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How to Negotiate Salary Over The Phone? (Expert Tips With Examples)

When you look for a job change while giving an interview for the company that you want to switch to, it becomes hard to not negotiate the offered pay. There is anxiety, and a lot of fear, involved in the process. Anyone in that position will feel a lot of nervous butterflies in their stomach. If I tell you that actually, negotiation is a very common affair for new recruits of companies, How would you react? Robert Half came up with some astounding research results where the staffing firm found that at least 39% of workers negotiated their salary at the time of their last recruitment. The firm carried out a survey of more than 2,700 workers across different cities in the United States.

Hence, it’s more common for anyone including you to get what you deserve, If you believe you have exceeded expectations and have an outstanding resume willingly ask for a better salary. And, also get a better knowhow on the perks associated with the job. How should you then go about conversing in writing and on a phone call that you would require a better salary without sounding disrespectful to the interviewer? In this write-up, we will primarily focus on this query and suggest ways to negotiate your salary in a very calm and easy manner.

How to Negotiate Your Salary With HR Over The Phone?

Negotiating your salary if you raise the query to the HR manager, possibilities are the person in charge will propose either in person or phone call discussion to discuss it. In both processes, you need to be on your best foot. Before discussing the specifics, off the top of my head, some important areas that you need to address are these:

  • Discussion over salary increment as per market research
  • Strong foundational research on market growth
  • Engaging in collaborative discussion
  • Do not bring in the sense of individualism
  • Bring in some previous achievements

How to negotiate salary over the phone

Discussion Over Salary Increment as per Market Research

When discussing the salary hike with HR over the phone, know what you are worth. When I say your market worth, I mean where the usual positioning of salaries often remains. Technically speaking, You would require to understand your value in the market and then negotiate your salary.

For instance, let’s say you are a content writer that writes information, lifestyle, and features work. You have applied to write for an informational website and specifically edit their lifestyle section. You need to have an idea about the salary that’s out there in the market. Always make sure that when applying for the job ask for that amount. You cannot ask the salary of a technical writer. One who writes Tech articles will have a different salary compared to you.

Strong Foundational Research on Market Growth

There are some conditional factors that affect salaries. For instance, in COVID-19 many journalists, reporters, and content editors, writers were forced to leave their current working space due to massive layoffs. Suddenly advertisers were not funding these organizations and that led to a massive shortfall of revenue in these organizations. In such cases, make sure to tread the discussion lightly. COVID-19 and its influence on the market is just an optional example. In 2016, after demonetization in India, there was a massive slump in the auto industry. So much so that massive layoff occurred affecting many. So, in times like these, you need to reconsider your negotiation proposition.

Engaging in Collaborative Discussion

Always make sure to reach halfway with the HR manager. In no sense, disregard their ideas and opinions. For instance, step on eggshells when there seems to be a disagreement. Walk with soft sounds when there seems to be an upheaval of emotion in you. Use phrases like “I understand and I respect you”, “That is true and I totally agree with you”, “Thanks a lot for your wonderful suggestions” etc. Always use these words at the start of your rebuttal. Agree or disagree but voice it rather humbly. Do not take any decisions, take the HR manager’s opinion and think from the recruiter’s perspective as well. Is there a slump in your sector? Is the company not doing well and hence can’t offer you a better salary?

Do Not Bring in The Sense of Individualism

Avoid phrases like “I deserve”, “I want”, “I should be provided with”, “I have worked here hence I deserve the ‘X’ amount( “X” being the deserving salary)”. You need to understand trying to voice for rightful pay there needs to be a technique in place. You cannot hammer the nail all at once. You need to apply the force in a very staged manner. And why hammer at all, if you can drill it. Be respectful and ask for the deserving raise.

I would recommend that when you feel the offer is unjust, make sure you switch roles. Try to understand from the opposite side’s perspective. You need to do this for 2 reasons, In order to dissociate your perspective on your raise from them. The second reason being it’s always better not to bring in individual opinions on How a job offer is required to be pitched. You have to remain neutral without having to come under the influence of your ego.

