Career Aspirations for Appraisal – Examples #Short Term

Where do you see yourself standing in five years from now? That is one of the primary queries that you are expected to answer when going for that crucial part of your professional life – The Performance appraisal.. An employee who has been performing to the best possible level will indeed strive hard to reach the next level in his or her professional life. They would definitely be setting new goals in their lives, and that is what career aspiration is all about. How would you define your career aspirations in a appraisal form or appraisal discussion?

If you are unsure about what your career goals and career aspirations are, the tips and smart goals here should prove to be quite practical for you.

Career Aspirations for Appraisal

What Is The Importance Of Career Aspiration During Performance Appraisal?

Every year, you are expected to provide your work related performance as part of the performance appraisal. In addition to the details of your achievements and responsibilities that you have handled in the previous year, you are also expected to you are also expected to provide your future aspirations about your career.

Adding up the career aspirations in your performance appraisal form can be a great option and an important one at that as it would help you let your employers and managers know about your competency. The right type of career aspirations can help the organisation and those at the helm of affairs to consider you for the right position in tune with your desires when you are due for promotion.

What Are The Best Options To Write Your Career Aspiration?

There are several ways that you can put forth in your career aspiration form to let the employers be aware of what you want to expect to do in your career. A few of the options in this context can include a few of the following:

Get A New Skill For Enjoying A Great Career

Your organisation would definitely be looking ahead for an employee to arm himself with  a set of new skills and abilities. Irrespective of which industry you are in, the companies are always on the look out for the people with new talents, and skills.

You would need to have a diverse set of skills. The techniques would be useful in assisting you in impressing your existing employers.  Make sure that the new skills fall under the exact profession or the area that you would love to move ahead in your career in the years to come.

Some of the examples in this context can include:

  • Winning a prestigious award in your field
  • Achieve a leadership position with your efforts

Improve Your Networking Capabilities

The ability to network with the people and develop the influence can help you grow ahead in your career. The art of network is all about developing the social and professional contacts. That way, you would be able to mobilise people more effectively and efficiently.

Make sure that you are building networking with as many people as possible. That way, you would be able to grow more confidence in gaining influence in your field of interest. This would be helpful in getting access to a more powerful opportunity in your tasks.

Some of the examples can be:

  • Organizing training camps and improving customer relationship goals
  • The live assistance to customers through video calls, phone calls, and a host of other means

Earn A Degree Or Certification

Earning a degree or certification can be one of the excellent options that you would find, providing you a better edge over others in a performance review. The education that you have may be a consistent topic for scrutiny, and gaining the best quality can prove to be a great option in every sense of the word.

Gaining an additional qualification can prove to be yet another great option that can prove to be one of the better ideas. Make sure that you have opted for an additions course or certification that is based on your career goals.

In the case of gaining an educations benefit in aiming for a higher degree of career aspiration can include  a few of the following examples –

Software Development

If you are in an IT firm, gaining the new experiences in software development can prove to be a quite effective and efficient idea. Gaining a good understanding of the software development and related skills can be quite effective. That can place you at a better position with respect to stating your  career aspiration during appraisals.

Some examples in this connection can include:

  • Learning a new coding skill
  • Earning a new certification in software development

The marketing field is changing consistently, and marketers are expected to stay on top for the latest trend in terms of the best successful campaigns. Gaining access to the new knowledge in the filed can be effective in letting you gain a positive impact on how you can write on your career aspiration  going forward.

A few of the prime examples in this context can be:

  • Attending the marketing webinars or online events.
  • Get a certification course in SEO or related fields
Brand Visibility

Increasing the brand awareness can be one of the most essential options in achieving a great marketing goal. If you are in an area dealing with brand visibility can provide you a better experience in every way possible.

A few of the options that you would find imperative in this context can be:

  • Opt for a referral program for the customers
  • Check out the possibilities of publishing at least 100   posts on the website or blog
Productivity Goals
The productivity goals that can be a great option to help you in achieving a better degree of performance and enhancement in aiming for a better performance appraisal. The concept can include a wide range of options that would include networking, innovation, automation, and many other improved options.
Leadership Goals

As a leader, you are expected to make your employees feel safer. It is also expected to make the employees make feel safer at work. The leadership goals are also expected to help the employees to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Some of the examples in this context can include:

  • Reading a few books each month so that you can learn the basics of leadership qualities
  • Provide the comprehensive feedback to the employees and their tasks
Project Management

The project management is designed to provide you with one of the excellent options for the project managers. This can go a long way in assisting the people in handling the projects more effectively and efficiently.

