What To Wear to a Pharmacy Residency Interview? #For Males & Females

Medical school can be hectic. The gruesome toil in med school and suddenly coming to the real world preparing for an interview seems like an impossible task. The pressure can come at a cost and it’s very important to stay sane when you doubt your decisions and ruminate about your dress. For the most part, a person will be judged for their knowledge for a pharmacy residency. Even if clothes come into the picture in the decision to include you, this piece will help you through the troubled waters.

What to Wear to a Pharmacy Residency Interview?

Wearing the right kind of clothes is very important if you attend a residency interview. If you do not wear your clothes properly, they can make some false conclusions about you. If you show up like an unorganized person who does not know what is happening in the world you might be judged negatively.

The panel might perceive you as a careless person. They will doubt your choices. In the medical sector, whether doctors, radiologists, pathology workers, and even pharmacists, you are affecting someone’s life. So any wrong move paints a rather sketchy picture of your aptitude for being able to handle the work requirements. A very well-balanced formal attire can be taken of neutral and formal colors.

It is advised to take two pairs of clothes with you. You can attend or rather participate in any breakfast, lunch, convocation, or seminar after the interview. In that case, you can take a casual approach to clothing. Here you can swap your formal slacks or skirts for khakis. You can wear accessories but not during the interview but rather at the events.

What To Wear to a Pharmacy Residency Interview

Residency Interview Attire for Female

Before choosing the attire, you need to shop for your clothes before you leave for residency. Even in Pharmacy Residency, you are escorted and kept for a day until they decide the results. In some cases, people have to fly and go to another state to be able to give interviews. In that case, you are expected to take a bag of luggage. You will need some items for daily ablutions. Pack them nicely with you. Do not stuff your daily items in your interview purse. Rather, compartmentalize and order and sort your things before going to residency. For the attire at a residency interview, here are some tips:

  • You have to wear formal clothes. For top wear, you can wear a blouse but it will be preferable if you choose mute colors. Jewel colors are also great. Your dress should not reveal excess skin. So, measure and bring your stuff with you.
  • The upper portion of the Tops need not be in a V shape. Especially, if you have a small torso.
  • For waist-down regions, you can opt for long skirts. You can consider slacks too, it depends upon you what you choose to wear.
  • Carry a handbag that is of mute color with working chains, in case you need to open and get something from the bag, it does not become awkward.
  • For footwear, shoes are the best option, especially loafers you can even wear Oxford Chic. You can take heels for the pre-interview and post-interview events.
  • For makeup, it is advised to use a tad bit of makeup. Just a bit of concealer and a mute color lipstick.
  • Do not wear accessories.
  • Be wary about whether your undergarments are getting obscurely visible from the fabric. If it is, change your top.

Residency Interview Attire for Males

There is a misconception in medicine that it is primarily seen, many assume that in residency girls dominate males. So, male-appropriate clothing and grooming are not at all part and parcel or foray of discussion. Male attire is as important as female attire for a residency interview for the pharma sector. Few tips to consider:

  • If you have any tattoos, or piercings try to remove them and not wear them up until your residency interview.
  • Try to trim your facial hair, or trim it to an extent that it does not show off a beard-like consistency.
  • A Button up T-Shirt is the best top-wear for males. The colors as usual will be preferred like nude colors. Plain colors exist in a spectrum of white and black.
  • Make sure to have a wallet along with a belt.
  • You have to iron all the clothes and look crisp. You have to appear as a professional.
  • Wear black formal shoes. You can use a blazer as an add-on.
  • The tie that you choose should be of mute color. Do not wear a flashing tie.

What to Wear On the First Day of Residency?

Interviews rather take a long time and can go on for days. An interview is often preceded by pre-interview events and these events give you a chance to interact with current residents. It provides a platform to share personal stories and what to expect from the institution. Factors you need to consider for the dress:

For Women

  • Don’t wear high heels and stilettos, rather wear wedges or chic oxford.
  • Keep it simple, choose a skirt or jeans of any wash. For skirts, it’s advised to use neutral colors.
  • Take two pairs of suits with you. Both pre and post-interviews will have an event. you can wear one suit before the interview and one suit after.
  • Take a classy handbag with you that looks pleasing to the eyes.
  • Wear accessories but do not stuff them in your neck and wrists. Just put on some simple accessories so that you look beautiful.
  • You can personalize your style.

For Men

  • Men can wear some casual patterned shirts post-interview as well as in pre-sessions.
  • Take two pairs of suits and a Blazer to wear.
  • Try to wear formal jeans.
  • You can wear loafers. Along with those casual, black, and suede shoes. If required, take an extra pair of shoes.
  • Your buttoned-down shirt needs to be ironed and even the blazer.
  • In the interview do not wear any aftershave or cologne. But you can wear it in the events being held apart from the interview.

Dos & Don’ts while Dressing for a Pharmacy Residency Interview

Errors while choosing a proper dress can occur for an interview. After all, we are human and not machines. The attire can be proper sometimes but still, the person can be out of their element. The best way to curb it is to follow some standard rules and here’s a list:

  • Make sure that you have done your shopping prior to your trip. Take extra care with the colors, do not buy bright colors.
  • Get some items in your bag too, necessary stuff like a breath mint, short freshener, etc. Men can skip this.
  • Bring a professional-looking bag. Make it a point to check if the bag is unprofessional or too shiny. Bring a normal office-goer handbag.
  • Remove your tattoos in case they are exposed. It is applicable in both men’s and women’s cases.
  • Take three suits with you for men. Women need to take blazers with them.
  • Read the company guidelines and understand the interview attire better.
  • Men need to pack a tie, along with top wear, a patterned fabric shirt will be better. Take jeans or casual pants with you.
  • If the interview season is in December, you can avail Christmas discounts on clothing brands. Bloomingdales are big on formal suits. You can visit Ralph Lauren for a handbag. Ralph Lauren has some pretty great formal suits too.
  • Keep an extra pair of walking shoes as well. Your interview may entail a lot of movement, so it’s better to remain comfortable.
  • Take headbands, band-aids, pens, notepads, sanitary pads or tampons, aspirin, and some water bottle with you.
  • Strict no-no on using perfume for both genders and aftershave for only men.
  • No high heel shoes or stilettos, loafers formal should be the ideal choice.
  • No using colors that are not mute. Reg, Green Purple, Burgundy, etc are darker shades and bring uneven attention to your body.
  • Do not let your undergarments appear underneath the cloth fabric. It’s best if you wear a suit or a blazer to avoid that from happening.
  • Do not put household items in your handbag. Or else some items of household use can obstruct if you have.
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothing. If you are having an anxiety crisis because of bad tights or tight tops, it will make you feel uneasy. That uneasiness might hamper the answer you provide to the panel. Hence, be sure what you are wearing is perfectly comfortable.

Why is Dressing Important in Medicine?

In a med school, a popular phrase does the rounds and haunts new students. It goes like this, “You should not be remembered for the first interview.” Here the phrase has a much deeper meaning, a person who is in this field does not commonly become a trump card on their own. You need consistency and grit to achieve it. Hence, nobody will willingly remember you. You will only be remembered and missed for the kind of clothes you wear.

Final Say

Dressing up for a pharmacy residency interview requires adequate know-how about interview attire. You need to know properly, residency interview attire for both females and males. You also need to know, What to wear during the pharmacy residency interview along with dos and don’ts. All these aspects are discussed in this piece.

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.