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List of Video Editor Interview Questions & Answers #Technical #Adobe Software Related

Video Editing is a very technical profession, it demands a lot of attention to detail. If you want to sit for a video editing interview, make sure you know your profession’s technicals. How to do jump cuts and final cuts, and how different types of digital video resampling work. How to perform linear and nonlinear editing. In some prestigious media organizations and production houses, you will also be asked theoretical questions, be sure to answer them thoroughly.

What kind of editors people used before the coming of the PC etc? Be very thorough with the technicals and know Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and After Effects completely along with Final Cut pro. Here is a listing of all the questions that will possibly be posed to you.

Video Editor Interview Questions and Answers

List of Questions and Answers for Video Editor

Following are a few junior fresher video editor questions and sample answers for the same:

Do You have Any Experience as A Video Editor?

This question is generally asked to know if you have any work experience. If you are a novice fresher do mention anything remotely related to editing you have done. You can also carry samples with you or provide them the drive sharing URL or tell them about your Youtube videos to know what type of editing is mostly done by you. Do you like jump cuts, and linear cuts what type of video pacing have you learned?

Sample Answer

I have done some video editing at work in school, those were for an event, and I did a time-lapse intro and a Canva poster outro. I also use after effects to make them as well now, but this was a year earlier. You can have a look at my project on Youtube.

Tell Me About Yourself, and How You Are as a Video Editor?

Tell me about yourself question is generally asked to know you, not to personally know you but to check How many video editing qualities you imbibe. Some video editors are crazy and cannot keep themselves away from Video Editing, this is a test to see How many videos Editing you like?

Sample Answer

Hye my name is X (Your name) and I love cinematography and Video Editing. I love panoramic long lingering frame cuts that happen in and out of the frame and lasts longer. I do not cut much but I focus extensively on color correction. I enhance my grading capabilities to match the persisting color scheme.

Can you Elaborate on How Passionate You Are in Regard to Video Creation and Editing?

This is completely a motivational question Here you need to put it into paper and assert why you love video editing and what makes it better than other professions and why you like it. What Video Editing as a profession provides you is that you are so enamored by it. These are all collective questions that you will be asked and you need to have answers to them. Be motivated and introspect about the reasons why you join the profession. What led you to become part of this job and what motivated you?

Sample Answer

I have always wanted to do something for the visual medium, but with time I realized I like putting pieces to turn them into a whole just like a set of jigsaw puzzles and hence I became a very good video editor. I was always good with symmetry, design, and very exceptional sequencing and this made me better with time. I liked arranging and ornately sequencing and this has made me a very exceptional editor.

Why Should We Hire You For Video Editing?

This question is very important in relation to the list of questions we have dealt with until now. This question is posed just for your skills. Like any other interview here you do not have to jump and make statements about your honesty, integrity, and unlimited passion that you have within you. You are just asked about your technical skills, time management, awareness skills, detail-oriented skills, visual creativity skills among all, etc.. The questions therefore will have multiple layers.

The recruiter wants to know your profile inside out what kind of an editor are you? What is your process like? And that’s what you also need to keep in mind to crack the answer and express yourself nicely.

I would recommend you prepare the answer before, compared to other answers this answer specifically has a lot of bearing and weight on whether you get the job or not. Because video editing requires skills and talent and that’s great, but one has to also learn the value of time since it’s also time-bound work.

Sample Work

Video editing requires a special kind of attention, and a person who does editing needs to know the meaning of preciseness in footage cutting as well as symmetry. I often make sure that I have cut down all the edges and borders and make a standard frame rate. where the contents of the screen move.

I am also a dutiful editor, I know how important it is for editors to submit their work on time. I always made sure that my work was reaching my client on time.

Video editing is time-bound work and many clients require their footage cut, well-delivered, and edited before 10 minutes of the scheduled mailing or supply time. Mostly, many editors have to keep some spare time as some changes might be issued at the last moment that must be done by the client, so always be ready for the extra engagement time with the footage to expand on your work post advice for changing footage.

I also have a unique sense of creativity which is most palatable to all. It’s not out there and brazen, it mostly exists as an enhancer for various sorts of video. It helps a person to put emphasis on the video for its different positive angles.

Technical Interview Questions for A Video Editor

This section is equally important, apart from the general questions the more emphasis the focus will be on the kind of technical holding over your domain you have. How well do you know the many software you use? How well do you know about Adobe Creative Cloud, these sort of questions? What compressor do you use among other things,s this will be a list of questions and sample answers ready for you.

Do You Know about Adobe Creative Cloud, Why Is It Needed for Editors?

Do You Know about Adobe Creative Cloud, Why Is It Needed for Editors?

As a video editor, you might know How important is Adobe CC for creative personals. You need Adobe After Effects to put animation and infuse flow into all of the footage. Apart from that, Premiere Pro and its functions. Mention all the requirements or software kit parts of Adobe CC that you can use to effortlessly work on your own platform without having to go through any specific hurdles.

Sample Answer

Sir, Adobe Creative Cloud can be termed the backbone of video editing. These tools offer a wide range of animations and motion graphics, and sound editing procedures that helps an editor to customize a video product completely according to the likes and dislikes of the Client. For instance, I personally use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing requirements, Photoshop to edit photos, Abode After Effects for animation and lastly Audition to work on the audio aspect quite seamlessly.

How Do You Stay Organized?

How Do You Stay Organized?

This question is another very tricky question, you might assume that this question was only posed to you to see your structure and disciplinarian traits. You missed it if you thought that. Staying Organized here refers to multiple projects that a person works on, How does one manage all these projects together without getting vulnerable or scared from the pressure? Also having better organization skills also means that the project is done primarily in a structured flow without issues.

