Should I Wear Glasses To An Interview? #Reasons #Tips

Glasses help a candidate to stand out in an interview. It makes a person smart and establishes them as the stereotypical nerd or geek in front of the panel. As you know, the job market is getting saturated and is in constant competing mode. Anyone who has an edge over you will bag the job. Hence, public perception and playing to the stereotypes can take you further and get a job.

Though these ideas are not just hearsay, scientific studies have suggested that certain traits make a person look hardworking. And these traits then become stereotypes so, employers validate that by any similarity that you have with a stereotypical nerd. Let us know more about it in this writeup:

Should I Wear Glasses To An Interview?

Should I Wear Glasses To An Interview?

Glasses can play a big factor in you getting a job. There is scientific data and trials based on human behaviour and stereotypes of interviewers. When a person wears glasses, people around them tend to behave differently. Moreover, these stereotypical notions are the same. Some think you are smarter, hardworking, diligent, and intelligent if you put on your glass.

Reasons to Wear Glasses to An Interview

There are several reasons why you should wear glasses to an interview. Let us see a few of them below:

Makes you Look Smart and Intelligent

Glasses tend to make people look smarter when we compare them with any normal person. This stereotype has been intensively packaged and served to the people and the responsibility however lies with the media. Due to the assumption of someone being intelligent and if that is you, you will have an edge over other candidates applying for the same job and profile.

Makes you Look Competent

Smart and intelligent traits are not enough to bag a job, you need to stand out and this can only happen if you appear to look competent. There is a very motivational quote that goes like this, “Hard Work supersedes Smart and Intelligent Work.” Competency is nothing but getting all things done. This can only happen if you wear glasses since it creates the perception of you being competent in front of the interviewer.

Science Says It

Many studies have tried to link the glasses and how it correlates with the formation of a desirable public perception. This is an electoral study that discusses how candidates who wear glasses have a positive impact on people. This study has been authored by some well-known professors in the field of Social Psychology.

There was even a British Study which was done by the British School of Optometry to look after glasses and How they impact the perception building of people. Results indicate that 43% of respondents in the study believed that people who wear glasses are more intelligent. There was a 40% sample that preferred wearing specs irrespective of their requirement as they believe this step will increase their chances of getting selected.

Affects Confidence
So this phenomenon has two main parts to it. One is the stereotype that is often doing rounds regarding glasses being ‘a subscription of intellect’, and when people start noticing you and validate that phenomenon, it will boost your confidence. Every coin has two sides, so this acts like a smoke screen. There are always explanations of a screen theorisation with glasses. Some people who specialize in preparing people for interviews have stated that glasses act as a blanket of safety and hence you interact with the world without having to physically interact with it.

Do Glasses look Professional?

Glasses have many stereotypes that are often part of the mainstream job market. Due to this, wearing glasses increases the chance of getting hired in a multifold manner. It brings out assumptions that wearing glasses shows a person to be intelligent, hardworking, and honest. The idea of glasses became associated with a typical boy who is not enjoying his life and is eager to read and not play. He spends an ample amount of time with books and that seeps into the interviewer’s mindset. It can be making you professional in terms of these stereotypes.

Should I Wear Glasses to An Interview Even Though I Don’t Need Them?

Many studies have come up with substantial evidence that interviewers perceive a candidate to be hardworking, better, and even more intelligent than their counterparts because of their glasses. This very interestingly shows How stereotypes function in the interview arena. Interviewers might also apply the same level of reasoning with you. All you require to get a pair of trendy well-made glasses to put on. And you will win this perception game. When an interviewer is confused between two equally competent candidates and their biases weigh heavy on them and take a decision that might be because of their liking not because it’s right.

Tips to Wear Glasses During an Interview

Glasses are a great add-on to your profile and it goes a long way in establishing some perceptions about you. But you need to know what type of glasses you require. Do glasses help a person in certain interviews, if so then How do you manage them and How do you go about wearing them?