Some of the examples in this can include:

  • You can take the lead the project management in terms of a creation of a social media marketing.
  • You would want to focus on the best strategies in helping the best choices in terms of the excellent performance.

The automation refers to the replacement of the manual work with the smart tools. Automation tasks and the other similar tasks would be useful in making the tasks complete faster

A few of the examples of the career aspiration goals that would be handy in this context can include:

  • Implementation of HR software for simplified HR department functionality
  • Opting for a 360 degree feedback for employee performance review

How To Write On The Career Aspiration Goals In An Appraisal Form?

The questions on career aspiration or career goals have always been considered to be much in demand in any annual performance reviews. Writing about your career aspirations in a performance appraisal can be both daunting and exciting at the same time.  You would find it one of the exciting options in the long run.

However, there is no specific way that you can answer this question right. However, a few of the tips can be helpful in this context. Let us check out a few good great ways to write your career aspiration in terms of the annual performance appraisals.

Make Sure That Your Answer Is Relevant To The Company

Your answer should be quite relevant to the company and its objectives. Imagine a situation where you are in the sales department of an organisation; your goal or aspiration cannot be about the accounts section. Staying relevant to the product portfolio or the services offered by the department or the organisation in general is much desired.

Begin With Short Term Goals And Then Move To The Long Term Ones

It is advisable to make a beginning with the short terms goals and then move on to the longer term goals. In fact, having short terms goals in a particular direction can be helpful in letting you have a proper planning and thus assist you in arriving a couple of steps closer to the long terms goals.

The short term goals can prove to be one of the excellent options as they are quite specific and clear in nature. You can begin talking about the short terms goals first and then move on to discuss more about how these short term goals can be in achieving your long terms goals in terms of a better career growth. That way, you would make your HR executives be aware that you are serious about your career aspirations and it is not merely an eye wash to gain promotion. It will give an impression that you have a plan and the right approach to reach your aspirations.

Back Up Your Goals And Aspirations With An Action Plan

When faced with a question on the career aspiration, we tend to provide arguments after arguments  on how we will have great goals and aspirations. However, listing out the goals alone may not be sufficient to impress the interviewers. You are expected to back your goals and aspirations up with a well-planned action plan for achieving them.

It would be a good idea to talk about one or two goals and then provide a convincing action plan that can make these goals come into reality. This will ensure and assure the employer that you have thought about your goals in terms of your career growth. A good example, in this case, would be if you indicated your goal to learn a new programming language; you would state it as a goal and indicate how you would achieve this goal by enrolling yourself at the XXX institute.

A Few Good Examples Of The Career Aspirations Or Career Goals

When it is the time for the performance appraisal, there are several ways you would be able to write about your goals on different aspects of career and their impact on the company that you are working at.

Example Number 1

I find the marketing of xxx product a little lagging behind, and I would love to have a few plans to make it a little stronger. With the right team to assist me, I am confident of achieving it in xxxx, and yyy ways.

The Short terms goal here is to be work with a particular product. In the bargain, you can also indicate the long term goal to be in charge of a particular product line.

Example Number 2

The first thing I would love is to learn Python, and I will begin learning it next month. This will help our organisation to  become partners of XX University. The flexible working hours would be helpful in the long run.

The short term goal would be to learn Python computer language. The long term goal here is to become the partners of XX university.

Example Number 3

I am looking to enhance my leadership skills. I will be able to manage an entire project in a couple of years.

The short term goal is to learn and improve the leadership skills. The long term goal is to enhance the ability to be able to manage the entire project capably.

Never Indulge In Any Of These Mistakes In The Career Aspirations Or Career Goals

There are several ways you can put to use if you really want to focus on the best possible experiences in answering your career aspiration goals. However, there are a few mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to impress the HR department or your seniors.

Mistake Number 1 – Never Answer in “No”

Never answer that you have NO CAREER ASPIRATION GOALS. That should not need any sort of explanation. There is no scope for anyone who does not have a goal or aspiration. So, do not ever answer that you have no goals at all, or no goals as of now. Either of those inputs will lead you nowhere.

Mistake Number 2 – Never Talk About Salary

Talking about salary improvements when discussing the career aspirations would never look good. Of course, money is the motivating factor for most of us, but you should never divulge this “secret” to the employers. Even when they knows it very well, you should never talk about it.

