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Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

In this guide, we will discuss the most common interview questions asked in Walmart interviews as well as their answers. Before we provide insight to Walmart interview questions, let’s know some amazing facts about Walmart that you should keep in mind.

Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

About Walmart Interview

Most of the Walmart stores are open 24×7 a day across the world. Hence, staff should fill plenty of positions all day long. Currently, this company is filling various positions in different locations. However, some of the common positions are the cashier, overnight stocker, assistant manager, and department manager.

Walmart ranks No.1 among America’s Most Powerful Companies by Business Insider, with over $485 billion of previous year’s revenue and 2.2 million employees.

The Arkansas-based, family-owned retailer has a presence in 28 countries with 11,500 stores. Being the largest employer in the US, Walmart announced raising wages for 500,000 employees earlier this year, among its 1.4 million workers.

Every day, over 37 million people shop at the supermarkets of Walmart (more than Canada’s population).

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Tips to Crack Walmart Interview

If you are one of the aspirants who wish to apply for a job at Walmart, read on important tips to boost your chances to get hired –

Explain Your Understanding about the Job Opening and the Company

Whether it is Walmart or any other company, you should prepare yourself in advance for an interview. You should have basic info about the company. Did you know that the founder of both Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club is the same – Sam Walton?

Another important thing to know when doing your homework on interview questions is that around 75% of its employees in managerial positions initially started out as hourly workers. So, there is enough room to be promoted to higher positions.

Along with researching the company, you should know your expectations and requirements for the job.

For example, cashiers will be required to complete online training for several hours, along with training with a senior cashier at a cash register. They are not just responsible for just scanning and bagging items for customers.

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Clear all Your Concerns and Prepare to Sell Yourself

You may ask your interviewer if they have any concern in your resume. You can have a chance to clarify all the issues and sell yourself. To make the first impression, be sure to outshine your confidence.

Explain why they should hire you. Sometimes, you may want to explain the gaps in your sharing experiences you have learned and implemented in your work as well as your job history.

Show up on time

It is another best way to ace your interview. Most of the managers get impressed with those who reach up to 10 to 15 minutes early for the interview. It means they can rely on you to work on time, without even any irritation.

Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

Listed here are the most common Walmart Interview questions and answers. You can prepare your answers to these questions or other questions related to them. Speak fluently and give detailed answers. Avoid filler words like ‘um’. Listed here are the questions for various positions –

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Walmart Interview Questions for Cashier

Are you prepared to work at Walmart for Long Term?

Actually, I passionately wanted to be the part of Walmart as I understand there is enough room to grow. For a candidate who is applying as an hourly worker, it’s really encouraging to know that most of the management team here once started off as hourly workers.

Have you ever had any trouble with a teacher or supervisor? If so, what happened and how did you deal with it?

I had a trouble with a supervisor who had a list of duties with tasks for each employee to finish every day and week. I was assigned to clean up the bathrooms and it was not my cup of tea. Instead complaining about it to coworkers, I talked directly to my supervisor on it. He was kind enough and he apologized and rotated the duties. It was just because I did well in that task.

Would you make any coworker be dishonest?

Obviously, I won’t! If they ask me to lie, I would tell them that I cannot do this and I would tell them clearly that I want to stay out of it. If they do something like stealing, I would report it to the supervisor.

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Walmart Overnight Stocker Interview Questions

Tell me what you know about Walmart

Walmart is the largest retail chain in the world, with the staff of over 2 million people. When Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton, it was the goal of the brand to provide best customer service and great value for money. According to my knowledge, more than half of management team started off as hourly workers in Wal-Mart. So, I hope that I can stay with the company for long-term and explore more room for success.

Every company has its rules and regulations. It is obvious that you may disagree with some of them. Was there a time when you broke the rules and what was its result?

I don’t believe in breaking the rules. In any case, I hadn’t chosen to break the rules. But in one instance, I forgot to work as per the protocol in a hurry. A supervisor warned me. I resolved my mistake. I realized that rules are made for the safety of customers, staff, and the company.

Do you work better as part of a team or individually?

I have excelled working with almost no supervision. But I would appreciate the support from co-workers in a time-consuming, or a large project. Sometimes, we have to work alone. I am proud of the projects I have accomplished myself. However, it is important to get more people involved in the success of a business, who respect the benefits of working in groups.

Walmart Assistant Manager Interview Questions

Do you have any experience in training your associates? Can you please explain how you have worked with them to deal with conflicts in your workplace? Give an example of how did you do so and the outcome!

