What To Wear To A Casting Interview? #Female & Male Outfits

Model castings can be very hard and strenuous. You require a lot of calm in your mind to be poised, look good and get the best snap in front of a camera. Attitude is not the only aspect that you need to be depending on. There are far bigger attributes that can affect your selection and hence you need to look in the depths. How to look smart? What kind of wear will be suitable for a casting interview. Why is it important to look a certain way for model casting interviews? These are some important things we will discuss.

What to Wear to a Casting Interview?

What To Wear To A Modelling Audition Female?

Modeling auditions can be very well perceived as glamorous. But a lot of it is just myth and not truth. You should not go to one of your auditions decked up looking good. That will be a very bad mistake. Good as in wearing what brands put on their models during shoots. You would require a very professional dress. It should reveal your features and the designers or makeup artist can imagine How much work they would require to do on your body so that you can stand out as a very beautiful model:

Now let us look into your ‘look’ in an exhaustive manner:

Take Heels With You, No Need To Wear Them Beforehand

Prefer wearing heels only when you feel that you are comfortable. Aspiring models going for a casting interview often put on their best show to look clumsy and awkward at the interview. The casting panel will see a broad range of qualities that you possess. It’s not just one or two, hit or miss.

There is a consensus on a range of things, especially do you feel confident in your dress. But you do need to bring a pair and preferably wear them to the interview. Please do note that wearing heels can cause a lot of strain early on and it can affect your stance and walk. But being a model you have to be comfortable to wear any kind of outfit. It will include bottom wear of all sorts, heels, or flat-bottom wear.

The Modest Outfit Should Be Your Call

You need to choose an outfit that is simple and it just shows off what you are within as a person. You need to wear something plain and simple. Just like putting on a white T and Jeans (preferably skin-tight should be your best choice). If you want to put on skirts and very plain white Tees, it’s amazing and shouldn’t deter you from doing it. If you like wearing something, do it. And if you want to flaunt your legs, then do it. Your assets should shine regardless.

Decent Toned Down Makeup

So, here is a thing: your makeup should be extremely soft on your skin. You should wear some moisturizer to work on the rough edges of your skin. Highlight your cheekbones, and put on a light mascara. Put a very soft lipstick that will make it more appealing to the eyes. Do not put on a lot of mascara, it can be too blinding. Just apply a little mascara to your eyebrows, and make them stand out. You can also use some nail polish. But do remember it does not overpower the blend of colors. Every color should compliment your character, face, and body.

What To Wear To An Open Casting Call For Extras?

The 101 rule to wear at a model casting is simple and sleek. You do not need to put on a lot of things to be very glammed up. You do not need to do a lot on your skin. The casting call just wants to see whether you are the right fit. Remember to do the following things:

  • Simple upper wear: Wear a simple outfit. Do not wear any shirt or T-Shirt having logos. Think of it, you are going for a brand promo. You surely do not want to mess that up.
  • Simple bottom wear: It’s preferable if you use skin-tight jeans as your outfit. It should fit you properly and stick to your skin. Lastly, you need to stick to denim. It also highlights your legs and makes you look professional.
  • Legwear: See the legwear should be kept plain and simple. The best way to tackle it shall be to put on flat shoes. But you also need to walk in heels. You need to show off your height, it’s better to stand out. But do choose heels that you feel comfortable to walk in.
  • A glimpse of assets: It’s important in the fashion industry that you look slim and beautiful. If you have a toned body you can give a glimpse of your assets through a short skirt or even simply your crop top. You can show off your flat/toned belly. These things matter a lot in the broad scheme of things.

What To Wear To A Modelling Audition For Males?

Males need to focus more on what type of audition for casting they are going to. If they are going for a casting space where they have to be more elaborate and professional, a tie-down suit and a formal shirt can work. But all of these should be a tight fit. Let’s know about the correct outfit for males:

Outfit Color

Guys need to up their game when they choose their outfits. It’s not suitable to wear colors like light, beige, white, dark blue, and black pastel colors. For a simple reason, these colors can be too bright and dark. In-camera there is a very strong chance that your face will look dimmed out on the capturing lens. Prefer wearing a T-Shirt when you are going for a casting of a simple place.

Bottom Wear

For bottom wear, you should prefer Jeans. Any colored jeans will go. Here, comfort and fitting matter more than anything. If by any chance, you feel like the jeans are straining, you can choose a bigger size but not too big that there is a hollow space.


