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What Are Three Things Your Former Manager Would Like To Improve On? #Sample Answers

An essential thing with every employee is that they need to learn to work with the team and according to the company ethics. At the same time, they should be able to deliver their tasks when expected. For this, you might need to improve upon a few skills so that your performance is not up to the company’s expectations, your manager, and the need of the moment.

While you are being hired, there will be questions from the manager which you might find a little weird. There could be questions like – what are the theme songs of your life? or even about your previous job, and reason for changing the job.

What are the three things your former manager would like to improve on?

This is wholly and solely because the manager wants you to know yourself professionally and personally. They want to understand how your performance was in the previous company and your reason behind leaving. It is known that when you quit a company, the manager would want to have a word with you about the areas you can improve when you join another company. These suggestions can be helpful for you if lacking them was why you had to quit your job. Therefore, you can often be asked a very peculiar question, which might bewilder you. And that is  – What are three things your former manager would like to improve on?

When you hear it for the first time, this question is sure to puzzle you. But fret not! This article will tell you how you can answer this question without any hitch and with complete confidence. Remember, such answers need to be wise, as they reflect more than your professional capabilities.

How To Improve Yourself In Any Organization And Why?

This is every manager’s concern while hiring a new candidate. Whether that person is aware of the company, its reputation in the market, what are the clients associated with them and many other essential things. But the primary concern is will the new employee be able to get along easily, adapt to the work quickly and start delivering on time. This happens only when you are well dedicated to your work, using your time appropriately and ensuring that completing your tasks for the day is a priority.

On failing do these is when the manager identifies your weaknesses to you. The areas which need improvement are told to you, and they are essential. Improving to perform better is not just to impress people, but to help in developing the company. When you aren’t fulfilling that need, your manager asks you to improve in that area. Based on that, you can always work on what your former manager suggested to you, and that can be helpful for you in the new place.

Why Does Your Manager Guide You To Improve Your Weaknesses?

A manager was once an employee too. They too started out basic and learnt their way up to their present position. When they talk about experience, they really mean it. Every manager has to pay attention to their employees and their clients as well. Managing the two can take a toll on their mental health, and when they still maintain their composure and work accordingly, it is expected that the employees adapt this to perform better and get the work done.

Completing the task at hand is everyone’s job, but seeking help to complete it, helping others, communicating better while working, delivering on time, understanding the company ethics and working accordingly are some of the primary expectations of the manager because that is what the company is identified for. Even if one employee is trying to break that chain, the manager will either try to realign the course of the work or ask the employee to resign and hire another. This is how work is done professionally.

So, when a manager guides you through specific aspects of work, they have identified your weaknesses and are willing to help you improve it. Even when you are leaving the company, the manager guides you through this to understand its importance when you apply in another company.

What Are The Three Things Your Manager Would Like To Improve On? #Sample Answers

It’s always great to prepare for such answers in advance. Below, we have stated some sample answers for different posts from a fresher to a finance manager and so on.

Finance Manager

Sample 1 – Finance Manager

Working in a company’s finance department has its challenges, and I thought I could manage it at first when I joined. But, the work was quite hectic, and I struggled to keep up with my deadlines and submissions. Being constantly worried about finishing work on time, I wasn’t communicating much, which I later realized I was doing wrong. When I had to quit the job, my manager suggested that while committing to deadlines, I also try seeking help from experienced people. Communicating, managing time and reaching work on time were the three things my manager told me to improve on. Right now, I’ve learnt my lesson and am willing to practice what I have been told, which is why I am applying here.

Retail Store Manager

Sample 2 – Retail Store Manager

Many times I have asked my manager about my work, whether I should improve anything? Does he have any problem with the way things are going in the store? He didn’t always say much but suggested enhancing my communication skills while talking to the customers. He told me to tend to bill first rather than starting a conversation. If the customer starts a topic, then it is good to show interest in it no matter what the subject might be about. Your interests, your purpose and your communication skills will define your personality. I have kept that in mind ever since I left the job.


Sample  3 – Accountant

Being a chartered accountant, I had to maintain a few targets with file creation. Usually, I could manage my timings, but there were times when I couldn’t do it. At first, my manager excused me when I gave a reason. Still, he decided to give me an ultimatum when it happened frequently: I either focus on my work or tend more to my responsibilities. I understood at that moment that I should prioritize my personal and professional life.

Marketing Manager

Sample 4 – Marketing Manager

While working in a marketing company, I was appointed to lead a team for an ad campaign. Not that we had deadlines, but creating content, which would be convincing enough to our client was the task I was burdened with. I failed to lead my team properly without listening to their thoughts and claiming that my ideas were perfect because I was appointed as the leader. The campaign was unsuccessful and I was asked to resign. That day my manager made me understand what it takes to be a leader for a small team. To listen to your teammates, communicate properly and then make decisions rather than superimposing your ideas. When the entire team agrees on your choices, then it is known that you are a good leader.