Bring in Some Previous Achievements

The best way in which you can actually prove your worth over the phone call, is to talk about the kind of previous achievements you have had. Talk about the experiences you have had, and discuss them. How you had exceeded expectations and then vouch for the increment of salary. It always helps when you can back all of your requirements on the basis of achievements you have had in your career. A company exists to gain profit. You need to make sure that your delivery and performance will be on point and that you will achieve and attain in order to make a difference.

The best part about mentioning previous achievements is, it always helps you to not get persuaded by the self-deprecating sentiment that always calls for adjustment with the norms of the interview. It rather provides a self-appreciating tendency and it works wonders comparatively to other self-assuring tendencies to ask for better pay. Other tactics might sound overly assertive because of certain non-sourced traits. Here you back it with your achievements.

Salary Negotiation Conversation Example

When you negotiate your salary over the phone, this is how you can go around an efficient sympathetic conversation that makes both people you as an interviewee and the interviewer meet common ground.


  • Recruiter: As you know as per your position, we are offering you (offered amount), however, there will be benefits and perks included. You get 30 days of yearly holidays. You will be provided with medical insurance etc.
  • You: Thanks a lot for the pay sir. It means a lot to me, especially the additional benefits. But please do not mind I am intruding on your proposition here. I am actually paid this much in my earlier company. You can check my numbers there to see How hardworking and committed I am to the job.
  • Recruiter: Your numbers are impressive but our role may require additional expertise and hence, there is an additional requirement for this position. So, can we reanalyze and talk after 3 months and then discuss the salary?
  • You: Thank you Sir, and I respect your decision. Actually, you did mention the additional skills and I have attached relevant experience documents along with my CV. I am actually quite aware of the additional work that comes with my position.
  • Recruiter: Oh wow that’s fantastic. However, we still cannot offer you the salary that we are looking for. But you have additional work on your CV and your numbers are good hence we will offer slightly higher pay. And after 3 months we will reevaluate and may provide the pay you as of now demand.
  • You: Thanks a lot sir for this kind move. And, yes, that’s a fair trade.

What to Say When Negotiating Salary?

One has to remember that a salary is a two-way street. You need to include compassion when you negotiate salary. Always use phrases like “I understand very deeply sir”, “Yes I get How markets are slumping” etc.

From personal experience, sympathy always pays off in an interview. Once, I interviewed for a writing position in a regional newspaper. The recruiter was telling me about the surge of new media and How that is impacting the revenue. I told him that “I understand you and the place you come from.” After that, he happily gave me a better offer.

How to Negotiate a Commission-Based Salary?

Commission-based salaries are types of salaries that are often gained through commission accumulation. Sales reps and Marketing mavericks often get paid salaries in this form. If you want a raise here, simply show your numbers. No matter How new you are, people are bound to pay you more if you are getting them more than the proposed connections that you are providing the company.

How to Negotiate an Internship Salary?

Negotiating an internship or a fresher’s salary is a tad bit harder. At 1st, to get the interview call itself, a fresher need an eye-catching subject line while emailing the resume, just the get the attention over the resume. Then once you are through with the interview, then while negotiating the salary, you can show your academic achievements here. Also remember that any non for profit work, activities, certifications, volunteering work, community service, or any experience you have to share with the organization that you are interning to work. This really helps your cause.

How to Negotiate a Teacher’s Salary?

Teachers’ salaries are fixed payments for the most part. There is not much space that is left for discussions. You can discuss the positive contribution you have had in a child’s life. Some additional experiences help like psychological counseling, sex education, child pedagogy, community awareness, and emotional awareness can elevate your tally of experiences. That provides enough reasons for you to ask for better pay.

How to Negotiate a Physician’s Salary?