Mistake Number 3 – Do not Set Unrealistic Goals

Never ever set the unrealistic goals for yourself. Your goals should be realistic and never belong to the out of the reach category. Of course, it is great to dream big, and that can help you achieve huge options and a huge success in your life. But, the goals should be quite reachable.

How Do You Write Career Goals In An Appraisal?

Known by several names such as performance review, performance evaluation, and employee appraisal, a performance appraisal is a way of having a conversation between an employee and a manager. You are expected to write a performance appraisal based on your career goals rather effectively.

The best option to answer the question would be to use the STAR technique – Situation or Task, Action, Results. This approach can be helpful in providing a wide range of benefits that would provide you an opportunity in how you would be able to achieve specific goals and how you have been able to handle the tasks.

A few of the examples can include:

What is your biggest strength or weakness?

There can be different opinions that you may have about yourself, and pin point them in the following ways.


  • Time and man management
  • Versatility
  • Detail oriented nature
  • Organizational skills


  • Too much detail oriented
  • Lacks in taking risks
  • Not much focussed

Yet another good example is:

I had three/ two major goals that I wanted to accomplish. These goals were xxx, yyyy, and zzzz.

Writing a career aspiration plan can include:

  • Identifying and defining your primary career interests.
  • Identifying your long term professional goals
  • Talk about your short term professional goals.
  • Identifying the action plan for each of your goals.
  • Identify the additional skills and experiences

Short Term Career Goals Examples For Performance Review

The short term career goals or objectives can be quite effective and efficient in providing you access to one of the best career aspiration options ever. We will list out different possible answers to the question on short-term goals from different industries.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

  • I would want to earn a five star review from at least five customers a week
  • I would love to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for every new product

Product Quality Department

The product quality can be a great option to ensure a stronger company reputation. The possible answers that can elicit positive results can include:

  • A complete inspection of every product before the delivery
  • Run a test for all the finished products

Public Speaking

The ability to speak at the public places and functions can be yet another area that you would find quite an impressive option.

  • Practicing public speeches before the mirror every day
  • Attending a seminar for public speaking every week


Communication can be helpful in providing you access to developing a great relationship with co-workers. Developing communication skills can prove to be quite effective and efficient.

Some options in this context can be:

  • Have a talk with the different set of workers at the lunch and tea breaks
  • Have a discussion with the different group of workers after every task that is completed.

Time Management

The effective time management is one of the best options in the long run for an effective quality check.

Some of the choices that can prove to be effective can include:

  • Reducing the time spent on social media from 4 hours to one hour
  • Fix a time for a few of the activities and try sticking to it

Career Aspirations for Appraisal for Software Engineer

Software engineers tend to be quite ambitious in their approach and try to be more competitive in nature. You are expected to consider creating a better career goal to provide you access to the best focus and motivation.

Some of the best examples can include:

Publishing an Article

You will want to share your knowledge if you want to be successful in your career. You can share your knowledge with an article. You can share your knowledge to the industry conversations. Writing the articles can be helpful in developing the communication skills. You can publish multiple articles and even build a following.

Go for An Additional Education

You can have access to a better successful career. This can be a great choice for job opportunities and for earning potential. This can be achieved with the help of pursuing an additional education. You would be able to get a master’s or doctoral degree in computer programming, computer science, or robotics technology.

Becoming a Mentor

Becoming a mentor can be yet another great option you would find quite impressive. You can get involved in someone’s career development. That way, you would want to guide someone in the sharing your story and provide the expert advice.

Technical Goals

You would want to gain an expertise in the domain creation or other technology requirements. You may also want to excel in the tasks such as Performance, Machine Learning, or JavaScript. Another career aspiration or career goal that you can share would include your plans to scale up the complexity of a solution and improve the performance.

The Closing Thoughts

As an employee, it is always a great idea to develop certain expectations for your own career enhancement and development. These goals can be useful and helpful in letting you work and handle your tasks more powerfully. The performance goals are known to be essential both for your self development and the growth of the company that you plan to work with ( or even working with already). Make sure that you have the right set of goals planned and ensure that you are striving to meet those goals in the right spirit.

When setting career aspirations or career goals, do ensure that you are in for setting up the realistic goals. This would be a good way to avoid an overkill and also help you in avoiding the disappointments in the later stage.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.