistance of accessories to make you stand out. You can try bright colours with the help of these dresses. Just make sure the rest of the dress looks modest. It does not have a too open front end or a plunging neckline.

V-Neck Formal Sweaters are In Vogue

People love to wear V neck sweaters. Women, in general, can wear v neck sweaters to interviews simply because they look professional and appropriate. It helps one to remain professional and also a young girl can try different patterns and stick to a pattern that she thinks is right for her and helps her to carry herself with full confidence. But, a word of caution only formal v necks fall into good attire.

Loud Prints are Bad
Interviews should make a statement on subtlety. A subtle dress is what an interviewer wants. Having loud prints can create a problem. A dress should just redefine your look and accentuate your dress on multiple levels. Prints are loud and very outright.

What to Avoid Wearing to a Job Interview for Young Men?

Interview attire for men is a tad bit tricky as men do not have many options when you compare it to women. Men typically have to wear very simple shirts, ties and suits for an interview. For young men, casual shirts like polo seem to be much of a better choice. Tight, crisp and well put on clothing should be the priority and leaving a good impression should be the intent.

What to wear to an interview for young men?

Men typically have to draw the line of sincerity and not enter into the territory of casual dressing. Even if a young man puts something casual it should align with the entirety of the dress to make an impact.

Don’t Wear Loud Casuals

Even if you work in the startup space, it’s not at all good to wear casual clothes that are loud. Try to put in a normal casual pattern and simply look structured, wear a formal or casual suit. Here the casuals specify an emphasis on being well in sync with the environment.

Place Extra Attention on Shoes
Shoes are a tricky aspect of dressing for young men. Since many young guys wear all kinds of footwear even if it’s not used for a specific purpose. It’s important to put on black formals with your casual wear to look good and professional.
No Need to Wear Men’s Accessories

To get a job, one has to dress or even appear in a way where the attention of the interviewer is solely on the person. Their accessories, the items that they put on their body say a lot about their preference and their thinking. It’s important not to wear men’s accessories.

Remove Body Tattoo before an Interview

Tattoo or body art has influenced our young generation and this can be a problem as many young teenagers think of it as self-expression. Guys specifically in large numbers love to have tattoos. They regard it as their concern for self-expression. But in an interview room, it stands out and has the potential to simply overshadow your personality. It can be the only thing that draws significant attention.

Say ‘No’ to Any Athletic Wear

Teens specifically are so attuned to picking up athletic wear, it comes naturally for them to wear light clothes. They can just casually put on a cap or running track pants. That should not be done because professionalism is first judged from your appearance, it’s a world of judgment for interviews.

Final Say

For a young teen, this job will be the first exposure to the real world. If you are a young teen you might be nervous or scared since it’s your first interview. But trust me it’s not that big a deal. You just practice being your dad once. Put on a suit like them and go for the interview. Your attitude and personality will dictate your capabilities in the job market.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.