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10+ Bank Teller Jobs Interview Questions And Answers #Technical #General

A bank teller job is not an easy one. The job comes with lots of responsibilities. You become the face of the bank and also you become the first contact or reference point for the customers of the bank. Before going to the major pointers you need to have a clear idea about what responsibilities a position of a Bank Teller comprises? Let us, first of all, understand the core aspects and themes of these responsibilities:

Bank Teller Interview Q&A

Responsibilities of a Bank Teller

  • A bank teller can have a myriad of responsibilities, the first being customer assistance. If a random person comes and asks for your help who is a customer, you have to learn to solve his problem.
  • As a bank teller, you also need to keep a record of all the financial transactions that are happening in your company.
  • Bank Teller also has to pitch services of the bank to potential subscribers who are also the customers of the bank. You need to be very pertinent in your role and position in doing that.
  • You have to help customers over the phone.
  • You have to collect, count and manage the liquidation of the bank.
  • You have to specifically assist your customers in knowing what are the policies that are very much part of your bank.

Bank Teller Interview Questions & Answers

Now the basic role and responsibilities have been cleared to you regarding this position. Now it’s time for us to understand a broad spectrum of types of questions that can be pointed to you. The first half of these questions will be very much in tune with your soft skills. However, the other questions will focus on the apt operational technical knowledge that you have:

General Soft Skill Questions & Answers

General soft skills questions analyze your behavioral traits and check How much of each quality you have in your kitty bag to dispose of. Hence, it becomes imperative to be able to deal with layers of multi-layered and important questions which will be asked to you, as the interviewers need to judge if you are the right fit for a good-paying Bank Teller job:

Q. Why Should We Hire You As A Bank Teller?

Now, this question specifically has two aspects that need answering. One is about your interest in the job. But the recruiters are also assessing your skills and what prompts you to take up this job? They will ask you the reasons why you have come to work? What prior experience do you have? Do you like the working atmosphere and the long hours that you will be needing to dedicate yourself to this job? So here is a list of responsibilities that are part of a Bank Teller’s job.

  • Bank Teller needs to be judicious, and honest as he handles money. Give examples of How you have been honest throughout your life.
  • Try to include examples of How you like money collection, transcription, and record keeping.
  • Make yourself more well-read and aware of what exactly you need to say to the customer as part of your interaction skills.
  • Give examples of How you have scored brownie points in selling your product. Because in a bank you would be asked to lure customers and use the product.

You need to mention all these pointers to give them the reason How you have gained the momentum and strength for the job.

Example Answer:

Sir, you should hire me simply because I can provide you with what you need. I have done a lot of cash handling before. I know How to update databases. I have prior experience in collecting money, hence that would never become any problem. I also worked in sales hence I can sell bank services.

Q. Why Do You Want This Job As A Bank Teller?

Here the question intends to check how motivated you are about doing this job. Is there any honesty to your wants? Is this just another job for you? Here you need to stress Why doing this job makes you happy? You can say you like record keeping etc.

Example Answer:

Sir, I have always loved managing money and I like technical things, finesse in details. Hence money management, sorting/assessment, structuring, and logical reasoning are certain things that I have done in my life along with some added experience in sales.

Q. What Are The Qualities Of A Good Teller?

Now here all you need to do is what you think and what kind of qualities a bank teller has. It’s very much about knowing the responsibilities and what exact quality should one be having if they had to accomplish the responsibility. Banks deal with money, mismanagement can happen. So here honesty is required. You deal with inflows and outflows of transactions of a bank, which means the Bank Teller needs to have proper deal orientation.

Example Answer:

A good teller has to have these qualities:

  • As said Bank Teller has to manage money, hence honesty is prime important.
  • People skills are also essential as Bank Tellers have to connect and talk with customers.
  • Prior sales experience is required to sell a particular service of the bank.
  • There needs to be an understanding of details. In case you are one of those people who find it hard to record transactions and find keeping records burdensome, unfortunately, this job is not at all for you in the long term.
  • You need to like indulging in rigorous daily routine work since a bank teller job will require a lot of your time in the 9-6 timeframe in the evening.

You can use these examples to highlight your quality answer.

Q. What Is Your Greatest Strength As A Bank Teller?

Whenever we discuss the aspect of strength regardless of where you are answering this question and which field, please remember honesty is very much required. Hence, according to me, it will be very difficult for you to craft this answer properly. Here you need to honestly answer what made you interested in this bank teller job in the very first place. So, let us, first of all, explore an example:

Example Answer

I think I am good at crunching numbers. Throughout my life, I see money as my friend. Managing it, transcribing my records. Maintaining data on my transactions has always been my dream work. The best strength I presume I have since this work requires a lot of handling of transactions and records management, I shall be the best pick.

Q. What are the Core Values of a Bank Teller?

Money has always been a denigrated element in civilizational history. Money buys you to attain and experience many vices like greed, lust, and satisfaction from all corrupt sources. Hence, money then also has an agency over making someone lose their head, drunk in power and lust, etc. Here your answer should emphasize what are the value systems that shall be under the moral domain required in this job.