For shoes, smart casuals will go. If you have suits on you can try going for smart casuals. Casuals are not a non-preferred shoe type. You will go well with the look.


Make sure that your shirt does not have creches on it. Make sure and double-check that your outfit is well-tailored and has an extremely precise fitting.

As far as underwear is concerned, it is preferred that you wear jocks that are white and black. It’s an audition and you need to look good and it’s a requirement. If you are told to strip down, you have to strip down and show your body.

How To Wear Your Hair For A Modelling Audition?

For a modelling audition, it is usually mentioned that you keep the hair as natural as possible. Use natural conditioners and shampoos and do not experiment with too many products with your hair. You can have curly, long and wavy, or straight hair. Every hair is beautiful. Just make sure that your hair is properly straightened and does not make it obvious that it’s covering your face. That can be extremely detrimental in the long run. Apart from that, there is not much to emphasize on the hair aspect.

What To Wear To A Model Fitting?

More than wearing something it is important to understand that fitting has to have cooperation and respect from the model. A fitting session depends more on a model’s appreciation for the outfit that she wants to wear that’s paramount in any case. For the fitting session, you do not have to work too much on the outfit. Just make sure that you look bright, happy, and ready to try some crazy outfits. Here are some cautions to remember while trying the outfit:

  • While trying any outfit, if the designer is not there do not put the existing cloth on the ground.
  • Do not step on other merchandise, if you are asked to wear something, after trying kindly keep it on the side.
  • Be gentle with the clothes you try.
  • If you feel that the cloth is getting strained and there is possible wear and tear, do inform the concerned designer.
  • Always try to be comfortable and feel confident with the dresses you think are worth trying.

What NOT to Wear to a Model Casting?

You can try on as many clothes as you want. But if for any reason you are not aware of where the line is: that’s a very big problem. Just like in every interview, do’s and don’ts work simultaneously. After a broad discussion on the do’s its time now we move on to the don’ts:

Just the opposite of what’s suitable for model casting is the not-so-suitable part. For your dress, the first thing to remember are these three primary elements: your clothes, your accessories, your makeup, and your body. Let’s understand them sequentially:

Your Clothes

For Clothes, all you need to care about and should rather take it seriously is not wearing prints that can be too overpowering. Preferring subtle colors and simple patterns. You have to remember that you are not going there to draw unwanted attention. You should care about confidence, walking, and using heels. Simple plain colors are a perfect choice. Also, understand that fitting is paramount. You cannot wear something that makes you look hollow.

Your Accessories

If possible accessories should be avoided. If by any means you want to wear a light one. Using very nonvisible earrings that compliment your dress can be preferred. The focus should be purely on yourself and your brilliant walk. Rest should lay completely low on your priority list.

Your Makeup

Try to wear minimal make. Too much makeup is not required. You only need some concealer and a bit of mascara and light-colored lipstick. It should look good, pleasing to the eyes, and admirable at a very fast glance.

Your Body

As far as your body is concerned. Make Sure it’s moisturized. You will be judged based on your looks and How well you are toned? From your back to your front, the importance will lay on your looks all the time. You cannot run away from the fact. It’s better to take special care of your body beforehand.

Avoid Tattoos

Male models can have tattoos. But it’s important to understand that ramp walks and all modeling shows have a standard looks requirement. As an avid ramp walker, you have to float your body and walk. Tattoos can catch/grab attention and that can be very detrimental in the strong sense of things.

If a person is sure that they will not walk with a bare body and if they do not have hair on their chest, there should be an issue to hide it. In case the tattoo is completely visible that can be a problem in the long run.

Why is Confidence Important?

Apart from that try to understand that models do need to walk, but how they walk and what they portray is through How they look? Just that we see people who look unhappy are often projected as unhappy. That’s true, so the idea of confidence and being sure about your body is an indispensable rather courageous act.

If you are a strong human and a proficient model you have to wear that confidence with your chin high. Do not be fearful and timid, rather be strong and understand that the more confident you are, there is more chance for you to do well in the walk. Models can be too judgemental of themselves considering How the world is obsessed with knowing the inner workings. A lot of people forget that the inner work bears the fruit of outer reflection. The modelling world can set beauty standards that might be daunting and soul-crushing, hence believe in yourself, you can and you will.

Final Say

Model casting interviews can be scary and pretty volatile considering you will be judged totally on your looks and How groomed you are? This write-up covers a range of dos and don’ts for the interview. Do scroll a read.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.