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What is Your Biggest Concern About the Opportunity? #Tips #Sample Answers

A good organization will always try to understand your perspective on the job. It’s natural; for you to have some concerns about it. The concerns can be of any type, it can be in relation to timing, expectation, requirements, etc. Now, there is a way to deal with these kinds of answers. Outright honesty might not be the best kind of way to deal with questions like this. But you should focus on matters that provide the interviewers an idea of how you want to do the job in a much more efficient manner? How can you persuade someone and many other factors.

You need to talk about concerns that are very much part of you and that should come off to the recruiter as a genuine interest on your part. The recruiter is very eager to know exactly where you stand on your priority list. Questions that should matter are related to nuances and intricacies of work. What do you think about the work you do and How it’s done in the company. Is there a different way in which the company defines its work? If there is, How does the company deal with issues that are risky in the kind of work that you do and prioritise. These questions are very integral. Let’s discuss some ways/techniques in which the concern factor will be highlighted by the interviewer.

What is your biggest concern about the opportunity?

Let us see a few questions asked by the interviewer, the intent of asking and how to prepare the answer for the same.

What Stood Out To You The Most Regarding This Career Opportunity?

Now first of all understand the intent and nuance of this question. Here the interviewer wants to assess your list of priorities that are important for you. They want to assess what really stood out in your perspective about this opportunity.

Here, you have to be tricky and say diligently the things that a company manager/owner believes in. They want to see if you are really interested in the job or if you only came for the interview because the job had added benefits attached to it. You also have to bring out some belief of yours that no one else does. It’s very important to prepare for answers like this.

How to Frame Your Answer? – Tips

  • At the outset presume important aspects related to your job for instance if you are a content writer. Focus on the aspects that make a good content writer. For example, a web content writer has to have precision and SEO skills in framing sentences.
  • You also need knowledge of grammar to make your sentences place themselves in proper order.
  • Now think of the duties that a writer requires. The first duty shall be to know the style of English an organization chooses to use. In India, the primary English that Indians follow is the UK brand of English. So, if you are serving the US audience you cannot use themes/topics written in British English.
  • Make sure to engage with the topic and frame your concepts as per what’s in the vogue now.
  • So through your answer convince the interviewer that your top focus lies in addressing themes of major requirements and the duty. They can be integral to each other but with a sharp focus and a distinctive sense of understanding, you can distinguish both these topics.

Sample Answers

  • I have always imagined myself doing this job because I feel this job compliments me. I have always been an avid learner and hence, I like doing it. I am good at it hence the application.
  • I love this job because it teaches me duty, ethics and integrity. Kind of an odd mix of qualities to have.
  • I love or prefer this job because analyzing the skill sets that I owe seems like a perfect job.
  • I love the job simply because its intricacies help me to become a better person.
  • This job has something that I can relate to at a constant level and that I feel is a boon in itself.

What Is Your Most Concern If You Work In An International Company?

When you apply for an international job the intent of this question can take a 360-degree turn and let me tell you why. To know more about this you have to look deep into the requirements of an international company. If a company has a global presence, that means they will prefer people who can converse and approach problems in a scientific manner. Your talent while working in a job that has been integrated with an international profile requires you to be proficient in these key areas:

  • Critical communication skills and stress management in handling international teams. Either you are an outsourced country or a country that has been outsourcing services. In both job requirements, patience and communication skills play a key role.
  • Understanding pan-human behaviors is another key trait. In International profiles, language can be an issue. You need to understand How people’s concerns take shape and form without the added burden of language as it can be different.

How to Frame your Answer? – Tips

  • It is very important to focus on the responsibility aspect of the job. If you are a software engineer, discuss ways in which your writing of codes can benefit the company or lead a back-office abroad or deal with clients where the work is outsourced.
  • Try mentioning key duties for any software engineer, whether in relevance to checking of codes/projects. Training the team in the right form to ensure continuous development of Computer programs and so forth.