Sample Answer

I use a structure for managing all my clients through folders. I access them when required. If there are changes needed to be done, I always keep a spare file in case there is a requirement of undoing some of those changes. I render after the project has been approved with clearance. I also maintain a calendar to keep track of all my tasks and the important goals that need to be completed by today or tomorrow.

What is Your Experience with Video Compression?

What is Your Experience with Video Compression?

Video Compression is important for any Video Editor, this is like learning a language subject from class 1 to 12. These subjects never go out of vogue. Lossy and Lossless compressions are two types and you need to explain which one you have procedurally used more comparatively. You need to have an idea about bit rate and frame rate, FPS etc. This will determine the compression and so forth.

Sample Answer

As a Video Editor, who has worked for many years in the creative industry, I can very well attest to the fact that compression is a very important requirement for any editor to master. One has to know about sampling and using the frames, bit rates, and How optimized sizing is done. One has to know about Video Codecs which are used when indulging in compression. The RAW files that are shot and then played are automatically of a very bigger size. These files cannot be simply accessed and worked on. So, multiple layers of compression might require, but you need to choose to have Lossless or Lossey.

Have You Ever Solved any Editing Problems With your Creativity?

Have You Ever Solved any Editing Problems With your Creativity?

This is also a very important question and this denotes your ability to use creative solutions within the realm of editing and then fix problems with the creative sense of things. For instance, many times any producer might come up with their shot material with immense dissatisfaction and they will want you to fix it. So, what shall be your solution? You need to color grade the material as per the requirement that is mentioned by the producer. Once you do proper color grading then blemishes will be hidden.

Sample Answer

I did exceptional color grading for a music video. When I was working on a video I came to know about the producer being dissatisfied with the shot material, they wanted a more modelesque big panoramic shots wide-angle to feel so I color graded into that 90s feel sho9t much like Hitchcock, Al Pacino starring movies. The producer was very happy with my work.

What Would You Be Doing if any Need for Additional Footage is Required?

What Would You Be Doing if any Need for Additional Footage is Required?

This question is more than just asking you for footage, also if the situation runs high and dry, will you manage to edit your video out? Here you have to use firstly the following pointers:

  • Tell the interviewer that you will run through your contact list and see if there is someone who is willing to provide you with additional footage.
  • Tell the interviewer you will look for footage, especially on copyright-free stock photography websites especially Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.
  • Tell the interviewer, if a case needlessly arises you will seek permission to use the footage in exchange for any redemption amount some sections of a clip off of an entire video chunk.

Sample Answer

In case there is extra footage required will run through my contacts, surf on the stock photo website and contact relevant material holders off of webservers to include. But sure inform you if I notice any sampling gap in providing the project before the delivery or deadline date.

Questions About Adobe Premier Pro/ Adobe After Effects

Some very common software a professional video editor would use is adobe premier pro, adobe after effects and amny more. Following are a few questions that can be asked in an interview of professional video editor.

Do You Use Premier Pro?

Premier Pro is your standard video editing software that people use when requiring any video editing, resampling, or placing. Here this question is posed to see How well you are versed with the software as it is a very integral software for editing and for various other purposes. You will be required to know about Premiere Pro before running edits quite frankly. Because it’s basic software for Windows Users who edit videos.

Sample Answer

Yes, I have done lots of video manipulation through Premier Pro. I have cut and added new frames. I have used and resampled bit rates. I have used highlighters to keep track of frame changes. I have also slowed down and dragged clips for long-used jump cuts for frame rate cutting. Used many transitions to put together my clips. I always render my clips at last after I finish rendering my entire attained footage.

Compared to other Video Editing software, Premiere Pro is easy to use and has an almost friendly UI. This answer if you mess up it’s like not knowing something very basic, like not knowing to make tea and you are going to apply for a chef or cooking job. Prepare well as this is one of your make-and-break answers honestly.

How Do You Cut the Sound of a Given Video in Premiere Pro and Add Another Layer of Music?

In standard editing practice, the first thing any video editor learns is how to use sound in his/her videos. If you shoot for a music festival you will have a lot of noise. You will have to separate the video and its associated internal audio first. Once done, you have to remove the internal audio and then place the layer of music, especially from Youtube free music platform.

Sample Answer

In order to do that I will first separate the audio and the video contents of any form of footage. Once that is done I will move to Youtube free music directory and look for an adequate sound or music matching the content and visuals at play. I will just sync them together and render the file.

How do You Use Abode After Effects Software for Editing your Videos?

Abode After Effects is another by Adobe a gracious offering for creative editing material much like its other counterparts whether Premiere Pro, Audition and Photoshop. Here in  this answer you need to use the crux and the ability to tackle the behemoth that necessarily Abode After Effects is. You need to know How important it is for Abode After Effects knowers to remember these Affects.

Sample Answer

Sir, everyone knows that animation has to be the constant source that engages the audience and the public with any creator’s videos. Abode After Effects is a boon for creators and editors alike. Its split layering, graphing, easing in and easing out, and split layering are the basics that keep the audience engaged. Easing in and out provides a soothing experience of the continuing movement of frames in a video, graphing helps the dimensions of the video to stay technically correct.

Split layering allows you to split layers and portions of the photograph and allows you to adjust an animation in those relevant and important areas. These functions are the basics of using After Effects. We can also structure some moving logos and animated fine prints to get go and moving but alas that’s impossible as of yet in this mundane and scenic world. The attempts however should not go in vain.


Video editing and the role of a Video Editor are beyond the technocratic sampling and streamlining of shots and photos today. It has become more attuned to conceptual art, use of multiple footages, and very technique heavy. One has to immerse into the know-how ways to master the editing world, especially the video graphic variant.

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Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.