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How to Mention Client Side Experience In a Resume? #Sample Resume

Now, this is a very complicated topic to understand. You can list out companies that you worked on, but if you are part of a gig economy and if your client details are confidential then you better not mention them. If somewhere out of just coincidence you do that it can have legal consequences. As a matter of fact, the Client that is providing you work may not want to reveal themselves to the world.

How to Mention Client Side Experience In a Resume?

Many people do not want to notice public attention if they are employers and like to keep details personal. However, things change when the client is actually from a more well-known company, if the company is part of the Fortune 500 list then things will be different. But by any chance, there is a confidential clause associated when joining it’s better not to reveal sensitive details. Let’s know about this client experiencing example more:

Considerations To Mention Client Details In A Resume

To understand what to mention about client details do two very important things:

  • Firstly, if you have any letters along with you before joining a recruiter or if you have drafted any contract with the client, make sure you read it thoroughly and then be sure whether you have the authorization to mention client details in your CV.
  • The 2nd aspect however can be somewhat tricky considering if there is no authorization to mention your employer/ client, you can always mention your client services skills by mentioning the sales team and client servicing work that you had to do.

Well, client handling in itself is a very precious skill and by no means do you need to take it lightly by not mentioning it on your resume. It is definitely going to add on to the impression you create on your employer/ recruiter. Make sure you don’t miss on adding any of the learnings you have had from your clients.

How To Mention Client-Side Experience In A Resume?

The standard resume has to have the professional qualification and work experience just above and below.

In the professional qualification, you have to mention in two to three lines your core profile work throughout your career as a working individual.

Now, a person however also mentions his/her work experience right after that here you have to focus on client servicing skills. If you have handled clients earlier you can mention how your experience was, especially dealing with them. You have to emphasize more on your skills and less on revealing your client details. Some examples right off the back are:

Work Experience (in 2nd row right after Professional qualification)

(Company Name)

(Time of work- mention starting and ending period of your work tenure)

(Job Position)

(Responsibilities-list of client servicing skills)

  • Was part of a (sales/managerial/media/outsourcing/consulting) (team/head depending on your role) and helped clients in their projects.
  • Handled multiple clients daily and took care of their needs
  • Had to communicate and express myself in a very precise way which then made me a very strong person to have accuracy in words
  • Amidst handling clients, I also had to work and hence I can take care of clients without having to compromise my (your work profile) job

Well, this was just about your work experience, now let us see a well-drafted sample resume for you to make.

Resume Sample

Let us also know more about the entire sample along with mentioning client handling in your resume/CV:

Personal Details:

(Your Name)

(Contact Details: Phone no)

(email address)

Aim: (Few words that you have learned as an employee in your work experience and also try to mention your intent in doing all the jobs that you do. Please be sure to write it in a meaningful manner rather than just throwing in words)

Professional Qualification: (In 2-3 sentences mention the profiles that you have worked on. It will be better to emphasize more on the jobs that are of relevance to the current job that you are doing)

Skills: This is another area where you can mention skills but that needs to be your 2nd prerogative, in case your profile is not inherently network-based then it will be better if you could keep mentioning your core skills. Once you are done talking about the important skills, now work only remains to mention How you are good at communication, networking, and getting clients on board in your projects.

Work Experience:

(Company name)

(Working tenure, from and two in dd-mm-yy format or mm-dd-yy)

(Job Profile)

(Now you have to mention your responsibilities and duties of your post, in pointers. In one of the pointers you need to mention the client assistance skills and try to formulate it)

Education Qualification:

(Just mention your education details and if you want you can also mention the start and the ending date of your course.)

Client Interaction Skills In Resume

Client interaction has been quite an initial thrust for every company when they want to shine and make their core strong. The more and more the world as a whole is being globalized, communication and networking are becoming more and more nuanced. Now let’s locate what portion you require to mention about the client interaction skills in your resume.

It will be far better if you could mention client interaction skills in your skills section of the resume. If you want you can also mention it in the work experience section. There is much more emphasis today on client-based services. Now the system is not based on proximity but rather on efficiency whether cost, networking, or transportation.

For instance, supposedly a very big manufacturer of cars based in the USA will have to outsource its services. They will have their manufacturing unit in either China/Indonesia or Vietnam. Their service and customer care centers are in India/Nigeria and the Philippines. To handle such a large and complicated client handling/communication skills are very important.

This is just one side of the coin. The reality starts to seep in when we realize that Consulting/media relations are another area where the position you have has to have client-based services knowledge. If you are part of the PR network or advertising team of the company, you know that a product more or less requires brand perception. Understanding sentiments or for that matter working mutually with other teams requires a sensible mutual understanding.

It becomes very important to mention ways in which you have served your client. Along with that, one should also keep in mind that interaction and deals add up to any company’s revenue. More investors create more money and hence expansion of net profit and then investment.

Why Do Some Of Your Clients Not Want To Mention Their Work Details?

Many clients do not want to be exposed. The right to Privacy has been granted to everybody and hence you too need to set boundaries where you should not step inside it. It can have legal consequences. If the company is known, mention the company more. There are many reasons why your client would want to remain anonymous. Some of them are:

  • Privacy helps to maintain brand. Leak of sensitive information may spoil the client’s reputation and thus disrupt the brand.
  • Privacy also impacts the growth of your business. The growth plans or projects of the client if revealed, may hamper company’s growth.
  • The privacy of the client you maintain, shows your commitment towards the client’s privacy and growth.

For these very reasons, one shall not mention the work details of their clients.

Final Say

As the global landscape of the market is starting to evolve, it has become more imperative to know about client skills. However, this section of work is gray and you cannot push it to black or white. In this piece sufficient matter is provided on client services and how and till where you and your client’s relation can be exposed in the job market. Hope you like reading the piece.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.