What To Wear To A Hooters Interview? #Dressing Tips #Don’ts

Hooters is kind of becoming a craze for young girls. The girls out there represent the sensual side of the restaurant chain. If you remember the tagline of Hooters you will notice that they talk about, we want a girl who is a standard American girl who gives you girl next door vibes. They mention emphasis, it’s always a plus if you know surfing and can be a cheerleader. It makes the company more appreciable to you if you have the extra added credentials.

‘Hooters’ is being hounded by girls as well as guys that want to work there. So now the question arises, what sort of outfit do you think will be required at Hooters. People have this crazy notion, that more skin will get you the job. But the truth is Hooters interviews are very professional. For guys, it has been an uphill battle. The company is all-female and does not prefer providing jobs to guys.

If you want to be a Hooters girl, whatever casual outfit you wear, make sure it’s clean and well-ironed. When we think about Hooters we think it’s all about the ladies. Well, that’s not true at all, Hooters also hire guys and they have responsibilities too. For them, the outfit will be casual.

What to Wear to Hooter's Interview?

Dressing Tips For Hooters Interview

So, here is the deal when discussing dressing tips, don’t build castles in your mind about what kind of crazy people Hooters is hiring. The forefront might look as if Hooters is a fun place to be, but exactly their workspace is very professional. They serve their customers and all the glitz and glamor is for the display, they instead are very persistent in having formal connections with the customer. So, here is the deal: in a Hooters interview you have to make sure that you have to wear an attire that perfectly balances formal with casual.

For Girls
As said earlier, people can make presumptions about Hooters girls. But instead, they should remember that Hooters girls have to show up all formal when they go for the interview. For the top wear make sure you have a well-fitting blouse and pair it with a suit. And wear a decent/conventional skirt that covers you till your leg joints.
For Boys
The thing is Hooters does not employ many boys. They do not hire a lot of guys as the bulk of their workforce is women. Boys can wear a decent buttoned-down full/half shirt. A suit is optional especially if you are going there for a managerial post. Or else you can simply wear casuals, make sure your shirt is very simple, placid, and plain. It should be of a simple unidimensional color. You should look fine and well put from top to bottom.

What Should You Avoid Wearing At A Hooters Interview?

People make hasty generalisations and they often land in trouble. They think Hooters is a skin show contest and then wear crop tops that show a deep neck or short skirts. They do not wear conventional/well-putted dresses. Take care of colors as well. You do not want to deviate your interviewer’s attention to your dress, as too much color can simply just create a lot of deviation from the actual intent of the interview. You are here to be hired and you have to stop the biases of popular culture.

Clothes Not To Wear For Women At A Hooters Interview

So this shall be a long list of clothing options that a girl should not be interested in wearing at a Hooters interview. They should not fall prey to populism and general public consensus that gets built through time:

  • Avoid any pair of clothes that show your skin. Make sure you wear a long skirt instead of a short skirt.
  • Do not wear a blouse/top-wear well-buttoned shirt having too many patterns.
  • Try not to wear off-putting mixing color wear where there is a contrast in your top wear.
  • Your topwear whether a blouse or a shirt should have a decent neckline. Make sure your neckline is more conservative and well put.
  • Try to wear some formal stilettos or simple bottom wear that matches the dress, do not put footwear that has animal prints. Sandals and conventional home wear on the bottom is a strict no-no.
  • For pants, put on slacks/khakis that are just very normal or conventional in color.

Clothes Not To Wear For Men At A Hooters Interview

So, men can also take the interview very lightly. That’s the last thing they should do. Hooters is known for its men-bias. It’s a restaurant led by women. They can think it’s a fun place and I can casually show off my cool body and might wear a cut shirt. If that’s the case, Hooters ain’t hiring you. To get hired, you have to wear proper casuals. Here is the list of no-nos for men.

  • Do not come in short pants/three quarters and Bermuda pants. They are strictly not allowed.
  • Do not accessorize, if you accessorize it can be off-putting, and simply the concentration of the interviewer gets strangely deviated in many directions.
  • Do not wear fancy watches, if required put on a formal watch.
  • For casuals, what you can do is put on a formal shirt that has a very decent formal color. You can pick white/off-white as per your liking. Do not go on putting shirts that are vibrant contrasts.,
  • Once that is done, pick either black/gray pants, do not go for other options.
  • For footwear keep sneakers and casual footwear off the list. It simply puts focus away from you. 

What Are The Requirements To Work At Hooters?

So, Hooters is quite chill with the recruiting process. Girls are the center of attention of this restaurant chain. For Girls, the organization has kept the age to join the chain at 18. Once you are recruited the company simply expects you to maintain a good and decent figure. However, in some cases, they might want you to have some work experience. That is limited to those locations where the business is quite booming or located in popular locations. In general, it works in your favor if you have worked earlier in a cafeteria and have taken people’s orders or sitting at a cash register.

What Is Hooters Dress Code?

So, the Hooters dress code is simple. You are expected to wear the uniform and all the body sections that are exposed cannot have any ink or a tattoo. That’s quite a necessity and a mandatory requirement. You can try putting on makeup and cover it. But the rule book is pretty clear on this stance.

You have to wear a bra which can be either white or nude, no color except that. You are also expected to wear pantyhose but that will only be in suntan color. You have to wear slouch socks and a proper uniform. If for some reason your uniform turns dirty you have to get it cleaned, so it is expected that you buy the extra pair.

What Is The Hooters Interview Like?

So Hooters will ask you common questions. They would like to know more about your personality. How are you as a person? What are your likes/dislikes? How do you communicate with them? Most importantly they will ask you to tell them about the weaknesses and strengths that you have. So, all of this is an essential element of the interview

To tackle all these questions, make sure to be true. Try to also specify more on the job and not on other aspects that you are part of. For instance, if your earlier industry was different don’t tell them How you worked, and Whom you worked for? What did you work on? If you want to express yourself just make parallels with your today’s job profile and start to emphasize relevance more than anything.

Once you are done with the interview, you are good to go. Make sure also to try to relate all your questions to the job profile you are currently applying for. For instance, always emphasize the ‘customer’ if they ask you questions related to How you will deal with angry customer-type questions.

Hooters Hiring Process

For Hooters, what you can do is you can simply access the careers page and apply for the profile that you like. But in case, you are wondering How you can make your application stand out. For that, it’s advised to rather go in person and fill in your details. It shows promise and commitment and they prefer girls that come and get jobs that way.

How Long Is The Hooters Hiring Process?

So, the Hooters hiring process is much easier and if you have been to the place in person and get a callback for an interview you will get hired in 1 week. If there is a delay they may take 2 weeks under unforeseen circumstances. It’s good news for you regardless. The hiring process does not take much time.

However, you can only be hired if you have signed the acknowledgment that the restaurant chain provides. You have to consent and sign on the paper that I will not take offense to the uniform and duties that I am bound to offer at this organization. Once the formalities are clear, you can start working.

Final Say

Hooters is a fun place to work at. Here in this piece, I have tried to mention all the essential prerequisites that an aspirant needs to clear the interview at Hooters. If you are a male person there is a strong chance you won’t be in the serving work profile or waitering. You can however partake in front-office and managerial positions.

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.