A physician’s salary depends on their experience, and how many critical patients they have treated. The specialization that you work in. For instance, a Psychiatrist does not earn that much compared to the highest-paying field such as neurology within the medical ambit. Neurologists are relatively more in demand and hence they can demand more salaries.

How to Negotiate Salary at Amazon?

See Amazon has a lot of departments, domains, and positions. The warehouse is different compared to the software’s back-end processes. It depends if you are working in a white-collar software job, show all your experience in coding, back-end management, data analytics, and numbers that help your case. If you are applying for warehousing work, persuade Amazon with your experience with organizing items, dealing with bulk work, arranging and sorting goods, etc.

How to Negotiate Salary in Healthcare?

Healthcare also is a vast field. As I have discussed physician salaries, I won’t do it here. Nurses, paramedics, and other staff are often recruited based on their profile, experience, and any extraordinary example they can provide. The salaries are fixed. What you can do is ask for a better position in the nursing or paramedic staff which will automatically increase your pay indirectly.

How to Negotiate Salary Offers via Email Sample?

Negotiating salary is a very strenuous task. But doing it via email can be a whole new affair altogether. It will cause intense stress. But there is a way around informing the recruiter that you are wanting to propose a little higher than the provided salary. In the email you need to first have an idea about the structure of the email, then you need to have an idea about How to draft the content? Then there will be a sample that will go along as an example Some key pointers that you will be required to remember:

Structure of The Email

The structure of an email is very important. All your persuasive tactics need to fit into the framework of logical consistency and flow. It always helps when you can write in a flow and explain reasons for How this impacts you rather negatively or positively. One has to keep in mind all these aspects and then decide for themselves what one wants to do. Here is a basic structure that you need to adhere to persuade for a better salary:

The Opening Line

The opening line starts with appreciating the recruiter that you are blessed with the opportunity and that you cannot thank the recruiter enough for this wonderful opportunity.

Proposed Salary

If you really want a raise here first within the substructure try to focus on the ‘why’ aspect. Mention the salary range that you would be comfortable agreeing to. Mention some similar salary ranges that people often get when coming to the industry with the relative experience that you have. Cite your experiences and why those experiences have helped you to become better in your job. So, it’s not that problematic, rather, it becomes extremely easy if you mention this subtopic in a concise/precise and pointer-wise dissection, and bearing in mind the construct it will be great.

Closing Line

Say thanks to the recruiter and appreciate he/she had the time to read your email.

Content of The Email

When you negotiate your salary you need to be emotionally intelligent in order to draft a persuasive email. Make sure you imbibe these characteristics in your words while negotiating:

  • Be empathetic to the recruiter and reiterate why you can understand his/her dilemma.
  • Try to explain where you are coming from and why it’s justified but also regard their proposition as important
  • Try to see through their lens and cite the numbers of the company and the department that you will work in.
  • Mention why you think the recruiter should provide a raise and How that will benefit them also back them with reasons by showing past performance and raw numbers

Sample of The Email

Dear (Recruiter),

I am so happy that I got this opportunity to work in a (position) at (company name). It was so fulfilling to gain your insights and learn about my position with such clarity and precision.

I promise you that my work will be as good as the quality needs to reach in order to benefit the company. As you know I have been working in the industry for some time, and you know my numbers according to the first phone interview we had. I am a very motivated and extremely hardworking professional. The position that I am in offers (market salary) and you are providing me (offered salary), but I propose (proposed salary) to maintain a balance between both of us.

As stated, I cannot thank you more for this opportunity. And, I am always up for a discussion in regard to the negotiation process. You can mail me anytime in case you have any doubts or problems with the proposition.

Thank you,

(Your name)

Concluding Thoughts While Negotiating Salary Over The Phone

Asking for a raise, especially over the phone,  is a very challenging task and I can completely understand that. But there are ways where you can still get your worth without having to disappoint someone that is part of the industry that you work in. I have mentioned every little detail necessary to make you equipped with tact and diplomacy in order to win the game of salary negotiation; hope this helps and all the best!

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.