Sample Answers

  • I would like to know How we work as the client bases in the west are effective in day time and we will engage with them at night time. We should try and peak our interests at midnight to know more facets of deals.
  • Do you have any voice processing role? I want to be sure if I can be comfortable with my voice.
  • At what timings do your major offices abroad report?
  • Can you please tell me which office is more rushed and provides greater business deals, as I can prepare for it beforehand?
  • Is there any instruction you want to provide on foreign clients? As you know I would be more keen to crack deals with them.

Describe A Challenge You Faced And How You Overcame It?

This question is also very tricky. Here, the assessment is more in tune with your limitations and How you have the right intent and zeal to get past those limitations. If you are ever in a situation where you face a problem, How well are you in place to handle them. Here the focus should be primarily on how you equip yourselves with the program solving role. Here the main factors that will play a role are:

  • Your common sensibility to delay a situation until the help has arrived.
  • Your ways of doing impromptu actions and getting them correct in the first attempt.
  • Be empathetic to the person you deal with.

How to Frame your Answer? – Tips

  • Try to understand the semantics of the question and mention things that can be effective in the process of reaching a solution.
  • If by any choice you have found that out, mention it exactly as required.
  • Try doing the duty in relevance to the problem. For instance, if you are a waitress working for a restaurant and a customer comes to you and registers a complaint about the food. You should pay attention to that person and make sure that the food is exchanged. If an item is in delay, comfort the person till you can get an ingredient that is required in order to complete the order.

Sample Answers

  • As a working person we do have days where we might not like to work but hustling is imperative, I am guilty of being lazy, but I have moved past that.
  • I might not be good at (job work nuances) because of (state the reason honestly).
  • For me my sleep has always been a deterrent for me pushing hard and achieving, I guess it’s now time to get past the issue. I sacrificed sleep for my work.
  • I can be a bit bad with structures and organization but I have learned to get past this issue. I started giving more time to plan things and not do anything in a whiff.
  • I was a non-eater but without food you will deprive and not give your best in work hence started taking proper nutrition.

What Questions Do You Have Concerning What Is Expected Of You On The Job?

There is a saying that goes, “a person’s deeds can be traced through his thoughts”. What thoughts do you ask, thoughts about what is expected of the job? The question lies in this fundamental space where you have to initiate a conversation where you can add to the company by being an asset. The direct retrospect to this question is, What can you do for us? And are you able to do it? Some key pointers to look at:

  • Know all the main aspects of your job.
  • For example, if you are a salesman, try mentioning How you have to contribute a better performance in sales for the company.
  • You can also mention the processes that one needs to know in order to achieve a target.

How to Frame your Answer? – Tips

  • The mindset of the company is stemmed from their idea and interpretation of importance so the state concerns them and not yours.
  • Once you have completely stated all your issues and concerns, focus on the duties that are relevant to you, for instance for a salesman, that duty shall be selling the products that you want to sell.
  • Mention benefits that a company can attain with your help. Try highlighting to them the range of ideas that you have in order to give additional leverage to the company.

Sample Answers

  • My question stands on timings, Can you tell me the opening hours of the job?
  • I want to practice navigating the work software, in case there is any new software, I would like a heads up. My question is, Which software interface do you use in your PC?
  • How do we go on receiving stars and other things in relevance to good work?
  • I am very fond of achieving targets. Can you tell me what it will take to achieve one.
  • Please tell me the process you use with this job, it will help me hone my skills. Is it inbound or outbound?

How Will This Opportunity Help Me Grow My Career?

This question is also tricky for any recruiter because the employer starts seeking answers from you as a potential output enhancer to their business setup. They want to know your expectations from the job and will you fall into their requirements and adjustments of a job. People impromptu learn at a workspace, they want to know How much work you can do despite your greed to climb the hierarchy. Replies in the answer that you have to avoid at any cost:

  • Don’t pay much emphasis to the final role you get. Pay attention to the overall hard work and your contribution to the company.
  • State your growth of work in the job setup, not on your growth in terms of the hierarchical setup.
  • Try to eventually formulate the concept of integrity more than anything.