  • Glasses are a great add-on for a job but make sure that the glasses have a formal coloured frame. After all, an interview is where professional discussions take place. For some reason, if they get distracted by sharp colours emanating from your Frame that can hinder your chance of being recruited.
  • Try to match your glass frame with the attire. This is important since office-going colours need to be there in the frame. You can get square or round glass depending on your use. You have to compliment your glass colours with the plain formal colours that you are wearing.
  • If you are wearing glasses to further your perception of being good, then avoid wearing fake glasses. At Least do not use glasses of brands that are not that well reputed or do not have a firm standing on the market.
  • While wearing glasses is great and it helps your case. But what if the person at the opposite end who is interviewing knows you and you get caught wearing glasses in an interview? He knows that you do not have any ocular problems. Rather you are just wearing it to look smart. These kinds of problems might happen. So do a bit of research on the company. If the same panel interviews for the department you have applied to if you find someone that knows the panel, ask them your query on fake glasses.
  • Always go for office frames, it helps in bringing out the professional nature and good in terms of forming a perception.

Should I Wear Fake Glasses To An Interview?

Unfortunately, the people around us are conspirators and do not know How to unwire themselves of perceptions. But in the same manner, there is a minority who values truth and they can see through you. So let us understand How this tussle of whether to wear a fake glass unfolds.

  • Wearing a fake glass is a plus point if you are applying for a white collared service-based job. If you need some amount of logical and comprehensive competency wearing fake glass gives you an edge.
  • On the other hand, if a person applies for a job that requires car washing, repairing, construction, tools, heavy industry, manufacturing, semiconductor, technician, and tool building then they are advised to not wear the glasses. Even people who normally wear glasses for legitimate reasons will not be preferred as people might presume that their eyesight is weak and hence there is a greater chance of them not being able to do the work.
  • Comfort is another factor that you need to keep in mind. Are you wearing it for the first time? Then you need to check whether wearing glasses is causing you comfort or not. If during an interview you find your head sweaty, your eyes not able to see because of the frame. It can simply mean you should not wear fake glasses.
  • Even if you wear fake glasses as you want the interviewers to take you seriously. It shall be better if you get it from a good brand. The good brand tag does wonders making it more reliable.

Should I Wear Glasses or Contacts For an Interview?

Wearing glasses and contact lenses depend on your visibility requirement. For instance, some are prescribed lenses because of a medical issue or clinical eye problem. If that’s the case always the medical issue takes utmost primacy. But if you want to wear them for interview purposes, or you want to play to the smart guy stereotypes, it’s better to use glasses in case you have an eye issue and are prescribed both.

If you do not have an eye problem and just want to wear it to bag a job. Then, out of the two, Glasses work best. Some lenses are fake and provide a distinct colour pattern in your eyes. Coloured lenses should not be used in an interview since they are mostly used informally and are not used in a formal setting. At least for many industries, it can be allowed in the designing, fashion, and modelling industries.

Will Wearing Glasses Make You Look Smarter?

Wearing glasses can make people perceive you as a smart teenager. But that’s just one piece of your attire. If you wear different bright colours, and graphics on your tees and wear sandals and go with shorts, the interviewer will reject you. Glasses can only make you smarter if you put an effort into combining the right colours and dress.

So, smarter can only depend on how much you work on every aspect of your interview dress. Like slip-toed, sandals, loafers and open-toed footwear is not at all acceptable in many companies. The mandatorily required attire however is a simple formal shirt and formal pants. Add a formal suit to the combo.

Final Say on Wearing Glasses to An Interview

Glasses do add to people’s perception of your increased smartness, hardworking nature, and integrity. Glasses make you look professional as well as smarter. But before putting on a pair of glasses blindly you need to know the tricks to wearing glasses during an interview. For many people, a dilemma exists in using glasses or contacts for an interview.

As said above, it depends on your comfort, convenience, and medical requirement; given that you have been subscribed to both. This article also explores the issue of Fake glasses and whether they are credible interview attire for people who are not prescribed glasses.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.