What Do You Believe That No One Else Does? #Tips #Don’ts #Sample Answers

Every interview is unique due to various factors. Imagine the interviewer has asked, “What do you believe that no one else does?” What would you answer? Do you feel it is complicated?

If you do, it’s totally OK! The questions seem to be a bit tough. However, you can prepare for the same with certain tips and guidelines.

 This question is a question that tells about your personal self and your ideologies. Just like a lot of interviewers ask- How do you handle stress? The idea behind answering this is to stay unique to stand out. There are plenty of confusing questions asked during an interview. The answer to the question, “What do you believe that no one else does?” needs some preparation to make it tailor-made for each and every interview. Let us examine the reason behind the question, “What do you believe that no one else does?”, how to answer it, and some examples in the coming sections. These would help you immensely in understanding and answering the question easily, without looking over-prepared and under confident.

Why Does An Interviewer Ask, “What Do You Believe That No One Else Does?”

Every company receives a large number of applications from qualified candidates. Later, it is the responsibility of the hiring manager to filter out the best through various stages of the selection process. In this process, they ask many sorts of questions in the personal interview. These may be technical and non-technical. When the hiring manager asks, “What do you believe that no one else does?” they probably want to know whether you are a unique candidate for the profile or not. If they feel so, you can be the unanimous candidate.

What Does The Interviewer Want From You?

When the interviewer asks, “What do you believe that no one else does?” There can be multiple reasons behind it. Prominently, the interviewer wants to know from you how you feel that you are unique and suit the profile. Since the question implies belief, the interviewer meant to know about your ideology and perception.

At this level, it is essential to understand that the right thought and belief is the base for efficient work. A unique idea and thought can give surprising results. Thus the interviewer expects you to give an interesting answer for this—which is unique and mature. Thus, the interviewer wants to hear how unique your thinking can be, moreover how creative you are to answer.

What Do You Believe That No One Else Does

Areas to be Focused While Answering This Question

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before answering this question. This is a question that can make your chances shoot up if answered correctly. If you are here on this article, chances are, you are confused and want to know various tips and tricks to save yourself from the last-minute confusion if you are ever asked this question.

Keep it all about yourself

The first and the central point you need to understand is that this question is all about you and nothing else. The interviewer wants to know who you are in a better sense. Thus the answer should be confined to yourself only. You can say anything about yourself that you feel is relevant and useful. For a better understanding, this question may be treated as a blend of two common questions: Tell me about yourself and “What is your greatest strength?” which needs a detailed and unique answer.

Focus on Your Strengths

After ensuring that you keep your answer about yourself, don’t forget to cover your relevant strengths. It is the best chance to give the best impression with the relevant skill sets you have. You can take real-life examples and give solutions with the Skill Sets you possess. This automatically proves that you are unique and makes a good impression on yourself.

Answer keeping the company in mind

It would help if you were careful with the company preferences while you answer this question. Every company has some requirements and working styles. They would love to have a candidate that fits the best in the environment. As a smart candidate, you should take advantage of this aspect. Make a thorough research on the company to know their beliefs and long-term goals. Make out what belief you have that is unique and aligns with the motto and goal of the company. This way, you can ensure a tailor-made answer for every interview question like this.

Position yourself in the profile

After knowing all the above points, you may still feel discomfort in preparing for the same. Here is the best tip: Position yourself in that profile and then speak. Reply in such an accent that you are already in that position and now explain how your beliefs are different from others. This way, the interviewer can forecast how the case would be if you were filled in the position.

Beware, you don’t mislead the interviewer. This postulate should be carefully used to make positive results.

Tips to Keep in Mind For Answering This Question

Now that you know what areas are to be focused on while preparing for the question, “What do you believe that no one else does?” you can look into the following tips to strengthen your answer:

Recall those pieces of background that make you different from other people
As shown in the previous lines, showing examples is the best idea to answer. You can look for any such instance in the past that has proved that you have a unique belief that is different from others. This way, you can easily add strength to your answer.
Ensure your skills are relevant to the profile
A candidate like you might have a large number of skills. However, not all these skills may match the profile. Thus while you choose skills, filter out those that are irrelevant to the profile. This way, you can elevate yourself easily. For instance, if you applied for a software company, your music and dance skills are irrelevant (at least for this question). Thus, select only relevant skills and speak about them.
Underline only positive attributes
By going through job and company descriptions, you can easily understand what attributes are highly valued. Consider those attributes in you that would be given high value so that your chances to select increase drastically. For instance, if the organisation wants the employee to work smart, speak about the attributes that make you a smart candidate.

What Not To Say While Answering The Question: “What Do You Believe That No One Else Does?”

Knowing what not to say is as important as knowing what to say. This is a question that might blow your mind, and you might end up saying something gibberish that can spoil your chances of getting into that company you’ve wanted to. Hence, here are a few points to keep in mind before you prepare for the answer to this question –

Speaking negatively of others

Speaking all about yourself with positives, skill sets, and experience is the main motto of the question, “What do you believe that no one else does?”. Many candidates, however, make a common mistake during this process. In the flow of elevating themselves, they start to speak negatively about others, and this is the greatest blunder that a candidate may make here. Factually, there may be some negatives in other candidates, but these should never come into the limelight while you answer. Doing this will indeed create a negative impact on you.

Many candidates start off with negatives that others have and then explain themselves and how they are different. Doing this only creates a wrong impression on you.

Giving lengthy answers

You must have answered long answers in examinations. Elucidating the point is the need for answering these questions. Many candidates follow the same in answering this question which is not healthy. Candidates feel that lengthy answers will impress the interviewer, but it’s not true. Lengthy answers will make the interviewer boring and lose interest in you. There is probably no reason to give a long answer to a question like this. So, what should be the appropriate length of the answer?

