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What Do You Hope To Gain From This Experience? #Tips #Sample Answers

Any job for an employee is an experience of some kind. If you are a new employee or an already existing one for a long time, the entire working experience always has some purpose. The reason behind joining any company is to gain something from that working experience. When you get that, you tend to become more confident in the areas of your expertise. But, as an employee, you should always know what you are hoping to gain from any working experience.

While going for an interview, the HR manager will always ask this one question because it is important for them to know your ambition behind working in a company. In addition, you need to know what you hope to gain from the working experience of a company. As an employee, your willingness to grow defines your purposes of interviewing for the job, your passion for working, and your skills are what will be recognized along with your interests.

Why Does An Employer Ask This Question – What Do You Hope To Gain From This Experience?

It is a question to understand the interviewee’s passion for working in their company. This question is primarily asked to know whether the person is willing to make something out of the working experience here rather than just take it as a 09:00 to 05:00 job and get back home with no other purpose apart from earning money. Every candidate is asked this question to know their purpose of getting a job. Financial needs are for everyone. That is something you cannot disagree on, but what working experience does the candidate expect to grow in themselves while they work or intern.

What Do You Hope To Gain From This Experience

Some companies hire candidates as interns or on probation to test their working capabilities and how they work with deadlines. This is to see whether the employee is really willing to grow from a temporary position to a permanent one from the very beginning. The training process of many IT, Accounting, or Advertising companies has a way to guide the new employee in what way they should work to achieve a designated position in the company.

Tips To Answer This Question When You Appear For An Interview

Answering this question is not a task; all you need to do is have a prepared idea of why you are even interviewing in the company and for the position which suits you.

  • When you appear for the interview, have a prepared reason why you want to join this particular company and why opting for a particular position.
  • Knowing you are strong on your decisions will give you an upper hand, and the interviewer will know that you have come with an intention to progress.
  • Talk about your previous experience with the same position you are opting for in the new company. Speak about how you couldn’t grow earlier, but with the working experience, you can grow in the new company.
  • Talk about how people should narrow down their interests, and when they join the company, they should make sure they keep learning and growing for as long as they are employed.
  • You need to be confident about your role as an employee. For example, if you are going to be a content writer or a marketing executive, then you should be well aware of the work so that it doesn’t look like the company will be training you from scratch.
  • Don’t speak in complete assurances, but use the word “try” when you are asked, “Whether you will be able to work well with the team?” or “Will you deliver work on the given deadline with a 30 minute buffer?” Say you “will do your best” or “try your level best” and express the intention of gaining something from this job.

Skills You Would Take From This Experience

As an employee, you are expected to learn and gain something from whatever long working experience you will have to whatever designation you get employed. Every employee comes with a skill for what work they have applied for, whereas some don’t have an idea what they will do, but bring in a dedication to learn and grow if guided properly. In this situation, if you have applied for a marketing executive or a social media executive, you are expected to know how to handle content creation and posting. Now, every company has a way to create posts, unlike the way you do. The previous employee in your place might have set up an easy way that needs to be learned but can be very effective in creating posts and uploading them on time.

When you learn something new or a new way to do something you already knew, then that skill is an upgrade to you. You learn something new, and using it helps you create more content and keep posts ready to upload. Along with that, every employee learns new ways of doing the work, unlike their previous experience. Adapting to those skills will help you gain more confidence. Every employee will be asked what skills they would want to take from this experience? Now, depending on what post you are applying for, you should know the company’s reputation and answer accordingly.

For example: If you come from a moderate marketing experience from your previous company, and the current one you are applying for is a well-reputed one and works with international clients, then you should be able to convince them how you are willing to grow as a marketing executive by interacting with international clients in a way that it is beneficial for the company. Knowing how to get by with a proper work ethic and a keen interest to learn new skills on getting work done will always be an advantage in the new company, as you will be recognized for it.

What Do You Want To Gain From This Experience? #Intern #Fresher #Volunteer Job


What Do You Want To Gain From This Internship Experience?

Joining as an intern, any employee would want to deliver the best they could, and at the same time, as you get trained on how to do the work, you will be experiencing newer ways of working, unlike your previous company. Interning is the best start if you have recently started out working. With an internship, you get the complete experience of a full-timer, only that you will be paid less. If you are an ORM (Online Reputation Management) Executive, then dealing with the customer query is the primary task of the work. When you see around 1,500 entries in a day, you will feel pressured, but as you are an intern, you will have help from other ORM executives, and the manager himself will guide you through the easier ways to get rid of 1,500 queries in a short time.

Learning these advanced ways to get your work is quite an advantage for you as an intern. So, when you are asked about what experience you would like to gain from this internship experience, you can always answer it by defining why you want to learn better ways to work and grow in this position and turn this internship into a full-time job.

First Job

What Do You Want To Gain From Your First Job?

Walking into a company for an interview will always be a pressure you might have never experienced before. It is daunting, and you will have many thoughts on how to answer your questions. Firstly, when you appear for an interview as a fresher, always remember to talk about your interest in the profile and not the company because you aren’t really aware of companies. But, you can surely talk about the position you are interviewing for, and assure that you will learn and adapt to the working atmosphere and work ethics. Gaining experience of the company, colleagues and dealing with your manager are some of the main things you will be exposed to as a fresher.