When it comes to training a person, I understand both the employees and the company expect you to do more than just telling what to do. Personally, I believe it works well when I take time to explain how to do a particular task and check up and ensure that they are not having many problems in the project. Management should also keep in mind that we will have to step in from time to time to pick up the slack when our staff is having any problem. A strong leader makes a strong team.

What’s your take if one of your teammates not going through the procedure?

Instead of accusing them, I would ask if they know the procedure better than us. I have observed that, sometimes, we get better results without assuming anything. Most of the time, they wouldn’t realize that they are doing it wrong. In that case, I would remind them and tell them I want to do their best and they should follow the procedure. I would also assure them that I can help them anytime or explain procedures again.

What’s your biggest weakness in getting results?

I tend to be a bit too detail-oriented. I used to expect too much from the team. I ended up finishing most of the projects myself in the past as I was not satisfied with what they did. Today, I have improved my skills in communicating my requirements, praising my team, not criticizing anyone, and learned that not everything can be perfect, but at least done well.

Walmart Department Manager Interview Questions

If we hire you as a retail department manager, what would be your management approach?

Tip – Here, you need to try and avoid labels, such as consultative, progressive, persuasive, etc. They can have different meanings in management. Just go with situation style. It means you will manage as per the situation, rather than ‘one size fits all’.


  • It is important to assign authority and responsibility in my knowledge. A team should grow and develop as a whole and in person, instead of holding back by ego or low expectations.
  • I believe in teamwork. Each member should be clear about their duties, know where they can perform best, though they can rely on each other. Real-time feedback is also my style. If anything wrong is done by you, you must know it quickly.

Why do you want to leave your last job? Don’t get into much detail!

Tip – This innocent question can crack the interview if it is answered well. Of course, you want to increase your salary and grow personally. You may not be paid well enough. An interviewer wants to know something else from you. You won’t leave this job if you found more opportunities down the street.

If you are employed and leaving your current job on your own will, craft your response something like seeking out more new challenges and enhance your career growth.

Stay positive and be honest if your existing employer is downsizing. Keep it brief. Give an honest, brief reply if your employer let you go or fired you. Steer clear of any negativity or drama. Here, you need to stay positive.

Tell me about your strengths!

Tip – Though it seems tempting for most of us, be sure to illustrate your strengths that can benefit the company and relates to your job position. Some of the examples are –

  • Loyalty
  • Problem solver
  • Motivator
  • Natural leader
  • Positive attitude
  • I can perform under pressure

All of these are solid strengths. But you should consider your position too. For example, if you are applying for a post where you mostly have to work alone and you mention that you are a great team player, it quickly becomes irrelevant to the company. It is a huge lack of self-awareness. Along with it, be confident in presenting your strengths. Don’t be modest!

Tell me about your weaknesses!

Tip – Another tricky question! An employer wants to know how you evaluate and perceive yourself. If you show you have no weaknesses, you will immediately be seen as an egoistic, liar or both.

Don’t present any positive skill as a weakness in disguise, such as “I am a perfectionist” or “I am hard-working”. If you reveal that, “I used to come late and I don’t wake up early in the morning”, it would quickly show up as a red flag.

Here, you need to mention a work-related, small weakness and respond realistically. Explain what you have done wrong and how did you overcome it.

Walmart Behavioral Interview Questions

Have you worked well under pressure?

Yes, many times! I was once working on an important project which was scheduled to be delivered within 2 months. Suddenly, I got to know that we had to complete it in 45 days and we need to speed it up, even while keeping other projects running. I found it a challenge to me and my team. So, we added a couple of hours to our schedules and got it done within 42 days by working as a team and sharing the workload.

Obviously, I worked with a dedicated team of people. I believe that it was my proper task management which helped me to complete the project.

Explain with an example how you manage a challenge!

My supervisor once had to go out of town suddenly. We were just in the mid of a great deal with a new client. I was assigned to create a PowerPoint presentation. All I had are some details from his manager and notes left by him. We still turned out the presentation and got the sponsorship. I was awarded as my name was recommended by my management team.

How did you handle your mistake?

I once misquoted the fees for a club membership. I notified it to my supervisor, who appreciated my honesty. He told me to waive the fee for a new member. Despite my mistake, member joined the club. My supervisor was kind. Sometimes, I feel bad for that mistake. But I learned to focus on my work and to avoid mistakes and give accurate results in future.

A Quick Recap

After going through a complete list of questions asked in Walmart interviews, we hope you are prepared well to give your best answers to even the toughest questions asked in Wal-Mart. You should show up early, dress well and prepare your answers.  Have a good luck for your interview!

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.