The answer should briefly state what strengths and beliefs you have to make you different from others. Thus, an answer of a few lines will serve the need. Ideally, a couple of hundred words should work. It is essential to understand that there is no particular word count for this answer. Moreover, you should make sure to keep the answer interesting and crisp.

Giving exaggerated answers
Many candidates fear losing the opportunity to elevate themselves with exaggerated answers. This is another blunder that a candidate could make. It is seen that candidates show off false traits to impress the interviewers. These candidates faced a lot of difficulties in their profiles later. Today, the interviewers are smart. The following question is asked to judge the candidate on various levels. Some candidates state that they are hard-working and dedicated very easily. However, they fail to handle work at the profile. It is essential at this level to understand that it is a big blunder to give exaggerated answers to the question, “What do you believe that no one else does?”
Stumbling while you answer
Stumbling while answering is another common problem seen in various interviews. Stumbling while you answer creates a wrong impression on the interviewer. Stumbling clearly shows that you are not prepared and not confident about the interview. This clearly shows you are not the right fit. If you have a habit of stumbling while you answer, you should take care of it as soon as possible. Moreover, understand that giving a perfect memorised answer is also the solution for this question. The interviewers are smart to guess this. Therefore being confident while you answer is the key to clear. Never forget this point.
Not elevating yourself

This postulate is related to the previous one in some sense. People who are not confident stumble while they answer. Most of these people fail to elevate themselves. Thus they fail to communicate to the fullest with the interviewer. In the previous lines, it is made clear that exaggerated answers are not accepted; on the other hand, un-elevated answers don’t work.

Remember that you are your own salesman. It is your responsibility to sell yourself to the organisation. Thus, always be honest, communicate to the fullest and make the best of the answer.

Make the answer of the right length, crisp, and one of a kind to stand out and WOW the interviewer.

Sample Answers on What Makes You Unique?

Here are a few sample answers that would help you immensely in answering a question like this, which might bewilder candidates.

Example 1:

I believe that my unique blend of experience, problem-solving skills, and people skills differentiated me from most of the candidates; I’m motivated, disciplined, focused, and ready to do whatever it takes to solve the problems at the job.

Why does it work?:

This is a generalised and crisp answer that suits anyone. It shows soft skills and the belief that your skills make you different from others. 

Example 2:

I have a great deal of experience working with these sorts of projects; in my past job, I have trained myself to build projects faster and efficiently. As a result of my effort, I was the best employee to submit reports regularly. This was all possible due to different and unique ways of dealing with my deadlines.
Why does it work?:

This answer has a pinch of elevation about the self. Moreover, this answer shows the past experience as an example of why the candidate’s beliefs are different from others and what it leads to.

Example 3:

In my last job, I helped to increase our product sales by almost 30%. Our company used the traditional marketing strategy to promote the product. However, I insisted on opting for digital means and giving offers when available. I was awarded for the success of the product for my unique thinking style and ideas.
Why does it work?:

This shows how a marketing person had a unique belief and used the same to create a difference in the past company. This way, the candidate has clearly established a clear link with the interviewer.

Example 4:

I believe in investing. I have been a keen investor personally for the past couple of years. I never looked at professional and personal investments separately. I believe the fundamentals of investing are always the same—invest at the right moment, Today.
Why does it work?:

This example shows how a finance candidate successfully establishes that he never differentiates personal and professional investments. This shows that he takes the duty as carefully as personal. Moreover, it clearly shows that this belief makes him different from others.

Example 5:

I’m a creative problem solver who always wants to be a team player to develop great branding campaigns. In the recent past, I worked on several such branding campaigns. Thus I feel I am able to handle the challenges that may arise in the position. I’m confident I can address them.
Why does it work?:

Apart from showcasing the strengths, this example shows how these skills have to be aligned with the company goals. This answer lies near to the tailor-made answer.  

Example 6:

I believe in a couple of things: Every problem has a solution; we only need critical thinking for it; in-depth knowledge is the key to efficient work. This attitude had me taste success in my past profile.
Why does it work?:

A straightforward answer was showing what beliefs would make the candidate different from others. Some minor changes and upgrades can make this a perfect answer.

Example 7:

I believe smart work is always better than hard work. For this, knowledge is essential. I have additional certifications from NABCEP and OSHA, which made me look at the problem from multiple dimensions; thus, I feel I can solve the problem earlier. I have discovered and already proved it in the past profile.
Why does it work?:

This answer efficiently proves that additional certifications have led to different beliefs. This way, the additional certifications are smartly highlighted.

Other Ways Of Asking, What Do You Believe That No One Else Does?

The question, “What do you believe that no one else does?” can be asked in several other ways. The answer may or may not differ depending upon the situation and the profile. Some similar interview questions are:

  • What can you offer us that someone else cannot?
  • What makes you Unique?
  • What do you have that no one else has?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • What sets you apart from other candidates?

These questions may sound different; the answer may also slightly differ. But the reason behind all these questions is always the same—to know how unique you are. Towards the end, you might also have a question where you can prove any unique quality of yours when asked is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Conclusion on Answering What Do You have To Offer?

That’s it! You now know how to answer the question, “What do you believe that no one else does?” Don’t forget to ensure that you go through the job and company description to make a tailor-made answer. Never make common mistakes while answering. These mistakes will easily create a wrong impression on you and do more harm than good. Using techniques to improve our answers should be done carefully. There can be a high chance of misguiding and misfiring.

Be confident and not modest about your skill sets and strengths. It is seen that body posture and confidence plays an important role while you attend an interview. Thus take necessary care and get success.

All the best! 🙂

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.