Knowing that you will make the best of this first experience and answering the same will build confidence in you as well as your employer. Being a fresher in every company will be a little overwhelming, and every employer knows this as you are a fresh candidate. So the employer will assure you guidance as long as you are willing to commit and learn from it; if you answer with confidence about gaining an overall experience from this opportunity, then you have cracked the interview successfully.

Volunteer Job

What Do You Want To Gain From A Volunteering Experience?

Generally, volunteering work is strictly based on events and how big they are being organized. Being a volunteer at any big or small event is a responsibility that demands interaction, attending to customers, guiding them, looking after the purchases, and most importantly, making sure everything is running smoothly if you have an event with many stalls or booths. If you are a fresher, you will be asked about your management or interactive skills because being a volunteer is all about managing your post and answering queries. Now, if you are a fresher or have been doing events earlier, your interviewer will want to know about your communication skills and your interest in doing events.

Your answer should project your reason behind continuing to do events. Many events are of a type which you can get easily. Still, when you join a new company which has an event of a major brand, then there are things which you will have to do for the first time, most importantly communicating with a class of people who would want more information and at the same time might be willing to make a transaction, depending on how your pitch was. So your purpose of learning better communication and management skills is the main reason why you will be hired for the event.

Making Your Interviewer Understand You Better

When you are going for an interview, your purpose of appearing for one needs to be very clear. That is what the interviewer will look for and see whether you are a suitable candidate for the company. You need to speak about your motivation behind joining the company. If the company is a popular brand, then you need to have maximum information about its market value to encourage the recruitment manager.

Always be honest with your opinion when asked about what experience you would like to gain from the company. Your honesty will give them an idea of your motivation; having a clear set of ideas and motivation to work doubles your chances of getting hired.

You need to make the interviewer understand you better. As it is your first meeting, speaking clearly, being honest, and not being dramatic about anything will make things practical and understandable.

The hiring process is very complex and time-consuming, and your interviewer might be doing this since the beginning of the day, or you might be the first candidate of the day, so making sure to keep things up to the topic and not getting carried away will keep the interviewer in the right mood.

Sample Answers for What do you Want To Gain From This Experience?

Sample 1:

I was a freelance content writer for two years and my writing experience has been all technological and software oriented. For two years it hasn’t been any major clients but general websites who demanded descriptive explanations on any new launches or “How to” articles on softwares, settings and several other operational guides. But, right now I am not freelancing anymore, because I am not interested in writing for technological websites, I would rather write tech oriented articles or anything other subject in a renowned newspaper like the Times. But, I don’t want to remain the same technical writer forever, I want to grow and expand my writing skills and there is no other place like the Time of India Newspaper where I can make full use of the opportunity.

Sample 2:

I am well versed with managing social media applications and creating content. But, I haven’t been given the opportunity to manage campaigns and online events which I am more intrigued about ever since I have become good at managing posts on different platforms. Since I am good at managing the whole social media postings and content creation, I am looking for an opportunity to go ahead of just posting and manage campaigns and make events planners. I hope to gain that experience in this company and grow up to become a social media manager some day.

Sample 3:

I am expecting to move beyond sales and work in a management position. I have a solid foundation in the sales department from the past two years and now I think I should have the opportunity to expand and take up more exciting challenges, rather than settle for the same. I am ambitious enough, I am willing to prove that I have good leadership skills and I can assure meeting deadlines on time. Your company seemed the right place to be interviewing as you are a name growing at a rapid pace in the country and I am willing to add more value to that.

Sample 4:

I have always been interested in acquiring knowledge and sharing it with my family and friends. I was asked to try my hand at teaching due to this, and I have been happy since I started teaching two years ago. But, I want to expand my experience, and I believe that teaching in a school is one such experience I would like to take. I am teaching in tutorials, and after two years, I feel like I am not growing beyond it. I assure you, I have good leadership and understanding skills which are important if I am managing a class of fifty students. I believe teaching in your school will give me an opportunity to test my own teaching skills with more serious responsibility, make students practice some class activities, and build their confidence by the time they reach their final examination.

Sample 5:

I have been a part of event planning and managing for one year and I am called almost to all regular events where I need to manage the products, look after the booths being properly set up, volunteers are all in position to interact with the customers and also look after the stationery because maintaining records is also an important managerial part. But, I have always left my positions and tried interacting with customers and communicating with them to buy products or use the services. I have realized that my interests lie in being a communicator rather than being behind the screen. So, I hope to take this opportunity to be the host of this event and attend to visitors as I can communicate with people and make them understand our brand. As I know you are a very reputed brand and people will surely visit this event, I would like to make the best of this opportunity.

Conclusion on What Are Your Learning Expectations?:

Hoping to gain something from every company is every employee’s expectation. To see a better future, not just financially but to know that they have done work that can be remembered because it is not just a regular job but an experience which asks them to put their heart and mind into it. Wanting to grow in a company is the ambition of every employee. Not everyone can remain as an executive for years, and promotions should happen based on how they perform and meet their deadlines. The smartness they invested in finishing a project or bringing readership to the company website. So, do not hesitate to answer your questions regarding your learning experience. The right opportunity to put your queries might be when asked is there anything else you would want us to know/ ask?

Every company interviews on this exact criteria to see whether the candidate is willing to contribute enough to make some changes. The interviewer also wants to know if they are willing to learn more than just their designated position. Therefore, an ambition-driven employee is also a boon for every company.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.