How to Frame your Answer? – Tips

  • There need to be elements in your answer that are genuine on your part and should factor in the job role not the product of achievement of the job.
  • Make sure you convince them that in the future when you are employed as a regular employee, your first priority is work and you see growth as the main motivator as an employee, not in terms of rising in the hierarchical setup of any job.

Sample Answers

  • This opportunity will help me grow as a person.
  • This opportunity will help me hone professional skills that I might require in the future.
  • It’s imperative that I get this job, as I am good in these traits and behaviors and this job compliments my personality.
  • This opportunity is life changing as it helps me to do the kind of jobs that I like to do.
  • This opportunity is surreal as doing the work it compiles I can do it easily.

Why Am I Interested In This Opportunity?

This question also has a basal intent from the hiring team. They want to know what motivates you as an employee of the company. Why did you select ‘XYZ’ company, and what motivated you to be part of it? These questions are very important to understand in their foremost sequential form. You have to mention the interests that have triggered your curiosity and will that curiosity work in favor of the company. If you are part of a customer service team the motivational intent shall be different when it is compared to a teaching job.

How to Frame your Answer? – Tips

  • Mention things that matter to the company, why are your interests part of the interests of the company? For example, if you are applying for a job in the Hospitality sector you can say I came to this profession because I like helping and conversing with people. You can match that with an experience that proves that.

Sample Answers

  • It would help me to look at a general role in nuance and substance.
  • I would get vast opportunity of communication with people world wide which in turn would help me grow to become a better human being.
  • This opportunity would help me look at one thing in different perspectives. This would help me enhance my vision towards looking at different things.

How Do I See Myself Contributing to This Organization?

Out of all the questions that we have discussed this is the more straightforward answer. Here, the interviewer is not tricking you to tell them How much of an asset you are to the company. It’s better if you mention credible evidence and as mentioned in your CV, as well as documentary evidence that you have achieved and attained something.

And, how that will reciprocate the same for the organization. What you can contribute will surely come from the enormous skillset you have at your disposal. You have to exploit that and tell them why it matters? You can mention leadership skills and How that has influenced your management skills and you can owe managerial skills along with a technical setup. So, many global CEOs as of now have a technical barring some don’t have that. So, telling what you have in a compelling manner will argue your case.

The behavioral display is another area that you can use to your advantage to state. How much of an asset you are to the company. Here, what you need to do is, If you are applying for any hospitality job, try behaving like that, be mild, talk gently and if you are applying for a job that has focused on the domain of customer services, you will most likely get a job.

Make sure you are assertive in displaying things that are integral to you.

How to Frame your Answer? – Tips

  • The best advice is to use what you have achieved as a chipping tool to assert your presence of contribution.
  • Try to convince others why you matter in the larger sense of the term.
  • Mention the plans you have for the company and How those plans are quite in sync with what the organization needs as of now.
  • You have to assert your presence and make sure you have a plan and a backing of proof to show why you matter. If the proof can be provided impromptu, it’s a better deal.

Sample answers

  • I think I am good at communication and would help generate more sales, hence your sales will be off charts.
  • I have a decently good technical background and hence my coding will be top notch.
  • I am good at an assimilative creative mindset. I can germinate new ideas for the company.
  • I am a decent human being and that gives me credibility to be part of this illustrious setup.
  • This opportunity means a lot to me and if granted, I will do my level best to cease it.

Final say

Concerns are usually fly-on-the-wall kinds of questions, at least that is what we people think of questions like that. But do remember that is not it, concerns are seen as stages of How a building that is you erect. Your concerns can either break the building or embolden it. The panel wants invigorating answers to see you as an asset to their organization. Follow this writeup from tooth to nail to know exactly how to prepare this question?

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.