Are Open Toed Shoes OK for An Interview? #Dos #Donts

Open-Toed shoes have been accepted in the workplace. If you wear them by not putting on warm and bright colors it’s suitable enough. It is advised to not wear it during an interview. Open-Toed shoes have been out of vogue because it makes the aura too casual when you go for an interview. You can still work in an environment where the aura is more business casual. Women working professionals who belong to workspaces that deal with marketing, analysis, advertisement, and front office often dress in open-toed shoes for their footwear. But for an interview typically it’s not desirable to wear. There will be some tips as well stating the alternatives of open-toed shoes in an interview.

Are open toed shoes ok for an interview?

Are Open-Toed Shoes OK for An Interview?

No, Open Toed shoes are not okay for an interview. It can be worn in spaces of work. However, asking the office workers beforehand is a much better option to consider. When you work at an office you build rapport, certain things that you do can be a sideline. The same cannot be replicated in the interview. In an interview, you are required to give a good performance. Anything that is remotely distracting, it can be open-toed shoes, bad personality, shabby looking, or not groomed will face the brunt.

Are Open-Toed Shoes Professional?

Open-Toed shoes are not professional as such. But if you wear flats and heels of a moderate height and mute color, they can be considered good footwear. To wear open-toed shoes make sure to also put on a suit. Open-Toed shoes are of various kinds. There are informal shoes that are not professional. Especially Flip Flops, beach wear, and other footwear.

Try to wear a shoe that does not have a heel more than 3 inches. You have to make sure of that. The color is very important. Wearing something that has a stark mute color like black or white is better than bright colors like beige, parrot green, and golden. Having a different kind of finish having non-professional graffiti. Frankly speaking, you need to tone down your style and try to sell yourself in terms of your work. If an interview is based on styling/fashion, you can wear open-toed, but not for all panels this will be entertained.

Is Open-Toed Shoe Business Casual?

As mentioned earlier, Open Toed shoes are acceptable in office space. More so if you are in a business casual setting, that’s not an issue. If you are in an industry like Jewelry, Fashion, Designing, Modeling, Front Office, Host, Performer in clubs, Journalist, Public Relations, Movie sets, and many other spaces.

But does that apply to an interview? Well! No. Interviews are just about playing it safe. For instance, imagine that you have a skillset and someday you go for an interview and your dress is so loud. You have tattoos all over. So, the person who is checking might be distracted. If the person is distracted it will also mean that he won’t be able to evaluate your performance honestly. And hence, you can lose on the job. The distraction it can cause is the major issue or else Open Toed shoes are great to wear, in business casual, the possibility of getting into trouble is low.

Sandal vs Open Toed Shoes

Sandals and Open-Toed Shoes look like they are the same, well they are not. Sandals are great in the form of flats or shoes with an opening in the front. It would mean that you have some space to move your fingers on the outlet of women’s shoes. Open-Toed Shoes are just as the name suggests. You can wear both considering it is allowed to wear them.

Sandals that have mute colors, especially the shades from black to white are considered a better marker. Open-Toed Shoes are still considered an enigma for the interview. Dress Sandals are great. Flip Flops are a strict no. Open-Toed Shoes are not all sandals. You can consider wedges more.

Can Men Get Away with Open-Toed Shoes?

No, not at all, and a man cannot get away with wearing Open Toed Shoes. Even wearing it will lead to disqualification. In Men’s wear, the spectrum from scandals to shoes is very large. A girl can wear open-toed sandals, you see some resembling aspects, but the difference can be minimal. But with men, the offbeat footwear is so casual that if you wear it for an interview it would look like you came for a holiday or a beach. After a great amount of discussion or rather assumptions about you will startle their brains. It’s better to not take that risk and play it safe. Wear a formal outfit fully for the interview.

What is The Right Kind of Shoes to Wear For An Interview?

First impressions always happen through your clothes in an interview. If the panel taking your interview finds anything that is supposedly unconventional they will frown on you. It’s better to take minimal risks and go for formal shoes of mute colors. Open-Toed shoes also can be used but one has to bear in mind the industry you are working with. Is it related to any facet where the weaning of clothes is important?

In case you know in clarity before going for an interview always call the panel and check the dress code. However, try to be sure that whatever you wear looks good on you and is professional. Selecting a shoe is important but one has to also feel comfortable wearing it. Try to also look for comfort while selecting the right kind of dress for the interview. For instance, during the footwear selection make sure you get dress shoes, they are optimal as desired and have finer details making their great shoes. They score a lot better than other types of shoes that were available to people at that time.

Dos’ and Donts’ of Wearing Open-Toed Shoes In An Interview

First, let us look into Dos of wearing open-toed shoes in an interview:

  • Before wearing Open Toed shoes check for any link to access the dress code.
  • Once you find the number, call them or mail them, and ask them if Open Toed Shoes are okay or not. If they say yes then prep for the interview day.
  • Among all the shoes that are there, the best and most amazing collections of Open, Toed shoes are the ones that resemble sandals. Do not buy straps but rather wedges. Wedges are far better when compared to the strap open-toed sandals.
  • Consider the color of choice to be plain, formal, and mute colors. Generic monotone colors go better.
  • Get a shoe whose height stands at 3 inches, not more than that.
  • Make sure that the shoe you are wearing is open Toed but also resembles expenditure.

Then Donts’ of wearing open-toed shoes in an interview:

  • If an interviewer or the panel disrupts the interview amidst discussion, accept your fault and move on if the theme is about shoes.
  • Amidst the calling and conforming the wardrobe, the call that you sent out to the recruiters of the company is a great example in itself. However, if they deny the permission, avoid using the same shoes.
  • Be prepared to face the interviewer, when you face it, you will know about the reciprocity on the shoes. Now in that case, if they suggest some different type of shoe agree and move on.
  • Do not wear Flip Flops to the interview. Flip Flops are just very lame street footwear that will be ridiculed in interviews.
  • Do not shop last minute if you do not have any idea about the subject of wearing for your specific job, it’s better to avoid it.

Final Say on Wearing Open-Toed Shoes to An Interview

Open Toed shoes are a great shoe to wear, better in some cases if you belong and represent an industry that runs on entertainment, marketing, PR, and stock analysis. Open Toed Shoes on a very general basis are considered a good type of footwear for women but in an interview, some interviewers might not like it, hence the travesty of problems. Both Sandals and Flip Flops are not at all permitted. Sandals have a leeway but in the long run, even it has to go. I have included in this piece some other important shoes that you can consider in place of an Open Toe shoe. There are many options to choose from. Even for men, it’s a big no to use open-toed shoes, even more.

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Atish Ranjan

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years.
Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.

About the Author

Hi there, I am Atish Ranjan! I have been into work and business for more than 11 years now; I have given and taken numerous interviews over the years. Thus, I started to share my knowledge & experience with you! Hope you enjoy reading here.