Example Answer:

Money can have a lot of influence on a person and can corrupt a person. Hence ideals need to be imbibed in us as Bank Tellers to be able to become better Bank Teller:

  • Being honest in handling other people’s money is an excellent trait for a Bank Teller. If you in any shape or form feel like violating rules and stealing that will be a very big mistake and will terminate your career.
  • Bank Tellers have to be very cautious about crunching numbers, doing transactions, and handling cash. If for any reason we get deterred for some reason that won’t be sustainable in the long term.
  • We need to be very good at being able to do things in detail. Every bit of cash needs to be handled well, a single mistake can cost our job.
  • We also need values of friendliness, warmth, and being able to comfort people. Bank Tellers are like the first line of interaction for customers of a bank. Customer service decides a lot of customer fate these days, we need to emphasize more on aspects of chivalry and empathy for our customers.

Technical/ Operational Questions & Answers

The other part of this write-up will make a sharp focus on work-based questions. Themes dealing with your personality/attitude and what you possess as qualities are important but equally important is knowing about the job duties/personality. Hence let us dive into operational Questions and answers. It will also have example answers for a quick follow-up:

Q. What Are Your Ideas Regarding Themes Of Customer Services? How Will You Improve Yourself In This Area Granted You Get An Offer By Tomorrow?

Customer service is the most integral theme for any Bank Teller job. Banks can have a host of duties, but skills are not enough. Every bank has to keep the money for themselves as well to keep running their business. Here the question intends to check the exact aptitude and understand How you can help out customers in the long run.

Example Answer:

I view customer service seriously. I know if we presume a business as a building, customer services will be termed as the proper base foundation that could support the standing up of the building that is our business. Banks however deal with money, we need to talk smoothly with our customers. We can slip in some of your bits to woo them by buying some additional bank services.

Q. Are You Good At Cash Handling? Can You Handle A Lot Of Paper Currency?

Here the intent is to check the qualities of a potential employee and interviewee to check whether they are responsible with cash or not. Money in banks is liquid gold. It’s like the trump card you have in regards to the idea of business. You need apt cash handling people to run your bank. One who can provide records and money management at a level that can potentially address your customer load.

Example Answer:

Money Management has an important emphasis of putting money at some of the most needed spots. I, for one, have handled huge amounts, I was a cashier and loved counting and keeping a record of all transactions, hence I am perfect for the job. I have also worked as a Bank Teller in the past, so I think I can deliver on this promise.

Q. Are You Familiar With Any Financial Management Software? If You Are Then Which Software Have You Used Till Now?

Here the answer that they are looking for is you know the software and can include transactions/records without hindrance on your paper. It becomes imperative for you to mention the kind of program that you have been using to familiarize yourself with updating records and better ways to manage money.

Example Answer:

Frankly speaking, I have tons of experience in using Quicken, and QuickBooks, which are excellent in money management software. In my last profile as a Bank Teller, I was using a software called EZ Teller and that helped me in knowing exactly how to functionalize, record, and even process/rever transactional data. I think I can deliver on the technical requirements for the job.

Q. How Do You Operate On Having A Daily Routine? Do You Like A ‘Live In The Moment Kind Of Job’ Or Jobs That Require You To Be In A Specified Space?

This is a tricky question and this question emphasizes a lot more your take on many things from the type of persona you are, to the kind of job you will take up or like. Your response to this answer needs to match up with the requirement of the job. A Bank Teller’s job is very much in tune with being stable. You need to have a routine, work at specific times, and have a holiday at the weekend. So, it’s not an exploring job. A person who has an unstable mind finds it difficult to settle for this kind of work.

Example Answer:

I have always liked stability in a job. I like recording/transcribing/managing/structuring data, sorting assignments, etc. I have always been like this and hence the idea of doing a desk job where I have to do these things makes me happy and excited at the same time.

Q. Supposedly, You Are Advised By Your Superiors To Sell A Service? How Will You Go About Pitching It To Our Customers?

A bank job comes with a fair bit of customer flair and you need to be good at sales pitches. Here, you need to be strong and remain confident when giving a sales pitch. I think in the Bank Teller domain, a person who becomes interested in the profile is generally of two types: One that is exclusively a people’s person, you tend to get a bonus for an additional joining. On the other hand, some people tend to be overly formal and are good in only the money management domain. However, the job entails the requirement of proficiency in both aspects/areas.

Example Answer:

Sir/Madam, I will try my level best to relate to the customer with an emotional question. For instance, if it’s an additional insurance subscription, I would try to talk about its necessity. After that my focus would all lay in mentioning How our insurance plans/documentation is better than others? I will tread with caution in all aspects.

Q. How Will You Deal With Someone When They Come Randomly To Our Branch And Ask For Opening A Bank Account?

Bank accounts are very sensitive and need to be told in a manner to the customer that they understand the process behind it. While visiting any bank branch, a customer’s sole responsibility is to get a guide who can teach them How to open an account. Now you are that guide and you need to make sure that the customer is not spooked and is seriously considering opening their account at your place. Now you need to jot down points as to, How you can open the account in a manner where the customer feels amicable comfort and knows the process fully.

Example Answer:

I have been a Bank Teller before, in my experience I have assisted many people and helped them open up their accounts. What motivated me to do that because I also feel like I can assist/guide people. Building an account is not a tough job. Sometimes, the form can be updated in the indoor setup of the branch. However, sometimes we need to give them a link to get it done online. Customers need to know How verification of what they mention takes place. They also need to understand the repercussions of wrong info. They also need to be guided on their doubts and I make sure to guide them throughout the process. I think we need to prioritize the customer more than required so that they can understand the process of opening a bank account better.

Final say

This piece has all the answers or at least a prototype to answers that you might be asked when attending a Bank Teller interview. Please go through the write-up multiple times to get the gist of the answers. If you are going to appear for a Bank Teller interview, I believe in you, you will surely bag the position.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.