E-Commerce Employee

Sample 5 – E-Commerce Employee

I knew that working in an E-commerce store would be a challenge as I was in the packaging department where teamwork could be managed. Suddenly, as my manager started appreciating my work, he shifted me to the telecommunications department. This is where I realized I would be tested—lacking communication skills and not being able to handle multiple calls simultaneously led to an increased burden. My manager then suggested I seek help. Communicating with the customers and at the same time communicating with other colleagues who are good at this work could be helpful. Now that I am applying in the telecommunications department of this company, I am focused on working with the team with my improved communication and time management skills.

Content Manager

Sample 6 – Content Manager

When I started working as a content writer for social media for the first time, I was nervous about my writing and the company has their own ways to draft articles. I was unable to adhere to that format, submissions were late, and neither could I write enough content. Research would take time and creating appropriate images for Instagram and Facebook became an even more enormous task. After three months of my resignation, my manager suggested that before applying for a content job, I should read as much as possible. Reading many articles can help me create the proper writing format, and reading different subjects will undoubtedly help me write better. He also suggested that I spend time clicking pictures so that I get better at it. Now that I am applying for the same position, I am confident enough to deliver the right content with good pictures and be on time.

A Fresher

Sample 7 – A Fresher

This is my first time being employed full-time, so I don’t have any experience working under a manager. But, as I have known from people who have been working, I would assure getting the deliverables on time and working with passion. I will gladly receive any feedback and work on it thoroughly. I would love to work with a manager who will help me grow professionally in this field. People don’t take feedback well and always tend to ignore their weaknesses, making it harder to work with them. I assure you that I will show active involvement in any task assigned to me with commitment.

IT Professional

Sample 8 – IT Professional

Working in IT can take a toll on your mind. The hours put into the work is mostly not enough given the operations we need to run for the company softwares and tools to run steadily. Not to forget the hardware, which needs to be internally and externally maintained well. In this fast-paced, highly technological world, every company has demanded hiring someone tech-savvy. I wasn’t well oriented with softwares and operating systems in the previous company, so I was asked to resign by the manager. With my resignation, I was also suggested that I spend more time with my computer, to know the in and out of every software, codings, and operating system. Today, I come to you with complete knowledge to work with dedication to my work.

An Employee Who Was Fired

Sample 9 – An Employee Who Was Fired

Soft skills are critical, and this is what my previous manager taught me. Every company will hire you for your working skill, your timeliness and your goal to reach deadlines. But, what about your communication skills with your colleagues and seniors? Apart from the colleagues and your seniors, there are clients and customers as well. I had to be fired from my previous company for my aggressive attitude towards everyone. On the day I was asked to leave, my manager guided me through the importance of soft skills and communication in offices. I realized that keeping your composure and not letting your anger get the best of you was the best way forward.

A Teacher

Sample 10 –  A Teacher

Life’s motto of a teacher is to see the well-being of the children. If the teacher is guided and asked to improve upon something, it would be for the betterment of the student only. Therefore, it should be taken constructively, as it would be beneficial for both the student and the teacher, and it would ultimately be advantageous for the school.

After seeing these few sample answers, let us see certain points to remember while answering this question.

Few Tips & Tricks To Keep In Mind While Answering This Question

There are a few things you should always keep in mind while answering such questions. They are –

  • Always talk about how you will fix the areas of improvement so that your recruiter can understand that your approach is optimistic and you would healthily take criticism.
  • Choose one area that you would be improving. Mentioning too much or a lot of every area can let the recruiter have negative thoughts about your recruitment.
  • Always sound humble, and this is the key. The kinder you sound, the better the impression you will cast.
  • Sound highly self-motivated, as companies and recruiters today hunt for such individuals, day and night.
  • Give a genuine answer. Remember that the person sitting infront of you interviews many people just like you, so they would know the genuinity of the answer.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice! But, do not over practice. A recruiter can easily detect a made-up and well-thought-out answer. This will serve you with more harm than good.


Being guided by every manager can prove beneficial for all employees. They are the right kind of leaders who redirect the focus on the work if it loses track. As mentioned above, they are the most experienced in a company or managerial position, so their work ethics and responding to clients are of primary importance. Keeping their suggestions in mind and working hard is always beneficial for your progress. You will encounter problems while trying to work according to their suggestions, but keeping at it will eventually make your hard work recognizable.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.